2018 NFL Playoff Picks (Plus, Who to Root For)

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Who did I pick at the beginning of the season...let's check...Patriots v. Rams.

Okay, I'm not picking that now, but those teams would be my second selections in each conference.


Wild Card Round:  Colts over Texans
                               Chargers over Ravens

Divisional Round: Chiefs over Colts
                              Patriots over Chargers

AFC Title:             Chiefs over Patriots

In order of rooting preference:

1. Chargers - never won a SB and I like the idea of a Los Angeles team winning this year.
2. Chiefs - Mahomes is fun, that's a football loving city, they haven't won a SB in decades.
3. Colts- I like Luck
4. Texans - Watson/Hopkins is a fun watch, obviously the Texans have never won.
5. Ravens - they beat my Niners in the SB, so it'll be awhile before I want good things for them.
6. Patriots - I'd rather see the Cowboys win the Super Bowl.


Wild Card Round: Bears over Eagles
                              Seahawks over Cowboys

Divisional Round:  Saints over Seahawks
                                Rams over Bears

NFC Title:    Saints over Rams

Super Bowl 53: Chiefs over Saints

In order of rooting preference:

1. Rams - the LA Rams have never won, and a resurgence of interest in those 70s Rams teams would be good, despite the Rams/Niners rivalry
2. Bears - it drops off fast for me, I have zero, zero interest in any '85 Bears talk, I'd rather hear about any other team in NFL history.
3. Seahawks - Niners most recent blood rivals
4. Saints - I've never really been a Brees guy, not stoked about his winning a second chip.
5. Eagles - don't want to see back-to-back titles
6. Cowboys - because I'm a human person.

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