11 left. Half a game up.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cain and the pen 2 hit the Cubs.  Posey homered in the 8th.  1-0 for the good guys.

Our playoff chances hit their high water mark for the season, 65%.

We're a half game behind the Reds, even in the loss column, for that second spot.  I think we have the tiebreak. 

Sanchez tonight. 

I Pick Every NFL Game 2010 - Week 3

Last week's picks are here. 

ATS: 16-12-4
SU: 21-11

Atlanta +4 NO (Saints win game) (win/loss)
Niners -2.5 Chiefs (loss/loss)
Detroit +10.5 Vikes (Vikes win game) (loss/win)
Texans -3 Cowboys (loss/loss)
NYG -3 Titans (loss/loss)
Bills +14 NE (Patriots win game) (NE is my suicide pick) (win/win)
Browns +10.5 Ravens (Balt wins game) (win/win)
Steelers -2.5 Bucs (win/win)
Bengals -3 Panthers (win/win)
Redskins -3.5 Rams (loss/loss)
Eagles -3 Jags (win/win)
Colts -6 Broncos (win/win)
SD -5.5 Seattle (loss/loss)
Raiders +4 Arizona (Cards win) (win/win)
Miami -1.5 NYJ (loss/loss)
GB -3 Chi (loss/loss)

ATS 24-20-4
SU 29-19

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