2011 Best Professional Wrestling Matches of the Year/10 Best WWE Matches for 2011

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Here's my record of every 4 1/2 star match for 2011; I'll update it as the year goes on.  This is a particularly curious list as I haven't seen a 2011 wrestling match yet, outside of WWE/TNA.  But - I follow Meltzer's calendar, and consider 2011 to be December of 2010-November 2011, which made more sense back when there was still a time lag caused by anything other than a jammed schedule. Edit - it's now early May, and I'm almost all the way through March's matches.

With that - we've already had a five star match this year.  Which, since there was only one in 2010, is sort of a thing.

It's June - I just saw Kotaro v. Nakajima from March.  It's over. 

It's December, I'm cleaning out my hard drive.  Still have many of the big matches from the past couple of months to watch.  I'm now at 12 matches left to watch, about a week and a half remaining in the year.  

It's New Years Eve.  I've got 3 matches left to watch.  Note, that doesn't include December puro or indies, as they will carry over to 2012.  With just 3 matches, 3 big matches left - here are the very best wrestling matches of 2011.  Now I'm down to 2. Now I've seen them all, when I get a chance they'll go in some type of order.

Here are the best wrestling matches of 2011.

Sugiura v. Morishima (Dec NOAH 5)
Morishima/Taniguchi v. Sugiura/Sano (Dec Noah 4 1/2)
Kenta v. Marufuji (Dec Noah 4 1/2)
Generico/London v. Kings of Wrestling (Dec PWG 4 1/2)
Strong v. Richards (Dec ROH 4 1/2)
Yoshino v. Doi (Dec DG 4 1/2)
Richards v. Hero (Jan ROH 4 1/2)
Yamato v. Yoshino (Jan DGUSA 4 1/2)
Devitt v. Ibushi (Jan NJ 4 1/2)
Kotaro v. Edwards (Jan Noah 4 1/2)
Edwards v. Daniels (Feb ROH 4 1/2)
Go v. Miyahara (Feb Kensuke Office 4 1/2)
Pac v. Tozawa (Mar DGUSA 4 1/2)
Yuji v. Tanaka (Mar Zero1 4 3/4)
Richards v. Daniels (Mar ROH 4 3/4)
Edwards v. Strong (Mar ROH 4 1/2)
Minoru v. Kondo (March AJ 4 3/4)
Nakajima v. Kotaro (March NOAH 5)
Kotaro v. Ishimori (March NOAH 4 3/4)
Sekimoto v. Hero (WXW April 4 1/2)
Yuji v. Suwama (AJ April 4 1/2)
Yuji v. Tanahashi (NJ April 4 1/2)
Richards v. Strong (April ROH 4 3/4)
Bucks v. Generico/Ricochet (April PWG 4 3/4)
Wolves v. Haas/Benjamin (Apr ROH 4 3/4)
Edwards v. Daniels (Apr ROH 4 1/2)
Devitt/Taguchi v. Richards/Romero (May NJ 4 1/2)
Steen/Tozawa v. Generico/Ricochet (May PWG 4 1/2)
Kondo v. Kai (AJ June 4 1/2)
Yuji v. Suwama (AJ June 4 3/4)
Tanahashi v. Goto (NJ June 4 1/2)
Ibushi v. Taguchi (NJ June 4 1/2)
Davey v. Edwards (ROH June 4 3/4)
Punk v. Cena (WWE July 4 1/2)
Go v. Sugiura (NOAH July 5)
Kenta/Kanemaru v. Kotaro/Aoki (NOAH July 4 1/2)
Kenta/Kanemaru v. Kotaro/Aoki (NOAH Aug 4 3/4)
Go v. Akiyama (NOAH Aug 4 3/4)
Tanaka v. Sekimoto (Zero One Aug 4 1/2)
Go v. Takayama (NOAH Sept 4 1/2)
Kotaro v. Nakajima (NOAH Sept 4 3/4)
Edwards v. Strong (ROH Sept 4 1/2)
Young Bucks v. Futureshock (PWG Oct 4 1/2)
Steen v. Generico (PWG Oct 4 1/2)
Kenta/Kanemaru v. Kotaro/Aoki (NOAH Oct 4 1/2)
Kenta v. Sugiura (NOAH Oct 4 1/2)
Tanahashi v. Naito (NJ Oct 4 1/2)
Akiyama v. Suwama (AJ Oct 4 3/4)

And, just for fun, here are the 10 best WWE matches of 2011; I've seen every relevant WWE match from 2011.

1.CM Punk v. John Cena 4 1/2 (July-Money in the Bank)
2.Christian v. Randy Orton 4 1/4 (SummerSlam)
3.Smackdown Elimination Chamber Match 4 1/4 (Feb-Elimination Chamber)
4.CM Punk v. Randy Orton 4 (May-Extreme Rules)
5.Undertaker v. HHH 4 (Wrestlemania XXVII)
6.Christian v. Alberto del Rio 4 (May-Extreme Rules)
7.CM Punk v. Rey Mysterio 4 (June-Capitol Punishment)
8.Smackdown Money in the Bank Match 4 (July-Money in the Bank)
9.CM Punk v. John Cena 4 (SummerSlam)
10.CM Punk v. Alberto del Rio/Miz (TLC - December) 3 3/4

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