12 Left. Half a game up.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Our Schedule:
3 in Chicago.
3 in Colorado.
Travel day Monday, that's when the Rox and Padres play and we don't as they both have 13 left.
Home for 3 against Arizona.
Home for 3 against the Padres.  Season ends the 3rd. 

Padres Schedule:
3 in LA
Home for 3 against Reds
Home for 4 against Cubs
3 in SF

Rox Schedule
3 in Arizona
Home for 3 against us
Home for 3 against LA
4 in StLouis

The forecast - we win it by a game over both of them. 


Which would mean a first round matchup against the Phillies.  Which is less than ideal.  Ideally, we pass the Reds, giving us a first round series against the Braves, which is winnable.

In Chicago - Cain v. Zambrano, Sanchez v. Wells, Bumgarner v. Dempster

-Burrell's hit okay against Zambrano, has 2 homers against Wells, and a really high OBP against Dempster
-Guillen's 0-9 against Dempster, maybe he sits Thursday.
-Huff hasn't hit against any of them, and is 3-19 against Dempster.
-Who has hit is Renteria, 8-24 against Dempster, 13-34 against Zambrano
-Nothing from Ross or Rowand
-Sanchez has hit Dempster well 6-17
-Sandoval's good in small samples against Dempster 4-9, and Wells 3-5, bad against Zambrano 1-7.
-Uribe's 4-25 against Zambrano, which is enough that he can sit tonight.

-DeWitt (5-15 with 3 walks) and Nady (3-8) have hit Cain; he's had good success against everyone else.
-They haven't had enough at bats against Sanchez or Bumgarner, save for Baker, 4-11 with 3 walks against Sanchez.

We're 84-66, our pythag is a little better 86-64, that gives us a chance at a 93 pythag season which would tie this team for the fifth best SFG team ever. 

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