I Pick Every NFL Game - Week 10

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Record: 60-67-2

Hey, coming Sunday is my new feature here at TBOR - 1st And 10: The Weekly TenDown where I countdown the very best things of the week.  These picks are unlikely to be considered.

Niners -3 Bears (win)
Jets -7 Jags (loss)
Broncos -3.5 Skins (loss)
Bengals +7 Steelers (win)
Bills +6.5 Titans (loss)
Vikes -16.5 Lions (win)
Saints -13.5 Rams (loss)
Falcons -2 Panthers (loss)
Miami -10 Tampa (my suicide pick this week) (loss - but a suicide win)
KC +2 Oakland (win)
Seattle +9 Arizona (loss)
Packers +3 Cowboys (win)
Eagles +2.5 SD (loss)
Pats +3 Colts (win)
Ravens -10 Browns (win)


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