The Weekly Tendown July 1-7 2012

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dear Internet:

Once again, I'm not here.  I'm in Salt Lake City.

Once again, I am here, but by the time you read this, I'll be in Salt Lake City. This is the last of the work related trips for the rest of the year (I'm again gone a week, I'll write Tendown 136 from a hotel room); even given how little I like to travel, it seems (although not all precincts have been counted) that I came out way far ahead with the job switch.  I need a new office chair (it's one thing to sit for a few hours a day; it's another to sit for 10 hours a day - I need a real chair) and eventually, after a move, a larger desk will be on my list (I've got two 20+ inch monitors, a laptop, and a CPU tower sitting on a desk).

But for now, things are good.  Health insurance.  Credit cards getting paid down.  The turn appears to be the correct one.

And I'm in Utah with Karl Malone.  So there's that.

134 is here. This is Tendown 135.

1. Picture Pages!

2. Wages as a Percent of the Economy
Wages to GDP

3. Who Wrote the Dissent in the Health Care Decision?

Apparently the same guy who wrote the majority.

4. The Two Minutes You Needed to Spend on the 4th of July
Watching this clip from Bill Moyers.

5. They're Trolling for Me in South Carolina
What do I dislike more than anything?

A drunk driver in South Carolina got sentenced to bible study.

6. DNS Changer Malware
You probably aren't impacted - but checking it out has no downside.

7. The Banking Scandal You Need to Be Aware of.

8. Your 2012 US Olympic Mens Basketball Team
The roster was announced last night.

G Chris Paul
G Deron Williams
G Russell Westbrook
G Kobe Bryant
G James Harden
F LeBron James
F Andre Iguodala
F Kevin Durant
F Carmelo Anthony
F Blake Griffin
F Kevin Love
C Tyson Chandler

9. The 20 Greatest US Big Brother Players of All time

In advance of season 14 of US Big Brother ( a much better game than show) a poll counted down the 14 best players of all time.

Here's my top 20, with their initial season and position on the poll listed in parentheses.

20. Drew (Season 5 - Unranked)
19. Lisa (Season 3 - Unranked)
18. Hayden (Season 12 - Unranked)
17. Matt (Season 12 - 14th)
16. James (Season 6 - Unranked)
15. Nakomis (Season 5 - Unranked)
14. Eric (Season 8 - 11th)
13. Jun (Season 4 - 12th)
12. Jordan (Season 11 - 5th)
11. Rachel (Season 12 - 8th)
10. Jeff (Season 11 - 7th)
9. Maggie (Season 6 - Unranked)
8. Erika (Season 4 - Unranked)
7. Danielle D. (Season 8 - 9th)
6. Dan (Season 10 - 2nd)
5. Janelle (Season 6 - 4th)
4. Mike Boogie (Season 2 - 10th)
3. Evil Dick (Season 8 - 3rd)
2. Danielle R. (Season 3 - 6th)
1. Dr. Will (Season 2 - 1st)

10. The Worst Meal I've Had in My Life
Was yesterday - at La Fogata in Wellington, Florida.  Undercooked hunks of flavorless pork in a burrito.  Just awful.

That's all for this time.  I'll be back next time...if there is a next time...

Your pal,



Mark said...

Does the Tendown have any plans to do a "Best Survivor Players of All-Time" list?

Jim said...

Yes. I have one - or did; the same website that did the BB poll did a Survivor poll, let's say a year ago, and at that time I did my list, but it slipped away somehow.

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