2015 Emmy Award Predictions

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I watch TV.

Comedy Series
Will Win - Veep
Should Win - Veep

I saw every episode of all 7 nominated shows, Veep's the best comedy on television.

Comedy Actress
Will Win - Julia Louis Dreyfus
Should Win - Julia Louis Dreyfus

JLD is the greatest actor in the history of TV comedy.

Comedy Actor
Will Win - Jeffrey Tambor
Should Win - Jeffrey Tambor

Biggest lock of the night.  Mortgage your house.

Comedy Supporting Actress
Win Win - Allison Janney
Should Win - Anna Chlumsky

Mom is not worth watching; this is a two person race.

Comedy Supporting Actor
Will Win - Tony Hale
Should Win - Tituss Burgess

I'm an Arrested Development die hard, so it's hard to say that Buster doesn't deserve this Emmy, but this is the award that Kimmy Schmidt most deserves.  I'd also love to see Andre Braugher win here. If Hale wins its perfectly acceptable; a Janney win would irritate me because the show is bad.

Drama Series
Will Win - Game of Thrones
Should Win - Mad Men.

If Mad Men had a JV team it should win; a shadow series featuring what happened to Paul Kinsey should win over any other drama.

Drama Actress
Will Win - Viola Davis
Should Win - Elisabeth Moss

Elisabeth Moss's outtakes should win over anyone else.

Drama Actor
Will Win - Jon Hamm
Should Win - Jon Hamm

-He took the sad guy's story about feeling like he's on a shelf in a fridge - AND TURNED IT INTO A COKE COMMERCIAL.

Drama Supporting Actress
Will Win - Christina Hendricks
Should Win - Christina Hendricks

-I don't know who is winning this award.  I'm riding with Joan.

Drama Supporting Actor
Will Win - Jonathan Banks
Should Win - Jonathan Banks

-This is also pretty clear.

Limited Series
Will Win - Olive Kitteridge
Should Win - Olive Kitteridge

Will Win - Frances McDormand
Should Win - Frances McDormand

Will Win - David Oyelowo
Should Win - Richard Jenkins

Supporting Actress
Will Win - Sarah Paulson
Should Win - Zoe Kazan

Supporting Actor
Will Win - Bill Murray
Should Win - Bill Murray

Reality Comp
Will Win - The Voice
Should Win - The Amazing Race

Variety Talk
Will Win - Colbert Report
Should Win - Last Week Tonight

Variety Sketch
Will Win - Inside Amy Schumer
Should Win - Inside Amy Schumer

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