The Weekly Tendown Apr 29-May 5 2012 (Guess Who Doesn't Have a Computer?)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dear Internet:

The Giants trailed for 42 consecutive innings this week and we lost our best player for the next couple of months.

Kuip had the right idea.

125 is here. This is Tendown 126

1. Thursday
Here was my Thursday.

I teach 3 four hour classes on Thursday, it's a 15 hour day and I haul all I have up the hill.  That's normal. I don't sleep well Wednesday nights, this Thursday I was up at 4 AM.  That's also pretty normal.

I added to that this Thursday a computer that wouldn't start.  I've since taken it to the shop; it looks like a hard drive fail.  It's a 5 year old PC that was on the medium/low end at the time, so that means I (1) need a new computer and (2) currently am using one which is not mine.

I have two hours in between my first and second classes; I live 40 minutes away so I never go home, but my lady friend had a weekend trip that began Thursday so I was on dog duty, meaning I drove home, then drove right back.

I had an out of nowhere meeting with the Dean Thursday, as I had a student complaint.  I've got a couple hundred students at any one time, and yes, essentially any time any one of them complains, that means a meeting.

I also had an unexpected performance observation from an associate dean Thursday; I say unexpected as if there were any other type, but at my place of employ scheduling observations isn't thought to be professional courtesy.

After getting home, taking care of all of the animals, and eating for the first time all day, I locked up, readied for bed, and took one last trip to the garage to throw some trash away...

And heard the door lock behind me.

At 10:30 PM, I had been up for more than 18 hours and now I was locked in the garage.

I don't want to say what state of undress I was in, but it wasn't cute.

I' m not particularly handy, but after a quick call to my lady friend, it turns out there's a not particularly difficult way to break into my house.  It involves a screwdriver.

Sort of a good news (I didn't die in my garage) bad news (basically anyone can break into my house, come on over) situation.

2. So, I Don't Have Any Tendown Links
Here's how the sausage gets made; I read stuff throughout the week and collect, sometimes I use it that Sunday, sometimes I save for a future Sunday when I might get stuck for material.  All of that's on my computer that does not work.

So, I have not much for you this week.  I've got job news - I got a call from the online job, agreed to a couple of changed circumstances and was told I'd be hearing from personnel some time this week.  I still haven't received an offer, but am not sure what would have to happen not to get one.  I didn't hear about the one remaining community college job that's sitting out there, but they should also make a decision this week.  I recognize I've been saying this for a couple of months, but I should, once again, have a full time position the next time you read Tendown.

3. Watch This Speech
This is the first lady giving the commencement at Spelman last year.

I'd like you to watch, consider the essential message and ask yourself what is it about the Obamas that causes such a visceral dislike from a Tea Party sized percentage of the electorate.

4. Ad Hominem
I teach critical thinking and am always looking for ways to explain cognitive biases.

Here's a billboard from this week.

One assumes Kaczynski also believes that Tuesday follows Monday, that doesn't make it untrue.

5. Ric Grenell

Mitt Romney had an openly gay security spokesman.  Now he does not.  And you already know why.

6. David Barton
Professional Christian liar David Barton did another Daily Show shot. He lied.

7. I See 4 Star Matches

I went four on Brock/Cena, the booking as dumb as it could possibly be.

I may have seen other four star matches since last we spoke...but, maybe I haven't mentioned...I don't have a computer.  I was planning on finishing Mania weekend, I had blocked off yesterday for, among other matches, Richards/Elgin, but this did not happen.  I now need both a computer and a new phone.  That's a lot to do at one time.

That's all I'm doing this week.  There was a pastor, I think in North Carolina, who advocated beating the gay out of your children, and I know its North Carolina that has a referendum coming that would limit marriage between a man and a woman as the only domestic unit the state will legally recognize - but you can find those stories on your own if inclined.  If you aren't watching Mad Men already you're unlikely to start because of something I say - and you should be watching Girls.

Okay, I'm done.  That's all for this time.  I'll be back next time...if there is a next time...

Your pal,


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