The Weekly Tendown February 5-11 2012(The Newt or Schrute Edition)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dear Internet:

To the dude perched on St Rte 7 in Royal Palm Beach Florida with the Newt Gingrich sign on his car.

The Gingrich tax plan would add 1.3 trillion to the deficit in just 2015.


Because the top 1% would get an average tax cut of $343,3993 in 2015.

So, while I'm sure the top 1% appreciates your carrying their water, perhaps you want to reconsider your political analysis.

113 is here. This is Tendown 114.

1. Sorry

I was wrong about the Super Bowl.  I expected the member of Public Enemy that Tom Coughlin would be hugging post-game would be Professor Griff.  Fight the powers that be, Coach.

As a makeup, consider investing on Adele for Record of the Year, which you can still get at the not wholly unreasonable price of -500 (unlike Album and Song which are too expensive to seriously consider).  When I first started talking about the Grammys, the price was a little better, and a week ago it was still -400 (if you can find a parlay for all 3 awards, consider it).

I don't know the over/under on Whitney references, but I'm guessing none will be as fun as Al Sharpton's being asked his favorite Whitney Houston song last night in the immediate aftermath of her death.    That's how the news works; celebrity has what is almost certainly a drug related death - the obvious go to is Al Sharpton to hum a few bars of "My Name is Not Susan."

2. Brian Sabean is Bad at His Job.
Keith Law (behind the firewall) ranked every organization's farm system - SFG is 26th.:

The Giants don't go much over MLB's recommended draft bonuses, never seem to acquire any prospects in trades and haven't had success on the international front yet.

He then ranked the top 100 prospects in baseball; the Giants have one, Gary Brown, and then there's Zack Wheeler:

Wheeler was stolen from the Giants for two months of Carlos Beltran's services in a deadline deal that should benefit the Mets for much of this decade.   

If only this could have been seen in advance.  Here's me from July.

I'd rather be able to say, as most Giants mainstream analysts have, "this is a great trade."  If it were someone else's team, I'd rather be able to say "short sighted losers, giving away the future for an over the hill borderline Hall of Famer today."

3. Liberté, égalité, fraternité

So, my best opportunity at a really good full time teaching position in the fall fizzled away this week; so as I write this, no one in my house has health insurance.

Which is cool with this week's big primary winner, Rick Santorum.  As he not only thinks any movement away from health insurance existing only through full time employment to be bad social policy - he sees it as a step closer to the guillotine

It was a secular revolution on which we relied on the goodness of each other. This is the left’s view of where America should go. And of course where did France go? To the guillotine. To tyranny. If there are no rights that government needs to respect, then what we see with ObamaCare is just the beginning of what government will do to you. 

No birth control.  No heath insurance.  Santorum 2012.

4. The Best Piece You'll Read this Week:
An Excerpt from Thomas Frank's new book: Pity the Billionaire.

5. The Best Tumblr You'll See This Week:

Mike used to be one of the flyer dressers too.

What the F*** is Michael Jordan Wearing?

6. The Best Piece You'll Ever Read About a Revolting Former SNL Castmember.

It's Victoria Jackson.

7. Cee Lo is a Bond Villain
He's an internationally known singer deviously attempting to scrub all anti-establishment political messages from iconic songs.

8. I Watch Wrestling
I began my look at 2012 professional wrestling this week by watching the balance of my 2011 matches.

Here were the 4 star matches:

Dec BJ Sekimoto/Okabayashi v. Suwama/Soya 4
Dec DG Yoshino v Ricochet 4
Dec DG Hulk/Tozawa v. Shingo/Yamato 4 ½
Dec DG Cima v Mochizuki 4
Dec NOAH Go v Aoki 4
Dec ROH Steen v Corino 4
Dec ROH Richards v. Edwards 4 ¾

Mine is a minority opinion on Richards/Edwards from Final Battle; I'm largely disinterested in crowd reaction; a meal you don't like doesn't impact my evaluation of the meal.  It was a helluva match and the current clubhouse leader in the race for 2012 Match of the Year. 

9. Here's Greenwald

10. I Got 6 out of 10.

That's all for this time.  I'll be back next time.  If there is a next time...

Your pal,


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