Best Television Shows 2018 (April-June)

Saturday, June 16, 2018

January-March is here.

1. The Americans (FX)
2. Barry (HBO)
3. Killing Eve (BBCA)
4. Cobra Kai (YouTube Red)
5. Arrested Development (Netflix)
6. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix)
7. Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Fox)
8. AP Bio (NBC)
9. Billions (Showtime)
10. Silicon Valley (HBO)

The Americans, without question, is one of the 20 greatest dramas in US television history.  It finished its run with a final half of its last episode so good it, on its own, vaults to the top of the list.  Barry and Killing Eve, two shows mixing comedy and drama, both about contract killers, come in next.  Cobra Kai was the biggest and most pleasant suprise we'll have all year; my brother Joe passed away 4 years ago, periodically there will be something in sports or culture that would have been targeted just for him - this is that.  Arrested Development is on my Mt Rushmore for all time sitcoms; I loved its largely panned 4th season - this, however, was more than a little disappointing, and, as the back half of its season is still ahead, we'll see where it lands at year's end.  Kimmy Schmidt has settled into being the Titus show, anything that isn't Titus scoring starts to get shaky.  Nine-Nine and the newcomer AP Bio are top line funny network sitcoms.  Billions is a soap, but a fun one - and Silicon Valley had its weakest season and looks to be near the end of its effectiveness.

Other than Goliath, which is dropping today, and GLOW, which hits at the very end of June, I've watched everything I'm going to see through the first half of the year. So, if there's a show over these 6 months that doesn't appear on either of my lists, it ain't gonna, absent shows like MLB Now, the best sports analysis show on television, which I'll work in as soon as it makes sense.

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