1st and Ten - The Weekly Tendown November 15-21 2009

Sunday, November 22, 2009

This is episode two of our new weekly feature here at TBOR - The Tendown!  Last week, you read about Mad Men, strawberry pancakes, my selection of Jon Stewart as Entertainer of the Decade, the best North American wrestling match of 2009, and many, many more.

So - what's the best thing that happened this week...


If Only There Were a Horrible Name That I Could Call You That Would Make You As Angry As I Am...

I've been excessively excited about the Seinfeld reunion all year, and it's not really because all 4 actors will be at the same place at the same time, that doesn't give me the feelings - it's because the Seinfeld story continues - Jerry's the sperm donor for Elaine's daughter; George invented the I-Toilet app then invested all his money with Bernie Madoff; hey look - it's Bania!  Bania!  And that would be good enough - but what Sunday's penultimate episode of this season of Curb (question, is the word penultimate overly used, and if it's overly used is that by pretentious writers who want the reader to know that they know the definition of the world penultimate?) the best thing that happened last week were Larry David's gigantic balls.

Larry David's fearless in the way that only someone with go away money can be; so on the episode of Curb likely to draw more attention than any other in show history, he not only undertakes an attempt to rehabilitate Michael Richards ("it's been 3 years, don't hurt me"), but covers whatever offense might be taken to that with a show long joke about a 9 year old girl's "pussy."

(Hey, that's gonna lead to an unsettling new google search that will now find me.  Welcome devotees of child porn!  I got nothin' for you, but if you also enjoy leftist rants and the german suplex, stick around).

Larry David isn't going to earn another dollar by saying Michael Richards doesn't need to be Jimmy the Greeked, but he does what he wants.  Very, Very early in my life (uncomfortably so) I recognized very clearly, in maybe what is the only fully realized thought I've ever had that seemingly hit me from nowhere, my only real epiphany - that there were many times in life where you don't have a choice, that you need to toe the line or the cost will simply be too great - and my goal would be to make those times as few in number as I could get away with.  I wanted a life where I did what I wanted.  I don't know if that's made for good choices more often than rule following would have, and I am not necessarily advocating the Jividen plan as a way to success.  But I tried.

Larry David clearly gets to do that now.  He does what he wants.  I'm looking forward to tonight.

After the jump....The Ten Next Best Things that happened this week (get it, first and ten?  Huh?  Huh?)

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