2011 MLB All Star Ballot - At the Quarter Pole

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

We're 40 games into the baseball season (meaning, my Giants have played 40 games). I'll do this again at 60 and 80 - here's the first build of my All-Star ballot.  At 80 games, I'll get every team a representative and fully fill out each league's roster.  There will be a good deal of movement between here and there.  Actually, I'm writing a draft a week before posting it, so by the time we actually get to the 40 game mark I will have had to do significant editing.

American League
C Alex Avila (Russell Martin)
1B Miguel Cabrera (Adrian Gonzalez)
2B Ben Zobrist (Howie Kendrick)
SS Asdrubal Cabrera (Jed Lowrie)
3B Kevin Youkilis (Adrian Beltre)
LF Alex Gordon (Dumbass Luke Scott)
CF Curtis Granderson (Denard Span)
RF Jose Bautista (MVP) (Matt Joyce)
SP Dan Haren (Cy)
     Jered Weaver
     James Shields
     CC Sabathia
     Edwin Jackson
     Josh Beckett
     David Price
     Michael Pineda
     Mark Buehrle  
RP David Robertson
     Jonathan Papelbon
    Jordan Walden

National League
C Ramon Hernandez (Jonathan Lucroy)
1B Joey Votto (MVP) (Gaby Sanchez)
2B Rickie Weeks (Darwin Barney)
SS Jose Reyes (Jimmy Rollins)
3B Ryan Roberts (Pablo Sandoval)
LF Matt Holliday (Ryan Braun)
CF Drew Stubbs (Cameron Maybin)
RF Lance Berkman (Carlos Beltran)
SP Roy Halladay (Cy)
      Clayton Kershaw
      Josh Johnson    
      Ian Kennedy
      Cliff Lee
      Chad Billingsley
      Shaun Marcum
      Tommy Hanson
      Matt Garza
RP Jonny Venters
      Eric O'Flaherty
      Drew Storen

All Time Seattle Seahawks 53 Man Roster

Part of a series, the previous team is here. Updated through 2016.

QB Dave Krieg
      QB Russell Wilson
      QB Matt Hasselbeck
      QB Jim Zorn
RB Shaun Alexander
RB Marshawn Lynch
      John Williams
      Curt Warner
      Chris Warren
WR Steve Largent
WR Brian Blades
      WR Darrell Jackson
      WR Joey Galloway
      WR Doug Baldwin
TE Christian Fauria
      TE Itula Mili
C Max Unger
G Chris Gray
G Edwin Bailey
T Walter Jones
T Steve August
     OL Steve Hutchinson
     OL Bryan Millard
     OL Robbie Tobeck

DE Jacob Green
DT Cortez Kennedy
DT Joe Nash
DE Jeff Bryant
    DL Michael Sinclair
    DL Brandon Mebane
    DL Tony Woods
    DL Sam Adams
OLB Chad Brown
MLB Bobby Wagner
OLB Keith Butler
    LB KJ Wright
    LB  Lofa Tatupu 
    LB Rufus Porter
    LB Bruce Scholtz
    LB Terry Wooden
    LB Leroy Hill
CB Richard Sherman
S Eugene Robinson
S Kenny Easley
CB Dave Brown
    DB Earl Thomas
    DB Kam Chancellor
    DB Marcus Trufant
    DB John Harris
    DB Patrick Hunter
PK Steven Hauschka
P Jon Ryan

QB - There's no dispute about who the 3 Seattle QB are; Zorn's third string largely due to his playing 20 some odd fewer games than the other two, and Krieg/Hasselbeck are in a virtual dead heat; close enough that had the Seahawks won that SB, I'd slide him into the starting job.  One more productive season in Seattle and I'm likely to flip them. After 2015, Wilson's on the team.

RB - Warner's 20 fewer games keep him solidly behind the starting running backs; Warren's pretty clearly 4th.  I don't see much argument for a replacement; had Sherman Smith another 20 games in Seattle he might be in contention for that RB4 slot. After 2014, Lynch hits the squad.

WR - Game for game; Jackson was better than Blades and solidly so - if you're drafting, take Jackson.  But fifty fewer games as a Seahawk make him the third WR, by that, I don't mean they had the same total value, but Jackson had fewer games - I mean Blades had more total value to the Seahawks, Jackson more per game value.  Bobby Engram/Joey Galloway have a similar battle for the last spot - but here, they had just about the same value, but Galloway did it in much fewer games; here, Galloway being solidly better than Engram gets him the 4th spot.  Were you to make the opposite decision based on games played, I'd understand.

OL - Jones is easily the best Seattle OL ever and headed to the HOF.  Gray/Bailey are each around a hundred fifty games in Seattle, a ton, just a ton more than Hutchinson, which pushes him to a backup slot - and those three were just better than Millard.  Another year as the starter by Sean Locklear and you could give him that last backup spot.  Blair Bush was a better player than Tobeck, but not a better Seahawk. Unger is now the best center in Seattle history.

TE- This is not exactly a position of glory in Seattle.  When you do these rosters, its funny how some positions are always subordinate for a franchise, regardless of the regime in charge.  You could throw Mike Tice in that same mix.  If you're playing poker, you'd throw these cards back.

DL - I pick 8 linemen and 8 linebackers for each team; the scheme is just dictated by where the value is for each franchise.  For the Hawks, the value is on the line; Kennedy/Nash are maybe both in the top 4 Seahawks of all time; Green and Bryant wouldn't be too far behind (top 10?  Are all 4 of these defensive linemen in the top 10 Seahawks of all time?) Sinclair is easy as the first reserve linemen - after that there's a dropoff; if you liked Tuiasosopo or Rocky Bernard ahead of either Woods or Adams, that seems reasonable. Mebane's pushed his way in; it's the greatest stretch in the history of Seahawk football and that's getting reflected here after 2014.

LB - The starting LB are really easily picks; if there are too many Seahawk fans who would make a different selection I'd be surprised.  And other than Michael Jackson, who you could swap in for any of the backups really were you inclined, the backups are pretty easy to spot too.

DB - Seattle's loaded with safeties, and the starters here are the starters and the backups are the backups.
The corners are not as strong, maybe you like Dwayne Harper for the Shawn Springs spot.  But there isn't much dispute over who starts and who comes off the bench. Update, Earl Thomas moves in after 2013 and Sherman's now a starter; after 2015 Kam Chancellor hits the squad.

PK/P - The other choice for kicker would be Todd Peterson, he and Brown had identical Seahawk careers, and both were better than Norm Johnson, who had significantly longer service.  I had Jeff Feagles as the starting punter until a second and a half ago.  After 2015, it's the current Seahawk kickers who both take the jobs.  

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