1992 NBA Draft Recap

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Knicks got Rolando Blackman for their first round pick – in 1995; Hubie loves it for the Knicks, the time value of shooting guards and whatnot. Let’s see how that turned out:

Blackman had the two worst seasons of his career in New York, 5 total win shares out then out of the league before that ’95 pick even rolled through.

Dallas used the pick to draft Loren Meyer, a sub 1 win share player in Dallas; so, player for player, absent cap considerations not discussed on the broadcast, the Knicks managed to get the better end. 

Shaq goes first in ’92; as of the end of the 2012-13 season, considering overall Win Shares for the regular season/playoffs and factoring in a per game value, Shaq’s the 8th greatest player in history.  The crowd in 
Portland boos Shaq’s mention of Christian Laettner when discussing his not making the Dream Team.
Mourning goes second, to Charlotte, and he’s also in the Top 100 of all time, at #94. He isn’t, however, second from this draft in regular season win shares – I’ll give the answer at the end of the recap.

Mourning’s got a cheat sheet with Charlotte’s roster when talking to Craig Sager in the kiss and cry area; “looking forward to learning from Kenny Gattison” wasn’t part of the interview.  Laettner’s third; not there, gets booed anyway.

I loved me some Jimmy Jackson; I saw him play in high school and availability bias probably had me overrate him.  I still think those oversized shiny Arsenio early 90s suits look good.  LaPhonso Ellis’s mama, I assume, is wearing her big white church hat.  She oughta pray that his best season isn’t his first; a full quarter of his career value accrued in that rookie year. 

The Bullets are about to pick Gugliotta and at the beginning of his third year are going to trade him to my Warriors, for whom he’ll earn less than a win share.  C-Webb, dealt for him, was worth 23.5 for Washington.  Not great, Nellie.

Todd Day’s next; he doesn’t hit 20 win shares for his career, he’s a legitimate bust. 

I thought I’d look at other drafts to see how deeply I’d have to go to find another top 10 pick with fewer than 20 win shares; it just took one click, Marc Macon went the year before and retired with less than 1 win share (WTF is a very good podcast, however, so there are second acts in American life). That’s a good game – win shares above/below draft slot.

In fact, a more detailed look could average win shares by draft slot – I’d like to know how many wins a top overall pick should be worth in his NBA career. 

Hubie Brown calls Clarence Weatherspoon “a man” while the Miami Vice theme weirdly accompanies him to the stage.  “They got some great staffs and stuff” is Spoon’s characterization of the Sixers.

There apparently is a big debate in Atlanta among Keefe, Stith, and Miner – which hardly seems worth the effort.  Hubie wants them to take one of the guards; they’re not going to listen to him and it’s not going to matter (but Baby Jordan is the worst of the 3).

Houston’s about to take who turns out to be the 4th best player in this draft, but they don’t know that yet and the announce, expecting Miner or Stith, is really surprised for the first time.  No one calls Horry Big Shot Bob.

Doug Collins forgets that Adam Keefe just went off the board and wants to see the Heat take him; Bob Neal says there are concerns that Miner plays out of control sometimes, but so does Isiah, and he turned out okay.  Future CBA stakeholders mutter an unknowing disagreement. Miner’s mother thinks she’s crying now; when he’s back home after his 200 game NBA career she’ll really be crying.  Sager’s trying to get into Miner’s pocket, asking how he plans to help his home of south central LA following the Rodney King riots.  

What he should have said, “bitch, you’re getting paid; let’s get out your checkbook.”

Sager’s obsessed with hometowns, asking Malik Sealy if he’ll “miss his people back in the Bronx.”  Don’t be fooled by the rocks that he’s got, Craig.

I like Woods, because he gives them quickness.  This guy’s got a nice package of a game. 
Hubie, about Randy Woods.  He’ll be a sub 1 career win shares player.

Doug Christie says the man upstairs controls what happens to his knee, “What does that man want with you – how much time are you spending with that man; give me his number, I want to talk to him” is the response from Mrs. Christie.

Second in regular season WS from the '92 draft?  PJ Brown.   

Bonds 73.

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