The Greatest MLB Tournament Ever Created (NL, Round Two, Group 2)

Monday, December 24, 2018

Last group

Cubs/Reds/Mets/Cards are currently in the next round -- only Cincinnati has a chance to double up in this group, so lots of new clubs are about to enter the round of 32 in the NL. 

2. 1902 Pirates (1st in NL-no playoffs)
66. 1952 Dodgers (lost WS)

Catcher: Smith (27) v. Campanella (30) Winner: Dodgers-Campanella
First Base: Bransfield (27) v. Hodges (28) Winner: Dodgers-Hodges
Second Base: Ritchey (28) v. Robinson (33) Winner: Dodgers-Robinson
Shortstop: Conroy (25) v. Reese (33) Winner: Dodgers-Reese
Third Base: Leach (24) v. Cox (32) Winner: Pirates-Leach
Left Field: Clarke (29) v. Pafko (31) Winner: Pirates-Clarke
Center Field: Beaumont (25) v. Snider (25) Winner: Pirates-Beaumont
Right Field: Wagner (28) v. Drew (30) Winner: Pirates-Wagner
SP1: Chesbro (28) v. Erskine (25) Winner: Pirates-Chesbro
SP2: Phillippe (30) v. Loes (22) Winner: Pirates-Phillippe
SP3: Tannehill (27) v. Wade (29) Winner: Pirates-Tannehill
Closer: McLaughlin (26) v. Black (28) Winner: Dodgers-Black
Team Offense: Pirates
Team Pitching: Pirates

Pirates 11 Dodgers 5 - Brooklyn won the first four matchups and then got flat wiped out by the turn of the century Bucs.  

31. 1997 Braves (lost NLCS)
34. 1972 Pirates (lost NLCS)

-Pittsburgh looks to double up their entrants in the final 32 and they meet one of a few 90s era Braves squads still alive.

Catcher: Lopez (26) v. Sanguillen (28) Winner: Atl-Lopez
First Base: McGriff (33) v. Stargell (32) Winner: Pit-Stargell
Second Base: Lemke (31) v. Cash (24) Winner: Pit-Cash
Shortstop: Blauser (31) v. Alley (31) Winner: Atl-Blauser
Third Base: Jones (25) v. Hebner (24) Winner: Pit-Hebner
Left Field: Klesko (26) v. Davalillo (35) Winner: Pit-Davalillo
Center Field: Lofton (30) v. Oliver (25) Winner: Atl-Lofton
Right Field: Jones (20) v. Clemente (37) Winner: Pit-Clemente
SP1: Smoltz (30) v. Blass (30) Winner: Atl-Smoltz
SP2: Glavine (31) v. Moose (24) Winner: Atl-Glavine
SP3: Neagle (28) v. Briles (28) Winner: Atl-Neagle
Closer: Wohlers (27) v. Giusti (32) Winner: Pit-Giusti
Team Offense: Pit
Team Pitching: Atl

Braves 9 Pirates 8 - Pirates bats vs. Braves arms, Atlanta wins the tiebreaker and moves on.

15. 1975 Reds (World Champions)
50. 1977 Dodgers (lost WS)

-the '76 Reds have advanced, will their more celebrated predecessors join them?  It's 1970s NL West rivals battling to see who moves forward into the Round of 32.

Catcher: Bench (27) v. Yeager (28) Winner: Cin-Bench
First Base: Perez (33) v. Garvey (28) Winner: LAD-Garvey
Second Base: Morgan (31) v. Lopes (32) Winner: Cin-Morgan
Shortstop: Concepcion (27) v. Russell (28) Winner: Cin-Concepcion
Third Base: Rose (34) v. Cey (29) Winner: Cin-Rose
Left Field: Foster (26) v. Baker (28) Winner: Cin-Foster
Center Field: Geronimo (27) v. Monday (31) Winner: Cin-Geronimo
Right Field: Griffey (25) v. Smith (32) Winner: LAD-Smith
SP1: Nolan (27) v. Hooten (27) Winner: LAD-Hooten
SP2: Billingham (32) v. Sutton (32) Winner: LAD-Sutton
SP3: Norman (32) v. John (34) Winner: LAD-John
Closer: Eastwick (24) v. Hough (29) Winner: Cin-Eastwick
Team Offense: Cin
Team Pitching: Dodgers

Reds 9 Dodgers 7 - Reds offense against Dodgers pitching - Rawly Eastwick earns Cincinnati a point from the closers spot, that allows them to avoid a tiebreaker and move into the next round.

18. 1908 Giants (2nd in NL-no playoffs)
82. 1978 Dodgers (lost WS)

-a McGraw era Giants team lost in Group 1 - the '77 Dodgers just lost; let's see who claims the final Group 2 spot. 

Catcher: Bresnahan (29) v. Yeager (29) Winner: NYG-Bresnahan
First Base: Tenney (36) v. Garvey (29) Winner: LAD-Garvey
Second Base: Doyle (21) v. Lopes (33) Winner: LAD-Lopes
Shortstop: Bridwell (24) v. Russell (29) Winner: NYG-Bridwell
Third Base: Devlin (28) v. Cey (30) Winner: LAD-Cey
Left Field: McCormick (27) v. Baker (27) Winner: LAD-Baker
Center Field: Seymour (35) v. North (30) Winner: NYG-Seymour
Right Field: Donlin (30) v. Smith (33) Winner: NYG-Donlin
SP1: Mathewson (27) v. Sutton (33) Winner: NYG-Mathewson
SP2: Wiltse (28) v. Hooten (28) Winner: NYG-Wiltse
SP3: Crandall (20) v. John (35) Winner: LAD-John
Closer: Malarkey (29) v. Forster (26) Winner: LAD-Forster
Team Offense: LAD
Team Pitching: NYG

Giants 9 Dodgers 8 - as close a tiebreaker as we've ever had, the Giants pitching just barely...just barely edges out the Dodger bats.  

Next time we see this group...

2. 1902 Pirates (1st in NL-no playoffs)
31. 1997 Braves (lost NLCS)

15. 1975 Reds (World Champions)
18. 1908 Giants (2nd in NL-no playoffs)

When I return, it's with AL Group 3 - led by the 1942 New York Yankees.

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