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The Weekly Ten: College Football Predictions (Season and Week One:)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

My top 20 is now finalized for the season.

Below are my week one picks - this season, I'm going to limit myself to ten picks each week (the weekly ten); last year I struggled early before having a terrific bowl season - history shows that (particularly in the NFL where I'm really likely to struggle) I'm better late than early. 

With that said:

Tennessee -29.5 Western Kentucky (win)
Georgia +4.5 Oklahoma St. (loss)
Missouri +6.5 Illinois (win)
Wake -2.5 Baylor (loss)
USC (Fight On!) -32.5 San Jose St. (win)
Clemson -18.5 Mid Tenn St. (win)
Auburn -13.5 LaTech (win)
UCLA -19.5 SD St. (loss)
Va Tech +6.5 Alabama (loss)
Lock of the Week: Notre Dame -14.5 Nevada (win)

6-4.  I'll take it. 

2009 College Football Top 20.

1. Florida
2. USC (my team, and for a weekend, my undergraduate school, for those unaware)
3. Texas
4. Oklahoma
5. Georgia
6. Ohio St.
7. California
8. Georgia Tech
9. Virginia Tech
10. LSU (my girlfriend's team. We like her despite this.)
11. Clemson
12. Alabama
13. Auburn
14. West Virginia
15. Boston College
16. Florida St.
17. Notre Dame
18. Miami
19. Penn St.
20. Oklahoma St.

Consider the following: Ole Miss under 9 wins. Nebraska under 8 wins. North Carolina under 8 wins. Illinois under 8 wins.

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