10 Best Television Shows of 2014 (April-June)

Sunday, June 22, 2014

January-March is here.

Each year I put out a year end list of the best however many television shows it seems necessary to be representative (19 seems about right).

I'm doing something else in 2014, every three months, a list of the best shows over that time period.  Here's the second quarter's list.  It's strong.

1. Mad Men (AMC)
2. The Americans (FX)
3. Fargo (FX)
4. Louie (FX)
5. Veep (HBO)
6. Review (Com Cen)
7. Billy on the Street (Fuse)
8. Orange is the New Black (Netflix)
9. Survivor (CBS)
10. Cosmos (Fox)

Back at the end of summer.  

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