I Pick Every NFL Game - Week 8.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Overall: 51-51-1.

Ravens -3 Broncos (win)
Bears -13 Browns (win)
Texans -3.5 Bills (win)
Pack -3 Vikes (loss)
Colts -13 Niners (loss)
Dolphins +3.5 Jets (win)
Lions -4 Rams (loss)
Seattle +9.5 Cowboys (loss)
Raiders +16.5 Chargers (win)
Jags +3 Titans (I do not understand this line) (but obviously I should have, loss)
Cards -10 Panthers (loss)
Eagles +1 Giants (win)
Saints -10 Falcons (loss)


Matt Stairs

A thought struck me as I watched game one tonight (unsurprising result, thinking that Lee would win game one is why I liked Yanks in 7 instead of 6.  Burnett wins game 2, Phils take 2 of 3 at home, and then the Yanks take the last two for the chip) I wondered if this was the first ever Series where I was older than every member of both active rosters.

That's sort of a thing, right?  The first Series of my memory was '77; I had just turned 7; and that Yanks/Dodgers Series is really the first sporting event that I vividly recall watching.  The '76 Series may have been held during WWII as far as I'm concerned; it was solely a matter to be read about and seen via highlight - but whenever I see a clip from that '77 Series, I know I lived in that moment.  Those are very different sensations.  My girlfriend was born near the end of '78, and occasionally I'll say something like "you have no memory of Reagan getting shot do you?" - which staggers me; to her, it's not much different than seeing the Zapruder film, which really isn't much different from seeing artists renderings of Crispus Attucks - entirely belonging to history.  But to me - I watched it by myself on my living room couch.  Fisk's homer in '75 might as well be Ruth's called shot to me, but I remember Reggie burning down the Bronx. 

32 years later - I'm watching the Yankees again, but older than every man on the field. 

I can't say I've ever thought about this before; last year I was 38 - but Jamie Moyer (disabled this post season) was pitching for the Phils, and he's significantly older than I am.  The Sox won in '07; Schilling is older than I am.  In '06 it was the Cards - and Jim Edmonds is several months older than I am.  Chicago won in '05, but Il Duque was still with the club - and there's not really need to go back any further than that, as I was still 34 in 2004, so young and firm.  With my majestic jawline and ability to stay awake past eleven at night (so sleepy I get!  I worked all day and ate a big carbohydrate filled meal and watched my stories and am so sleepy!).

But now I'm a newly minted 39 year old and Jamie Moyer's not on the post-season roster.

But Matt Stairs is.  41 year old Matt Stairs.  Holla!  I get to be 7 years old one more year, sitting in my grandparents living room, watching Reggie hit those 3 bombs in game six.  One more year I get to be on scholarship.  One more year of safety.  One more year before I have to put childish things aside.

Thanks, Matt Stairs.  Keep playing. 


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