Forever Giants:1959 San Francisco Giants Year Two (77)

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

1958 is here.

My WAR calculation is a combination of Baseball-reference and Clay Davenport; I believe it to be the "best" WAR number available for historical comparison. 8 WAR is an MVP quality season. The record is pythagorean adjusted for 162 games.

1959 91-71
C Hobie Landrith  1.85
1B Orlando Cepeda 4.65 
2B Daryl Spencer 2.6
SS Eddie Bressoud 1.75 
3B Jim Davenport .6 
LF Jackie Brandt 1.65
CF Willie Mays 6.95 
RF Willie Kirkland 2.55
RF Felipe Alou .85 
SS Andre Rodgers  1
1B Willie McCovey  3.6
C Bob Schmidt  -.05 
LF Leon Wagner .7 
SP Johnny Antonelli  5.1 
SP Sam Jones 5.6
SP Mike McCormick .6 
SP Jack Sanford 3.45
RP Stu Miller 2.35
RP Eddie Fisher -2.1

-McCovey arrives and San Francisco gets a pennant race.  It's the best Giants club since the Series title four years prior. 

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