College Football Picks - Week 5

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Last week is here. I'm 15-21-1.

Iowa St +9 Tex win
Navy -10.5 Air Force win
Ball St. +5.5 UVA win
Ill +10.5 Neb loss
S.Alabama +3.5 Troy win
Wash St. -1 Cal win
Tex St. +11 ULL loss
Missouri +1.5 Vandy win
Hawaii +5.5 SJ St. loss


All Time San Francisco Giants Starting 9: 1970-79

The 50s and 60s are here.

The number is my WAR, made from combining baseball-reference and Davenport.  

C Dick Dietz 1970 4.8
-Dietz surpasses Haller; this is the best catching season through '79.

1B Willie McCovey 1970 7.15
-McCovey's second best season

2B Bill Madlock 1978 5.3
-Madlock goes by Hunt; this is the new best second base season through '79.

SS Chris Speier 1972 7.2
- Speier had the three best shortstop seasons through '79.

3B Darrell Evans 1978 4.05
-The 3 best third base seasons were still in the 60s as of '79

LF Ken Henderson 1971 4
-The third best left field season through '79.

CF Willie Mays 1971 6.25
-This is Mays's 10th best SFG season.  10th.

RF Bobby Bonds 1973 8.15
-The best Giants season in the 70s.  

SP Gaylord Perry 1970 7.25
-Marichal's 4 best seasons are still above this one.

RP Gary Lavelle 1977 4.5
-new best relief season through '79

The Bizarro Giant:
P Tom Bradley 1974 -1.6

The Coin Flip Games

NL - Pittsburgh
AL - Tampa

There's no good way to predict the outcome of one major league baseball game; a 7 game series is almost entirely a crapshoot, a single game is as likely to be won by any team as any other.

If forced, you take the best arm, Price in the first knockout, now Cobb and (weirdly) Liriano.

Once we get to the final 8 I'll move through the tournament, a Dodgers/Tigers series might wind up as my final prediction.

#FarewellCandlestick: The 100 Greatest Moments in Candlestick Park History #90

#91 is here.

#90 September 29, 1999 The Last Night Game

It wasn't the last game, that came the following day, but it was the Giants last ever night game at Candlestick.  Bonds homered, Kent homered, and the Giants beat the Dodgers.

#89 is tomorrow.

2010 Giants video

#FarewellCandlestick: The 100 Greatest Moments in Candlestick Park History #91

#92 is here.

#91 July 11, 1962 Stu Miller Blown off the Mound

Willie Mays doubled home the tying run and then scored the winning run in extra innings, giving the NL the win at the first All Star Game ever held at Candlestick - and another Giant, Stu Miller, infamously got blown off the Candlestick mound.

If not for Mays, this would rank with the other All Star Game, but that Mays was the star in a close game gives this a boost.  The remaining 90 slots, spoiler alert, will be either Giants or Niners wins.  If you're looking for Leonard Marshall essentially ending Joe Montana's Niners career, that's not this list.

#90 is tomorrow.

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