The Greatest MLB Tournament Ever Created (AL, Round Two, Group 2)

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Last group

2. 1927 Yankees (World Champions)
63. 2007 Red Sox (World Champions)

So far, the Round of 32 consists of 3 Yankees clubs and an Orioles team.  Let's see who Group 2 adds.

Catcher: Collins (30) v. Varitek (32) Winner: Bos-Varitek
First Base: Gehrig (24) v. Youkilis (28) Winner: NYY-Gehrig
Second Base: Lazzeri (23) v. Pedroia (23) Winner: NYY-Lazzeri
Shortstop: Koenig (22) v. Lugo (31) Winner: NYY-Koenig
Third Base: Dugan (30) v. Lowell (30) Winner: Bos-Lowell
Left Field: Meusel (30) v. Ramirez (35) Winner: NYY-Meusel
Center Field: Combs (28) v. Crisp (27) Winner: NYY-Combs
Right Field: Ruth (32) v. Drew (31) Winner: NYY-Ruth
DH: Grabowski (27) v. Ortiz (31) Winner: Bos-Ortiz
SP1: Hoyt (27) v. Matsuzaka (26) Winner: NYY-Hoyt
SP2: Pennock (30) v. Beckett (27) Winner: Bos-Beckett
SP3: Shocker (36) v. Wakefield (40) Winner: NYY-Shocker
Closer: Moore (30) v. Papelbon (26) Winner: NYY-Moore
Team Offense: NYY
Team Pitching: Bos

NYY 11 Boston 6 - the Yankees dominate the bats and split the overall pitching points to cruise on into the next round.

98. 1950 Red Sox (3rd in AL-no playoffs)
95. 2013 Tigers (lost ALCS)

-Another opportunity for Boston to make the next round. 

Catcher: Tebbetts (37) v. Avila (26) Winner: Bos-Tebbetts
First Base: Dropo (27) v. Fielder (29) Winner: Push
Second Base: Doerr (32) v. Infante (31) Winner: Bos-Doerr
Shortstop: Stephens (29) v. Peralta (31) Winner: Bos-Stephens
Third Base: Pesky (31) v. Cabrera (30) Winner: Det-Cabrera
Left Field: Williams (31) v. Dirks (27) Winner: Bos-Williams
Center Field: DiMaggio (33) v. Jackson (26) Winner: Bos-DiMaggio
Right Field: Zarilla (31) v. Hunter (37) Winner: Bos-Zarilla
DH: Goodman (24) v. Martinez (34) Winner: Bos-Goodman
SP1: Parnell (28) v. Verlander (30) Winner: Bos-Parnell
SP2: Dobson (30) v. Scherzer (28) Winner: Det-Scherzer
SP3: Stobbs (20) v. Fister (29) Winner: Det-Fister
Closer: Kinder (30) v. Benoit (35) Winner: Push
Team Offense: Red Sox
Team Pitching: Det

Boston 10 Detroit 5 - Boston rolled through the position player matchups and that enabled them to withstand a pitching loss.  

15. 1937 Yankees (World Champions)
70. 2002 Red Sox (2nd in AL East-no playoffs)

-Yankees/Sox are the winners of the first two games in the group - which one of them will gain that next slot?  The '36 and '39 Yankees are already in that Round of 32. Will three Yankees teams from the same decade survive?  

Catcher: Dickey (30) v. Varitek (30) Winner: NYY-Dickey
First Base: Gehrig (34) v. Clark (30) Winner: NYY-Gehrig
Second Base: Lazzeri (33) v. Sanchez (34) Winner: NYY-Lazzeri
Shortstop: Crosetti (26) v. Garciaparra (28) Winner: Bos-Garciaparra
Third Base: Rolfe (28) v. Hillenbrand (26) Winner: Bos-Hillenbrand
Left Field:  Powell (28) v. Henderson (43) Winner: Bos-Henderson
Center Field: DiMaggio (22) v. Damon (28) Winner: NYY-DiMaggio
Right Field: Selkirk (29) v. Nixon (28) Winner: NYY-Selkirk
DH: Henrich (24) v. Ramirez (30) Winner: Bos-Ramirez
SP1: Gomez (28) v. Lowe (29) Winner: NYY-Gomez
SP2: Ruffing (32) v. Martinez (30) Winner: Bos-Martinez
SP3: Hadley (32) v. Burkett (37) Winner: Bos-Burkett
Closer: Malone (34) v. Urbina (28) Winner: Bos-Urbina
Team Offense: NYY
Team Pitching: Bos

Boston 10 NYY 7 - the Sox dominate the pitching, winning nearly every point, and that carries them into the Round of 32.  

111. 2011 Rangers (lost WS)
47. 1922 Browns (Orioles) (2nd in AL-no playoffs)

-we finish group 2 with the old Orioles against the only Rangers team remaining in the field.

Catcher: Torrealba (32) v. Severeid (31) Winner: StL-Severeid
First Base: Moreland (25) v. Sisler (29) Winner: StL-Sisler
Second Base: Kinsler (29) v. McManus (22) Winner: Tex-Kinsler
Shortstop: Andrus (22) v. Gerber (30) Winner: Tex-Andrus
Third Base: Beltre (32) v. Ellerbe (26) Winner: Tex-Beltre
Left Field: Hamilton (30) v. Williams (32) Winner: StL-Williams
Center Field: Chavez (33) v. Jacobson (31) Winner: StL-Jacobson
Right Field: Cruz (30) v. Tobin (30) Winner: StL-Tobin
DH: Young (34) v. Shorten (30) Winner: Tex-Young
SP1: Wilson (30) v. Shocker (31) Winner: STL-Shocker
SP2: Lewis (31) v. Vangilder (26) Winner: StL-Vangilder
SP3: Holland (24) v. Wakefield (40) Winner: Tex-Holland
Closer: Feliz (23) v. Pruett (21) Winner: StL-Pruett
Team Offense: StL
Team Pitching: StL

Browns 12 Rangers 5 - the Browns sweep the totals, win almost all the pitching points and move into the Round of 32.  

A quarter of the Final 32 in the AL is set - half of them are Yankees, the other half are Red Sox and Orioles, both current and former. 

When we see this group again:

2. 1927 Yankees (World Champions)
98. 1950 Red Sox (3rd in AL-no playoffs)

70. 2002 Red Sox (2nd in AL East-no playoffs)
47. 1922 Browns (Orioles) (2nd in AL-no playoffs)

We'll return with  NL Group 2 - led by the 1902 Pittsburgh Pirates.  

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