The Weekly Tendown: November 27-Dec 3 2011

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dear Internet:

It's the littlest Tendown ever.  It's Tendown 104. 103 is here.


1. Summer Watches Survivor

2. Kirk Hiner Plugs the Blog
But not this one, the Counterfactual.

3. Let's have Fun With Newt
Newt Gingrich, the new presumptive GOP nominee, is opposed to the 99% movement, saying that it's un-American and divisive.  Don't divide the many against the few, Newt's saying.  We're all one united people!

Here's Newt Gingrich saying that Christians are a persecuted majority who must take back the country from a minority elite.  Don't let a small privileged group run your country, Newt's saying.  You fight for your rights!

Love me some Newt.  Gonna be a fun election.  (Probably, by the time you read this, the Herman Cain candidacy will be no more, but take a look at Men For Cain before Mr 9-9-9 becomes another highly paid mouthpiece for hegemony)

4. 3 Years in Jail
The thesis of Glenn Greenwald's new book is that the last 40 years has seen the criminal justice system simultaneously increase its degree of punishment for (sorry Newt) the majority of Americans who run afoul of the law while declaring that the power elite is essentially too big to jail. 

Here's an example of that a woman in Mississippi got 3 years in jail for lying on a food stamp application.

5. God Hates Menstruation
Homosexuality is, as you are aware, an abomination.  'Cause God says so in Leviticus.

Here's what else is condemned in Leviticus.

6. Smart Bomb Mouthwash
Hells yeah.

7. Tax Cuts Pay For Themselves
Take a moment and rewind to the discussion over the debt.  Remember that - we need to cut spending because our debt is too high.  But we don't need to increase revenue, say by allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire - because, as the Republicans made clear, tax cuts pay for themselves.

But not the payroll tax cuts, apparently, the Republicans blocked their extension this week, amounting to a tax increase on 113 million American households. 

8. Who Do Religious People Trust the Least?
Athiests. Well, and also rapists.

9. Who Does Mark Burnett Trust the Least?
If you've wondered why Survivor has felt a little like an evangelical rally (or a Denver Broncos game) the past two seasons, it could be because of his relationship with anti-gay preacher Joel Osteen.  His thoughts about menstruation have gone unexpressed.

10. The People's Convention of Florida
If you're in Orlando next weekend.

That's all for this time.  I'll be back next time.  If there is a next time...

Your pal,


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