2014 ALCS Pick

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Baltimore over Kansas City in 6

I picked the Orioles to win the pennant when the postseason began, they and the Angels had pretty healthy pythagorean advantages over the rest of the AL field, both have enough injury issues to mitigate those gaps; enough that while I picked the Angels to beat the Royals, it was not with any confidence.  Had Oakland won the knockout game, I would have gone with the A's.

The Orioles just have too much of an offensive advantage to pick against; this is a team that hits the ball against a team that doesn't.  They've both got good defenses, good bullpens, the Orioles have a rotation advantage but the Royals have the best single starter.  Managers only really matter on the margins, but we've got margins here, Baltimore's got maybe the best manager in the game and the Royals probably the worst.

I'm for Kansas City; as a Giants fan, I'd definitely rather play them.  But as I did before the postseason began, I'm picking the Orioles to win the pennant.

I Pick Football Games, Week 6 2014

Week 5 is here.

College 15-28
NFL 15-17

Ole Miss +2 A&M win
Syr +23.5 Fl St. win
UCLA +2.5 Ore loss
Fla +1.5 LSU loss
Wash St +17 Stan push
North +4 Minn loss
GT -3 Duke loss
BC +3.5 NC St. win
BYU +3 Central Fla loss
Iowa -3.5 Ind win
Geo St +10 Ark St. loss
WMich +1 Ball win
TCU +8 Bay win
Louis +10 Clem win
Cal -3.5 Wash loss
Penn St +1.5 Mich loss
Nev +2 Col St loss
Army -1 Rice loss
Toledo +3 Iowa
Air Force +7 Utah St. loss


NYJ +8.5 Den loss
Oak +7.5 SD win
Hou +3 Ind loss
Buff +3 NE loss
Wash +3 Ariz loss


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