2018 NCAA Tournament Brackets

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Last year I hit both finals teams, although had the result flipped, picking Gonzaga to beat Carolina.

This year, I'm taking Villanova to beat Cincinnati.

Rnd 1
-I'm taking Davidson over Kentucky for a 12/5 upset.
-Loyola-Chicago over Miami in the 11/6

Rnd 2
-Loyola again, this time beating Tennessee to make the Sweet 16

Sweet 16

Elite 8
-Cincinnati over Virginia

Rnd 1
-South Dakota St over Ohio St for a 12/5 upset
-Providence over A&M in the 7/10

Rnd 2
-Houston to take out Michigan

Sweet 16
-Gonzaga over Xavier

Elite 8
-Gonzaga over North Carolina

Rnd 1
-Butler over Arkansas is my only upset

Rnd 2
-Butler again, this time over Purdue

Sweet 16
-Could it be?  Butler one more time, making the Elite 8

Elite 8
Villanova over Butler

Rnd 1
-New Mexico St knocking off Clemson in the 12/5
-At the time of this writing, Syracuse and Arizona St are early on in the first half, I'm going to take either of them over TCU. 
-Oklahoma to beat Rhode Island

Rnd 2
-Seton Hall to beat Kansas. 
-New Mexico St to beat Auburn

Sweet 16
-New Mexico St beating Seton Hall
-Michigan St taking out Duke

Elite 8
Michigan St over New Mexico St

Final Four
Cincinnati over Gonzaga
Villanova over Michigan St

Villanova over Cincinnati

All Time Bulls 15 Man Roster

Next project, all time 15 man rosters for NBA franchises.  Selected by win shares (regular season+playoffs).  Positional fidelity important (two seasons at position minimum)

C A.Gilmore
PF H.Grant
SF S.Pippen
PG K.Hinrich
SG M.Jordan

C J.Noah
C T.Boerwinkle
PF B.Love
PF T.Gibson
SF C.Walker
SF L.Deng
PG N.Van Lier
PG BJ Armstrong
SG J.Butler
SG J.Sloan

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