The Weekly Tendown: May 6-12 2012(The Eagle Has Landed)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dear Internet:

We bought new phones this week.

I hung onto blackberry after everyone else had jumped ship; historically, I tend to remain after the evidence suggests I should walk. But this week I cut the cord.  I've got, as it turns out, a mysterious Verizon discount of which I was previously unaware, and between that, combining our two lines into a family plan, and our being grandfathered into unlimited data, we're spending a solid amount less than were we for lesser phones.

We'll see how it goes. I'll take whatever advice anyone cares to offer.

126 is here. This is 127.

1. Shep Smith
The gay marriage soundbite that was most surprising this week wasn't Obama's, it was Shep Smith on Fox.

He's right.  Conservatives stand opposed to the minimum wage and social security and medicare and unemployment insurance.  Conservatives stand opposed to legal equality for African-Americans and women.

And they lose - and they'll lose here too.  Every single conservative criticism of Obama's stance on gay marriage is the modern day equivalent of segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.

Shep Smith told that to the Fox Flock this week.  He's right.

2. Yikes

The Nuggets losing in Game 7 to the Lakers is not nearly the worst thing that happened to Chris Anderson this week.

3. Dog Bites Man
Shockingly, the Republicans screwed the Democrats on that debt deal this week.

4. Do You Have a Couple Hours?
Watch this documentary on evolution vs. intelligent design.

5. Romney Economics

Romney plans to increase military spending by 2 trillion dollars.

6. The Cooler Me
If you're a longtime reader, you've probably hit upon my fascination with other versions of me; several years ago I discussed a book idea where I'd track down people who, for all demographic intents and purposes, were me when I was headed off to college to see the decisions they made that diverged their paths from mine; my proposed title was The Road Not Taken.

Well, this road not taken was that book - as instead I've spent the past several years working seven days a week.  But in the current GQ - someone's picked up that ball.

7. Would You Like to Download a Free, Really Good Book About the Constitution?
You're welcome.

The reason the United States Constitution is the world’s most enduring written constitution is not simply the genius of fifty-five men who met in Philadelphia in 1787. Rather, it is the way that generation after generation of Americans has made the Constitution ours. The Constitution endures because its meaning 
and application have been shaped by an ongoing process of interpretation. That 
process includes both judicial interpretation and transformations in constitutional 
understanding pressed by political leaders and ordinary citizens throughout our 
history. Our Constitution retains its vitality because it has proven adaptable to the 
changing conditions and evolving norms of our society. Its words and principles 
still resonate centuries after they were written because time and again, as Justice 
Holmes urged, we have interpreted the Constitution in light of “what this country 
has become.”

 Americans of all backgrounds can wholeheartedly take an oath to 
support and defend the Constitution when they are naturalized, join the armed 
forces, gain admission to the bar, or are sworn into elective office not because of 
how our founding text was understood in 1789, or even in 1870, but because of 
how we understand it today.

8. Don't Get Scammed
Consider this clip.

9. Oh, I Have News
My lady friend fixed my computer.  It required a total scrub of my hard drive; it had been...maybe 8-9 months since I backed everything up, so it's not ideal, but I didn't lose my really important stuff.

10. I Have Other News
I'm off the job market.

I'm moving to the university level, full time online position.  Solid salary bump.  Probably, it'll be awhile before I reference it in this space.  I spent a portion of virtually every day for about 8 months since I got adjuncted at my current place banging my head into the wall looking for a full time spot.  There are some negatives to the new position - they are outweighed.

So, to where should we move?

I have the ability to support the house entirely remotely.  My thought is we go someplace with a lower cost of living, hunker down, and live our lives.

I start in mid-June.  I won't miss a paycheck.

That's all for this time.  I'll be back next time.  If there is a next time....

Your pal,


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