2013 MLB:At the Halfway Mark: All Star Rosters+Playoff Projections

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Here are the updated projections:

AL East
Boston (91)

AL Central
Detroit (92)

AL West
Texas (91)

Oakland (89)
NYY (85)

NL East
Atlanta (91)

NL Central
St Louis (92)

NL West
Arizona (84)

Pittsburgh (91)
Cincinnati (89)

Here's my final selection for All Star Game Rosters. 

Each league has 34 players.  There have to be at least 5 starters/3 relievers for each league.  Each league had 13 active pitchers last year, so I'll make that my target; I still wouldn't ever have an all star roster with more than 3 relievers although you'll see double that in the actual game.  Both leagues use a DH.  Every team needs to be represented. 

The WAR is B-Ref+Davenport. 

AL Starters
C J. Mauer Min 3.6
1B C.Davis Balt 4.3
2B D. Pedroia Bos 3.3
SS J.Peralta Det 2.5
3B M.Cabrera Det 4.5 - MVP
LF N.McLouth Bal 2.2
CF M.Trout LAA 3.8
RF S.Victorino Bos 2.1
DH E.Encarnacion Tor 2.6
P C.Buchholz Bos 3.8

AL Reserves
C C. Santana Cle 2.1
1B A.Lind Tor 2
2B J.Kipnis Cle 3.1
2B R.Cano NYY 2.5
SS JJ Hardy Min 2
3B M.Machado Balt 4.2
3B E.Longoria TB 3.9
3B J.Donaldson Oak 3
OF C.Crisp Oak 2.6
OF J.Ellsbury Bos 2.4
OF A.Gordon KC 1.9
DH D.Ortiz Bos 2.4

P H.Iwakuma Sea 3.6
P F.Hernandez 3.4
P C.Sale CWS 3.3
P M.Scherzer Det 3.2
P B.Colon Oak 2.9
P H.Kuroda NYY 2.9
P Y.Darvish Tex 2.7
P A.Sanchez Det 2.7
P B.Norris Hou 2.3

RP M.Rivera NYY 2.1
RP J. Nathan Tex 2.1
RP T.Scheppers Tex 2.3

NL Starters
C Y.Molina StL 4.1
1B P. Goldschmidt Ari 4.3
2B M.Carpenter StL 3.7
SS J.Segura Mil 4.6 MVP
3B D.Wright NYM 4.2
LF C.Gonzalez Col 3.6
CF C. Gomez Mil 4.3
RF G.Parra Ari 3.4
DH H.Pence SFG 3.4
P C.Kershaw LAD 4.7

NL Reserves
C B.Posey SFG 3.6
C R.Martin LAD 3
1B J.Votto Cin 3.4
2B C. Utley Phi 2.3
SS T.Tulowitzki Col 3.9
SS E.Cabrera SD 3.7
SS A.Simmons Atl 2.5
3B P.Alvarez Pit 2.4
OF S.Marte Pit 2.7
OF A.McCutcheon Pit 2.9
OF J.Bruce Cin 2.7
OF SS Choo Cin 2.4

P M.Harvey NYM 4.4
P C.Lee Phi 4.2
P A.Wainwright StL 3.8
P J.Zimmerman Was 3.5
P P.Corbin Ari 3.4
P T.Wood Chi 3.2
P. J. De la Rosa Col 2.8
P M.Leake Cin 2.7
P J.Fernandez Mia 1.8

RP C. Kimbrel Atl 2.3
RP J.Grilli Pit 1.8
RP M. Melancon Pit 1.7

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