2015 NFL Starting Quarterbacks Ranked

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Not a fantasy list.  It's a real world projection. Ranking the 2015 NFL starting quarterbacks

 1. A.Rodgers GB
 2. T.Brady NE  (pending suspension reduction, variance between 1 and 4 games significant)
 3. D.Brees NO
 4. B.Roethlisberger Pit
 5. P.Rivers SD  (I'd have Clemens ahead of Carr if he started)
 6. A.Luck Ind  (I'd rank Hasselbeck right after Carr if he needed to start)
 7. P.Manning Den
 8. R.Wilson Sea
 9. T.Romo Dall
 10.M.Ryan Atl
 11. M.Stafford Det
 12. R.Tannehill Mia
 13. J.Flacco Balt
 14. E.Manning NYG
 15. C.Newton Car
 16. C.Kaepernick Niners
 17. A.Smith KC
 18. T.Bridgewater Minn
 19. C.Palmer Ari
 20. J.Cutler Chi
 21. A.Dalton Cin
 22. S.Bradford Phil
 23. R.Griffin Wash
 24. N.Foles StL
 25. D.Carr Oak
 26. J.McCown Cle (if it's Manziel he's last)
 27. M.Cassell Buff  (if it's Manuel he's last)
 28. B.Hoyer Hou
 29. B.Bortles Jax (Henne would be above Hoyer)
 30. G.Smith NYJ (Fitzpatrick would be above Hoyer)
 31. J.Winston TB (Glennon would be above Foles)
 32. M.Mariota Tenn (Mettenberger would be above Bortles)

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