It's a Golden Age - 2017 NBA Playoff Predictions

Thursday, April 13, 2017

I'm a lifelong Golden St Warriors fan, as you might know - a Todd Fuller, Joe Barry Carroll, hey, we got Ralph Sampson Golden St Warriors fan.  This is easily the greatest stretch of Warriors basketball - by significant magnitudes the two greatest teams in Golden St history were the last two years and then we get to the 2017 team...



And it's better.

By Simple Rating System, this Warriors team (11.35) ranks as the best GSW team yet and the 4th best in NBA history ('71 Bucks, '96 Bulls, '72 Lakers) it would be a significant upset for them not to win the NBA Title.

Now, that was also true the last two years, at least by the time the Warriors got to the NBA Finals, where they faced a clearly inferior Cavs team.  So, were you looking for a precedent, where a team this good lost to a team that was not of this caliber, there's one available.  But it's the only one - in NBA history every team with an SRS over 10 either won the title or lost to another team with an SRS over 10 in the playoffs.  Until last year.

So - could happen again.  But don't bet that way.

Rnd One: Warriors over Blazers
                 Spurs over Grizzlies
                 Rockets over Thunder
                 Jazz over Clips

Semis:     Warriors over Jazz
                Spurs over Rockets

Western Finals   Warriors over Spurs

Rnd One:  Celtics over Bulls
                 Cavs over Pacers
                 Raptors over Bucks
                 Wizards over Hawks

Semis:      Celtics over Wizards
                 Raptors over Cavs

Eastern  Finals   Raptors over Celtics

NBA Finals Warriors over Raptors

April 13- Top Five Moments in San Francisco Giants History


What is this all about?

Here are the top 5 moments on April 13 San Francisco Giants history.

Walk off: 1988 home vs. Reds, 4-4, bottom 11, 2 out, Will Clark beats Pat Perry with a homer to right center and the good guys send everyone home happy 5-4.   Will led MLB in walks and RBI in '88 and finished 5th in the NL MVP Award race for the second consecutive year.  Will Clark made $320,000 in 1988.

1993 home vs Marlins, up 3-1 in the 9th, bases loaded, Rod Beck gets Benito Santiago (who hit the first homer in Marlins history the day before) to go 5-4-3 to end the game.  A decade later Beck faced Santiago again, Santiago was a Giant, Beck a Padre - Beck struck him out.

Walk off 1996 home vs Cubs, 2-2 in the 10th, 2 outs, 2 strikes, Shawon Dunston beats his old team, pinch singling off Rodney Myers to score Matt Williams.  We win 3-2.  Dunston had spent a decade as a Cub, this was his 4th RBI as a non-Cub and it walks off his former team.

Walk off 2003 home vs. Dodgers, okay, you know how the Giants were crushed at the end of 2002? It's the following year and we're about to go 11-1.  4-4 in the 12th, Marvin Benard hits a 2 out double off Andy Ashby to score Grissom and beat LA 5-4.  Benard was a Pureblood Giant, playing his entire big league career with San Francisco.  This is his last season, he only has 3 RBI left in his career.

Walk off: 2014 home vs. Rockies, 4-4, Brandon Crawford leads off the 10th inning by homering off Rex Brothers to give us a 5-4 win.

See you tomorrow.  Go Giants!

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