April 6- Top Five Moments in San Francisco Giants History

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Yesterday is here.

What is this all about?

Here are the top 5 moments on April 6 in San Francisco Giants history.

1987 home v. Padres 8th inning, down 3-1, 2 outs, we only had a 19% chance to win the game when Candy Maldonado doubled home Will Clark and Chris Brown off of Lance McCullers (the dad) to tie the score.  There aren't a ton of Giants/Dodgers trades, in fact, it would be two+decades until the next, but after the '85 season the Giants got Maldonado for Alex Trevino in a deal that worked out well for the good guys.

1987 same game, same score, now in the 10th; Clark led it off with a triple (only his third ever) off future Giant Craig Lefferts.  You;d think that would have done it...but...

Walk Off:  1987 same game, same score, now in the 12th; two on, two out, future Giant Dave Dravecky on the mound gives up the walk off single to Chili Davis.  Jeffrey Leonard scores and everyone leaves Opening Day happy.   This was Chili's last season as a Giant, he left for the Angels as a free agent.

1994 home vs Pirates, 7th inning, 2-2, Kirt Manwaring doubles off Mark Dewey to score Clayton and Benzinger, giving the Giants a 4-2 lead; that would be the final score in a game that took less than two hours to complete. Manwaring had only 27 more RBI the remainder of the year in another 350 plate appearances.

2004 at Houston, 4th inning, down 1-0, bases loaded - Neifi Perez (yes, Neifi Perez) clears them with a double off of Andy Pettitte.  Perez had a four hit game and the Giants won 7-5. Perez didn't last the season, getting released in August.

Come back tomorrow.  Go Giants!

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