The Weekly Ten - Week 6 College Football Picks

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Record: 36-14
Locks: 5-0

Look, I'm not saying I'm going to keep doing well as this is a bit freakish, but if I had been following this blog over the past 5 weeks, I'd be a believer.  My guess is at this point there's at least someone taking some investment advice.  I'm on your side.  Let's go get 'em.

La Tech +10.5 Nevada (loss)
WVA -10 Syracuse (win)
Toledo v. WMichigan Under 63 (loss)
South Carolina -9.5 Kentucky (loss)
Auburn -2.5 Arkansas (loss)
Navy -11 Rice (win)
Marshall -4 Tulane (win)
Utah -8 Col St. (loss)
Wake -11.5 Maryland (loss)
Lock: Michigan St. -4 Illinois (win)

Week: 4-6 (boo).  The Maryland end of game loss gets me my first losing week of the season. I did give you the Dodgers this week, let's not forget.
Overall: 40-20
Locks: 6-0

I Pick Every NFL Game - Week 5

I'm 31-31.  Because you shouldn't pick every NFL game.

Dallas -8.5 KC (loss)
Redskins +3.5 Panthers (win)
Eagles -15 Bucs (win)
NYG -15 Oakland (win)
Ravens -8.5 Bengals (loss)
Vikes -10 Rams (win)
Browns +6 Bills (win)
Steelers -10.5 Lions (loss)
Falcons +2.5 Niners (win)
Texans +5.5 Cards (loss)
Denver +3 NE (win)
Colts -3.5 Titans (win)
Jets -2 Dolphins (loss)
Jags +.5 Seattle (loss)


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