2014 NL Playoff Picks

Friday, October 3, 2014

My Orioles pick is here.

I hit 4 of the 5 NL playoff teams from my spring predictions, which included Washington beating San Francisco and advancing to the World Series.

Washington over San Francisco
Los Angeles over St. Louis
Washington over Los Angeles

Washington's better in every phase than my Giants; fortunately, their arms are right handed, mitigating our platoon problem; fortunately, it's a 5 game series, mitigating their significant starting pitching advantage; fortunately, we're the side less likely to collapse under pressure given the numbers of times we've been in these do or die games.  But there's no way to pick the Giants in this series with a 10 pythag disadvantage and Pagan not on the field.

St Louis/LA is a lot closer than their 9 pythag disparity; a Dodger pick is largely not wanting to be on the other side when Kershaw goes through what feels like an inevitable lights out postseason run.

I thought Washington was the best team in MLB coming into the season and I'll stick with that now, I'l take them to beat whomever comes out of the AL and win their first World Series.

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