March 31 - Top Five Moments in San Francisco Giants History

Friday, March 31, 2017

2017 is the 60th year of San Francisco Giants baseball and my 40th year as a Giants fan (I'm actually 46 and have some memories of the prior year, but the 1978 season is the first one in my memory I recall following the Giants actively as a fan from first pitch to last out).

To that end, each day during this season I'll present the top five San Francisco Giant moments from that date in history.  Here's the thing - you're not going to see milestones; you can get the date Mays hit 660 from the Giants game notes.  I went through each win in San Francisco history (seriously? yes) to search for the top moments in Win Probability Added and Win Expectancy to find the most crucial moments that impacted the winning of baseball games.

Absent something unforeseen, we'll do this all year.

I'm not going to rank the five - each of the five moments per day will be presented in chronological order, rank them any way you like.

We start with March 31. Here are the top 5 moments on March 31 in San Francisco Giants history.

1998 at Houston, 3rd inning, down 1-0, 2 outs and a 1-2 count, Jeff Kent hits a 3 run homer off Shane Reynolds. It was his 30th homer as a Giant.

1998 at Houston, 13th inning, tied 4-4, same game as the previous moment, 10 innings later, one out, men on first and third, Alex Diaz (who you do not remember) singles into the hole at short off CJ Nitkowski, scoring Rey Sanchez to give us the 5-4 lead, we'd go on to win 9-4.  Diaz had only 7 more hits as a Giant.

2003 at San Diego, 9th inning tied 2-2, Benito Santiago leads off with a homer off Clay Condrey. 16 years prior Santiago won the NL Rookie of the Year as a Padre.

2003 at San Diego, next pitch, 9th inning up 3-2, JT Snow homers off Condrey, we go on to win 5-2. Snow only hit another 7 homers the rest of the season.

2014 at Arizona, 9th inning,7-7, one on, two outs, Buster Posey hit a 2 run homer off Addison Reed; the Giants hold on to get the 9-8 Opening Day win.  It was Posey's 62nd career homer.

Tune back in tomorrow.  Go Giants.

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