Best Television Shows 2018 (January-March)

Sunday, March 18, 2018

2017 is here.

Each year I rank the 10 best television shows for each quarter of the year, toward a final yearly ranking of shows.

Here's Jan-March

1. Atlanta (FX)
2. High Maintenance (HBO)
3. The Good Place (NBC)
4. All in With Chris Hayes (MSNBC)
5. Crashing (HBO)
6. Baskets (FX)
7. Superstore (NBC)
8. Portlandia (IFC)
9. Love (Netflix)
10. Alone Together (Freeform)

(Shows to be considered next quarter: Sneaky Pete, Collateral)

Atlanta's likely to be on the short list for best show on television; it hits the ball squarely.  I get the most joy out of High Maintenance; the anthology aspect and wide variety of characters who populate the world keep it fresh. While you weren't looking, NBC brought back a terrific Thursday night comedy lineup, led by The Good Place.  All In is the one indispensable news program in Trump's America.  Crashing was better in its second season than its first, the "here's how you make your way as a stand up comic" stuff the strongest elements.  Baskets has slipped in season three, Christine is now centralized and the show has lost some interest in Chip.  Superstore doesn't have the sharp class consciousness that marked its beginning; both Portlandia and Love end their runs, and Alone Together has the sort of singular comic voice which doesn't seem like the product of a committee in a writers room pitching jokes.  I like that, it's funny.

All Time Pistons 15 Man Roster

Next project, all time 15 man rosters for NBA franchises.  Selected by win shares (regular season+playoffs).  Positional fidelity important (two seasons at position minimum)

C B.Laimbeer
PF D.Rodman
SF T.Prince
PG I.Thomas
SG J.Dumars

C B.Lanier
C B.Wallace
PF R.Wallace
PF T.Tyler
SF G.Hill
SF G.Yardley
PG C.Billups
PG D.Bing
SG R.Hamilton
SG V.Johnson

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