The Greatest MLB Tournament Ever Created (AL, Round Two, Group 3)

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Last group

8 teams have advanced to the Round of 32 - 4 Yankees, 2 Red Sox, 2 Orioles (kinda).  Each of those organizations come back here in Group 3.

3. 1942 Yankees (lost WS)
67. 1979 Orioles (lost WS)

Catcher: Dickey (35) v. Dempsey (29) Winner: Balt-Dempsey
First Base: Hassett (30) v. Murray (23) Winner: Balt-Murray
Second Base: Gordon (27) v. Dauer (26) Winner: NYY-Gordon
Shortstop: Rizzuto (24) v. Belanger (35) Winner: NYY-Rizzuto
Third Base: Crosetti  (31) v. DeCinces (28) Winner: Balt-DeCinces
Left Field: Keller (25) v. Roenicke (24) Winner: NYY-Keller
Center Field: DiMaggio (27) v. Bumbry (32) Winner: NYY-DiMaggio
Right Field: Henrich (29) v. Singleton (32) Winner: Balt-Singleton
DH: Rolfe (33) v. May (36) Winner: NYY-Rolfe
SP1: Bonham (28) v. Martinez (25) Winner: NYY-Bonham
SP2: Chandler (34) v. Flanagan (27) Winner: Balt-Flanagan
SP3: Ruffing (37) v. Stone (31) Winner: NYY-Ruffing
Closer: Murphy (33) v. Stanhouse (28) Winner: Balt-Stanhouse
Team Offense: NYY
Team Pitching: Balt

Yankees 9 Orioles 8 - Yankee bats outlast Oriole arms, if Baltimore could have flipped one of the two pitching matchups they lost (just by a little bit) they pull the upset.  Instead - a fifth Yankee squad makes the final 32 on the AL side.  

30. 1932 Yankees (World Champions)
94. 1942 Red Sox (2nd in AL-no playoffs)

-A Yankee win sets up Yankees vs. Yankees in the Round of 32, two squads only a decade apart (Dickey/Crosetti/Ruffing/Murphy on both squads) a Red Sox win and we'll have our first matchup of two teams from the same season - 1942.

Catcher: Dickey (25) v. Conroy (27) Winner: NYY-Dickey
First Base: Gehrig (29) v. Lupien (25) Winner: NYY-Gehrig
Second Base: Lazzeri (28) v. Doerr (24) Winner: Bos-Doerr
Shortstop: Crosetti (21) v. Pesky (23) Winner: Bos-Pesky
Third Base: Sewell (33) v. Tabor (25) Winner: NYY-Sewell
Left Field: Chapman (23) v. Williams (23) Winner: Bos-Williams
Center Field: Combs (33) v. DiMaggio (25) Winner: Bos-DiMaggio
Right Field: Ruth (37) v. Finney (31) Winner: NYY-Ruth
SP1: Gomez (23) v. Hughson (26) Winner: Bos-Hughson
SP2: Ruffing (27) v. Wagner (29) Winner: NYY-Ruffing
SP3: Pipgras (32) v. Dobson (25) Winner: NYY-Pipgras
Closer: Brown (25) v. Brown (33) Winner: NYY-Brown
Team Offense: NYY
Team Pitching: NYY

NYY 11 Boston 5 - dead even after Boston won the first pitching matchup and then New York swept the board.  A half dozen Yankees teams are in the final 32. 

14. 1929 A's (World Champions)
78. 1921 Indians (2nd in AL-no playoffs)

-A couple of organizations looking for their first entrant into the Round of 32 - 

Catcher: Cochrane (26) v. O'Neill (29) Winner: Phil-Cochrane
First Base: Foxx (21) v. Johnston (33) Winner: Phil-Foxx
Second Base: Bishop (29) v. Wambsganss (27) Winner: Phil-Bishop
Shortstop: Boley (32) v. Sewell (22) Winner: Cle-Sewell
Third Base: Hale (32) v. Gardner (35) Winner: Cle-Gardner
Left Field: Simmons (27) v. Jamieson (28) Winner: Phil-Simmons
Center Field: Haas (25) v. Speaker (33) Winner: Cle-Speaker
Right Field: Miller (34) v. Smith (28) Winner: Phi-Miller
SP1: Grove (29) v. Coveleski (31) Winner: Push
SP2: Walberg (32) v. Uhle (22) Winner: Phi-Walberg
SP3: Earnshaw (29) v. Mails (26) Winner: Phi-Earnshaw
Closer: Shores (25) v. Caldwell (33) Winner: Phi-Shores
Team Offense: Phi
Team Pitching: Phi

A's 12 Indians 3 - Nothing wrong with that Cleveland club, but they got run over by the A's.

110. 1934 Yankees (2nd in AL-no playoffs)
83. 1985 Blue Jays (lost ALCS)

-the '32, '36, '39 Yankees are already in; the Jays look to gain their first entrant as Group 3 finishes up. 

Catcher: Dickey (27) v. Whitt (33) Winner: NYY-Dickey
First Base: Gehrig (31) v. Upshaw(28) Winner: NYY-Gehrig
Second Base: Lazzeri (30) v. Garcia (28) Winner: NYY-Lazzeri
Shortstop: Crosetti (23) v. Fernandez (23) Winner: Jays-Fernandez
Third Base: Saltzgaver (31) v. Iorg (30) Winner: Jays-Iorg
Left Field: Chapman (25) v. Bell (25) Winner: Jays-Bell
Center Field: Combs (35) v. Moseby (25) Winner: Jays-Moseby
Right Field: Ruth (39) v. Barfield (25) Winner: Jays-Barfield
DH: Rolfe (29) v. Burroughs (34) Winner: Push
SP1: Gomez (25) v. Stieb (27) Winner: NYY-Gomez
SP2: Ruffing (29) v. Alexander (34) Winner: Jays-Alexander
SP3: Broaca (24) v. Key (24) Winner: Jays-Key
Closer: Murphy (25) v. Caudill (28) Winner: NYY-Murphy
Team Offense: NYY
Team Pitching: Jays

Jays 9 Yankees 7 - Babe Ruth is a mythical figure in American popular culture, but the 39 year old version of him was not as good as the 25 year old Jesse Barfield and the Blue Jays make their way into the next round.  

The next time we see this group....

3. 1942 Yankees (lost WS)
30. 1932 Yankees (World Champions)

14. 1929 A's (World Champions)
83. 1985 Blue Jays (lost ALCS)

When we come back, it's NL Group 3 led by the 1909 Chicago Cubs.

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