2018 Athlete of the Year

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

December is here.

Once more, with feeling, here are the nominees for 2018 Athlete of the Year:

     January: Nick Foles
     February: Yuzuru Hanyu
     March: Azura Stevens
     April: Arike Ogunbowale
     May: LeBron James
     June: Kevin Durant
     July: Kylian Mbappe
     August: Brooks Koepka
     September: Breanna Stewart
     October: Steve Pearce
     November: Drew Brees
     December: Anthony Davis

And the winner...

Breanna Stewart.

The closest competitor would have been Simone Biles and she didn't win a month; making this a pretty easy selection.  Koepka and Durant are your runners-up.  Stewart dominated both domestically and internationally (like Biles) in the year; I would have gone with the basketball player anyway if given the option - but I would have really sat with it (in retrospect, giving Biles November would have been the best option).

I've been doing this my whole life really, maybe starting as long ago as '79; I have the full hard copy contemporaneous records since 1990 (someplace in the blog I posted each athlete of the month+runners-up for the years prior to publication, so if you say "Hey, Jividen, who was the athlete of the month in June of 2003 and who were the 3 runners-up" I've already published that somewhere in the blog; maybe I'll put that stuff in one spot at some point).  

Here is each winner of my Athlete of the Year Award since 1990.

1990: Joe Montana
1991: Michael Jordan
1992: Mario Lemieux
1993: Michael Jordan
1994: George Foreman
1995: Hakeem Olajuwon
1996: Michael Jordan
1997: Tiger Woods
1998: Mark McGwire
1999: Tiger Woods
2000: Tiger Woods
2001: Barry Bonds
2002: Barry Bonds
2003: Lance Armstrong
2004: Peyton Manning
2005: Reggie Bush
2006: Roger Federer
2007: Tom Brady
2008: Usain Bolt
2009: Manny Pacquiao
2010: Maya Moore
2011: Aaron Rodgers
2012: LeBron James
2013: LeBron James
2014: Madison Bumgarner
2015: Serena Williams
2016: Michael Phelps
2017: Tom Brady
2018: Breanna Stewart

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