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Here's the thing. I'm watching one of these shows on the Cooking Channel featuring food trucks. There's a Scottish expat making fish and chips; in a thick brogue he somewhat wearily explains his irritation with Americans who habitually order a side of tartar sauce: "tartar sauce is basically gherkins." That's this blog. I claim no particular insight, no revelation. If you enjoy the flavor, great, but this blog is basically gherkins.

I Pick Every NFL Game in 2011 - Week 1

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Same deal as every year; I'll pick both straight and against the spread.  Those picks will get better by midseason, particularly the straight up picks.  For multiple reasons, I'm likely to be on dogs for awhile.

Saints +4.5 Packers (GB wins) (loss ATS/win straight up)
Ravens -2 Pittsburgh (win/win)
Detroit +1.5 TB (TB wins) (win/loss)
Atlanta -3 Chicago (loss/loss)
Buff +6 KC (KC wins) (win/loss)
Hous -9 Indy (Houston straight is my suicide pick) (win/win)
Philly -4.5 StL (win/win)
Bengals +6.5 Cle (Cle wins) (win/loss)
Tenn +2.5 Jax (Jax wins) (win/win)
Wash +3 NYG (NYG wins) (win/loss)
Carol +7 Ariz (Ariz wins) (push/win)
Sea +5.5 Niners (Niners win) (loss/win)
Minn +8.5 SD (SD wins) (win/win)
Dall +4.5 NYJ (NY wins) (win/win)
Mia +7 NE (NE wins)(loss/win)
Den -3 Oak (loss/loss)

ATS 10-5-1
Straight 10-6

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