80 Games In - 2016 MLB All Star Rosters. Final Build.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

The 60 game post is here

I do this exercise each year at the 40, 60, and finally the 80 game mark, full 34 man all star rosters for both leagues.  Each team represented, 21 position players, 13 pitchers.

I'm only interested in this season's play, it's an evaluation of the best players so far in 2016. WAR is B-Ref+Davenport, the best WAR number that exists.

I also do this opportunity to make updated postseason predictions.  These are they.

AL East
1. Toronto (87)
2. Boston (86)
3. Baltimore (86)
4. NYY 
5. Tampa 

AL Central
1. Cle (92)
2. CWS (83)
3. Det 
4. KC 
5. Min 

AL West
1. Tex (92)
2. Hou (86)
Sea (83)
4. A's
5. Angels 

NL East
1. Wash (95)
2. NYM (87)
3. Mia (83)
4. Phillies
5. Atl

NL Central
1. Cubs (102)
2. StL (85)
3. Pit 
4. Mil
5. Cin

NL West
1. SFG (93)
2. LAD (90)
3. Ari 
4. Col
5. SD

C B.Posey SFG 3.05 
    W.Ramos Wash 2.7
1B A.Rizzo Chi 4.45-MVP
       W.Myers SD 3.1
      B.Belt SFG 3.1

2B B.Zobrist Chi 2.75
      D.Murphy Wash 2.7

SS C.Seager LAD 2.9
     J.Villar Mil 2.7
3B  K.Bryant Chi 4
      M.Carpenter StL 3.7
      N.Arenado Col 3.65
LF   R.Braun Mil 2.9
       S.Marte Pit 2.7
       A.Duvall Cin 2.65

CF M.Ozuna Mia 2.7
      Y.Cespedes NYM 2.15  

RF G.Polanco Pit 2.8
      C.Gonzalez Col 2.45
      B.Harper Wash 2.35

DH P.Goldschmidt Ari 3.65

SP C.Kershaw LAD 4.9 -Cy
        J.Arrieta Chi 4.05
      M.Bumgarner SFG 4
       J.Fernandez Mia 4
      J.Teheran Atl 3.65
      N.Syndergaard NYM 3.5
       J.Cueto SFG 3.25
      J.Lester Chi 3.2
      C.Martinez StL 3.2
      Z.Greinke Ari 3.05


RP  K.Jansen LAD 2.75
       F.Rodney SD/Mia 2.3
       J.Gomez Phi 1.9

C S.Perez KC 2.9
    S.Vogt Oak 1.2

1B M.Cabrera Det 2.65
      C.Davis Balt 2.35

2B J.Altuve Hou 3.95
      R.Cano Sea 3.4
       D.Pedroia Bos 2.5
SS M.Machado Balt 4
      F.Lindor Cle 3.8
      C.Correa Hou 2.7

3B J.Donaldson Tor 3.5
      K.Seager Sea 2.75
      A.Beltre Tex 2.55

LF M.Saunders Tor 2.1
CF M.Trout LAA 4.3-MVP
      J.Bradley Bos 3.1
      I.Desmond Tex 2.65

RF A.Eaton CWS 3.4
      G.Springer Hou 3.1
      M.Betts Bos 2.3

DH D.Ortiz Bos 3.6
SP  C.Sale CWS 3.8-Cy
       D.Salazar Cle 3.65
       J.Quintana CWS 2.8
       R.Hill Oak 2.75
       C.Hamels Phi 2.6
       M.Estrada Tor 2.6
       M.Fulmer Det 2.6
      S.Wright Bos 2.55
      M.Tanaka NYY 2.45
      E.Santana Min 1.15
RP     B.Brach Bal 2.5
         Z.Britton Bal 2.35
          A.Colome TB 2.05

All Time Nationals (Expos) 25 Man Roster

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Last team here.

Through 2016

New project, all time rosters for each team. WAR is B-Ref+Davenport. Other numbers are OPS+/ERA+.

The structure of all of these teams will be the same, 7 bench players (well, 6 for AL teams since they have a DH) with someone able to backup every position. 10 pitchers, a legitimate bullpen arm as closer.  

C Gary Carter (1974-84, 92)         55.95        121
1B Warren Cromartie (1974-83)   18             104
2B Jose Vidro (1997-06)                17.15       111
SS Ian Desmond (2009-15)            16.45       99
3B Tim Wallach (1980-92)            38.5           105
LF Tim Raines (1979-90, 01)        50.05        131
CF Andre Dawson (1976-86)       45.3           122
RF Vlad Guerrero (1996-03)         31.2          148

3B Ryan Zimmerman (2005-         35.1          115
RF/LF/CF Bryce Harper (2012-   24.05          137
CF Marquis Grissom (1989-94)        19.45       101
LF/CF Rondell White (1993-00)      18             113
1B Rusty Staub (1969-71, 79)          17.1          149
2B/SS Mike Lansing (1993-97)        13.25       93
C Wilson Ramos (2010-                    13.25           100

P Steve Rogers (1973-85)                   44.7        116
P Dennis Martinez (1986-93)            30.55      122
P Jordan Zimmerman (2009-15)        21.95      118
P Pedro Martinez (1994-97)               20.3        139
P Javier Vazquez (1998-03)               19.95      107 

Cl Tim Burke (1985-91)                     15.45      142
P Livan Hernandez (2003-06, 09-11)  19.35    106
P Bryn Smith (1981-89)                      19.35      111
P Stephen Strasburg (2010-              19.2      124
P Jeff  Fassero (1991-96)                     16.4         130

All Time Rangers 25 Man Roster

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Last team here.

Through 2016

New project, all time rosters for each team. WAR is B-Ref+Davenport. Other numbers are OPS+/ERA+.

The structure of all of these teams will be the same, 7 bench players (well, 6 for AL teams since they have a DH) with someone able to backup every position. 10 pitchers, a legitimate bullpen arm as closer.  

C Ivan Rodriguez (1991-02, 09)             58.4   112
1B Rafael Palmeiro (1989-93, 99-03)    41.95  137
2B Ian Kinsler (2006-13)                         38.7      111
SS (2b) Michael Young (2000-12)           37.1       104
3B Buddy Bell (1979-85, 89)                 35.25     117
LF Frank Howard (1965-72)                   25.1      153
CF Josh Hamilton (2008-12, 15)            25.45    134
RF (CF) Juan Gonzalez (1989-99, 02-03)   37.8   133
DH Alex Rodriguez (2001-03)               26.25    155

C Jim Sundberg (1974-83, 88-9)            33.3       91
3B Adrian Beltre (2011-                         35.05       132
SS Toby Harrah (1965-78, 85-86)          31.1      112
LF Rusty Greer (1994-02)                        24.55    119
1B Mark Teixeira (2003-07)                    20.5       128      
RF Ruben Sierra (1986-92, 2000-01, 03)  22      116

P Charlie Hough (1980-90)                      37.75    111
P Kenny Rogers (1989-95, 2000-02, 04-05)   37.8   111
P Ferguson Jenkins (1974-75, 1978-81)   23.6     106
P Kevin Brown (1986-94)                          22.35    108   
P Nolan Ryan (1989-93)                             19.3       116

Cl Jeff Russell (1985-92, 95-6)                  16.15    114
P Gaylord Perry (1975-77, 80)                   15.9      118
P Rick Helling (1994-96, 97-01)               17.2      101                          
P Jose Guzman (1985-92)                            17.25    106
P Yu Darvish (2012-                                    17.2     129

All Time Yankees 25 Man Roster

Monday, June 27, 2016

Last team here.

Through 2016

New project, all time rosters for each team. WAR is B-Ref+Davenport. Other numbers are OPS+/ERA+.

The structure of all of these teams will be the same, 7 bench players (well, 6 for AL teams since they have a DH) with someone able to backup every position. 10 pitchers, a legitimate bullpen arm as closer.  

C Yogi Berra (1946-63)                     64.55        125  
1B Lou Gehrig (1923-39)                 105.25      179
2B Willie Randolph (1976-88)       58.15         105
SS Derek Jeter (1995-2014)             74.25         115
3B (SS) Alex Rodriguez (2004-16)      57.3           136
LF Roy White (1965-79)                   45.5           121
CF (RF) Mickey Mantle (1951-68)           99.95        172
RF (LF) Babe Ruth (1920-34)           136.4        209
DH Joe DiMaggio (1936-51)            76.7          155

C Bill Dickey (1928-46)                     64.45       127
CF Bernie Williams (1991-2006)      58.05       125      
C Jorge Posada (1995-2011)               53.1         121
2B Robinson Cano (2005-13)            51.6         126
3B Graig Nettles (1973-83)                43.1         114
1B Don Mattingly (1982-95)             48.9         127

P Whitey Ford (1950-67)                     57.3         133
P Andy Pettitte (1995-03, 07-13)       57.9         115
P Ron Guidry (1975-88)                       51.6        119
P Red Ruffing (1930-46)                     51.35       119
P Bob Shawkey (1915-27)                   41.2         117

Cl Mariano Rivera (1995-13)              90.1         205
P Mel Stottlemyre (1964-74)               41.65       112
P Lefty Gomez (1930-42)                     40.4         125
P Mike Mussina (2001-08)                   38.5         114
P Dave Righetti (1979-90)                   32.35       127

Tendown, June 26 2016

Sunday, June 26, 2016

231 is here.  This is Tendown 232.


1. Any chance I get to express incredulity that, in 2016, self identified liberals prefer Alexander Hamilton to LBJ on domestic issues, I have to take it.  It's almost unbearable.

2. Don't die if you can't pay for it. Write that down.

3. Liberals, even smart ones, have had a history problem this election cycle with the white working class.

4. Weirdly, the donor class doesn't want Warren.  Not that the liberals arguing Clinton was the real progressive will feel the need to explain that.  Nor will they explain why the neocons are on her side.

5. What the hell did Pat Haden do?

6. Sotomayor's dissent.

7. If Trump wins - just print a version of this piece.  And this one.  And then Greenwald.

8. Private prison guards.

9. Renting in San Francisco.

10. The sit in.              and here.            and here.

And one more...

That's all for this time.  I'll be back next time....if there is a next time...

Your pal, Jim

All Time Brewers 25 Man Roster

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Last Team Here.

Through 2016.

New project, all time rosters for each team. WAR is B-Ref+Davenport. Other numbers are OPS+/ERA+.

The structure of all of these teams will be the same, 7 bench players (well, 6 for AL teams since they have a DH) with someone able to backup every position. 10 pitchers, a legitimate bullpen arm as closer.  

C Jonathan Lucroy (2010-      18.8   111
1B Cecil Cooper (1977-87)      32.1     123
2B Paul Molitor (1978-92)       62.5    125
SS Robin Yount (1974-93)       81.95  115
3B(SS) Don Money (1973-83)         27.1   114
LF Ryan Braun (2007-             49      141
CF Carlos Gomez (2010-15)         20   109
RF Geoff Jenkins (1998-07)   23.45  116

3B Jeff Cirillo (1994-99, 04-05)  26.25  113
1B George Scott (1972-76)          23.1     131
2B Jim Gantner (1976-92)            24.2     88
LF/RF Ben Oglivie (1978-86)      23       124
1B Prince Fielder (2005-11)         22.5   143
CF Gorman Thomas (1973-83, 86)  17.05  119
C BJ Surhoff (1987-95)                 18.25   92

P Teddy Higuera (1985-94)          32       117
P Ben Sheets (2001-08)                 25.6   115
P Yovani Gallardo (2007-14)      21.15  109
P Chris Bosio (1986-92)               20.45  107
P Mike Caldwell (1977-84)         20.15  103

Cl Dan Plesac (1986-92)              16.6    128
P Bill Wegman (1985-95)            19.55  102
P Jim Slaton (1971-77, 79-83)     19       97
P Moose Haas (1976-85)              18.2    97
P Cal Eldred (1991-99)                 15.6    101

All Time Marlins 25 Man Roster

Friday, June 24, 2016

Last Team Here.

Through 2016.

New project, all time rosters for each team. WAR is B-Ref+Davenport. Other numbers are OPS+/ERA+.

The structure of all of these teams will be the same, 7 bench players (well, 6 for AL teams since they have a DH) with someone able to backup every position. 10 pitchers, a legitimate bullpen arm as closer.  

C Charles Johnson (1994-98, 01-02)  13.85  96
1B Jeff Conine (1993-97, 2003-05)   15.5  114
2B Luis Castillo (1996-05)                20  94
SS Hanley Ramirez (2006-12, 13)    24  129  
3B(1b) Miguel Cabrera (2003-07)           19.25  143
LF Cliff Floyd (1997-02)                    17.05  135
CF Cody Ross (2006-10)                    10.85   104
RF Giancarlo Stanton (2010-          29.8  142

2B Dan Uggla (2006-10)                   18.8   117
3B Mike Lowell (1999-05)                14.8   109
RF Gary Sheffield (1993-98)             15.5   156
LF Christian Yelich (2013-              13.1      121
CF Juan Pierre (2003-05, 13)             7.45   91
C JT Realmuto (2014-)                        5.75   101
SS Edgar Renteria (1996-98)             5.1     89

P Josh Johnson (2005-13)                   25.4   133
P Dontrelle Willis (2003-07)              22      111
P Jose Fernandez (2013-16)               16.15  150
P Kevin Brown (1996-97)                  15.6   176
P AJ Burnett (1999-05)                       14.5   111

Cl Robb Nen (1993-97)                         8.6      122
P Anibal Sanchez (2006-12)              13.3   111
P Josh Beckett (2001-05)                    11.9    118
P Ricky Nolasco (2006-12, 13)         11.5    94
P Alex Fernandez (1997-00)              9.6      117


All Time Mets 25 Man Roster

Last team here.

Through 2016

New project, all time rosters for each team. WAR is B-Ref+Davenport. Other numbers are OPS+/ERA+.

The structure of all of these teams will be the same, 7 bench players (well, 6 for AL teams since they have a DH) with someone able to backup every position. 10 pitchers, a legitimate bullpen arm as closer.  

C Mike Piazza (1998-05)               26.05    136
1B Keith Hernandez (1983-89)    26.05   129
2B Edgardo Alfonzo (1995-02)   28.2      113
SS Jose Reyes (2003-11, 16-)                28.8    106
3B David Wright (2004-)             52.2      133
LF Cleon Jones (1963-75)             17.45    111
CF (RF) Carlos Beltran (2005-11)        33.5       129
RF Darryl Strawberry (1983-90)    36.45   145

C John Stearns (1975-84)                  17.6       102
3B/SS Howard Johnson (1985-93)   25.75   124
CF Mookie Wilson (1980-89)        20.55     100
SS Bud Harrelson (1965-77)           20.2       75
1B John Olerud (1997-99)              17.2        142
LF Kevin McReynolds (1987-91, 94)  16.25   120
2B Wayne Garrett (1969-76)          14.35      95

P Tom Seaver (1967-77, 83)           74.4         136
P Dwight Gooden (1984-94)         46.35       116
P Jerry Koosman  (1967-78)          37.85        113
P Sid Fernandez (1984-93)              32.2        113
P Al Leiter (1998-04)                       28            124

Cl Jesse Orosco (1979-87)              17.5         133
P Jon Matlack (1971-77)                 26.35       115
P David Cone (1987-92, 03)           22             112
P Ron Darling (1983-91)                  17.6         101
P Johan Santana (2008-12)               17.15       127


Pain - My 10 Most Painful Sports Losses

Thursday, June 23, 2016

I do a lot of listmaking; I have, for example this ranking of every Bay Area Championship team.

It will not surprise you that my assumption was that I'd be adding another this season, either at number 1 or number 2.

I thought about this list being the flip side of that, and I will still probably put together a "worst Bay Area Championship losses" list, but there's research there I presently don't have time to do.

This list will then focus on me and on pain - for me, which were the ten sharpest losses in my life.

10. September 30, 1997, October 1 1997, October 3, 2003, October 4, 2003  
      NL Division Series. Marlins

A four way tie would seemingly violate the principles underlying a Top Ten list; however, these are the four Miami games, four one run, last at bat playoff losses to the Marlins.  I attended all of them; all 1 run late road losses.  It was excruciating.  Future Giants Edgar Renteria and Moises Alou walked us off with run scoring singles in '97, Jose Cruz dropped the ball in the 11th and then Pudge Rodriguez walked us off with a 2 run single in 2003, followed by JT Snow getting thrown out at the plate to end the game the next day.  All 4 games as tight as they could be, all 4 road losses with me in attendance.  I've never actually witnessed the Giants win a playoff game.

9. January 17, 1993 NFC Championship,   January 23, 1994 NFC Championship.  Cowboys

You gave me that tie at #10, I appreciate that, thanks, but I've pressed my luck with following it up with another.  That's fair and I'd feel similarly.  These are the back to back NFC Championship losses to the Cowboys in the early 90s and they're entirely blended in my mind.  This was a white hot rivalry, probably the biggest in all of sports during the early 90s.  These were the Steve Young teams, just tremendous regular season clubs, particularly that '92 club is as good as any of the great 49er teams but we just weren't as good as those Cowboy squads - Dallas, for reasons both historic (we also lost back to back title games in the early 70s) and cultural (who doesn't hate the Cowboys, the cheerleaders, America's team, they had a hole in the middle of the roof of the old stadium so god could watch - all that Landry/Staubach stuff)  When the Cowboys are running high, as they were in the early 90s with Jimmy and Jerry, they are the most insufferable act in sports and these were tough, tough losses.

8. January 8, 1984 NFC Championship. Redskins

Two seasons after winning our first Super Bowl we were in DC, scoring 3 fourth quareter touchdowns in what looked to be an all time great NFL comeback win - but a couple of ungodly bad pass interference calls took it away from us.  When you're 13, as I was for this game, nothing angers more than bad officiating.

7. October 13, 1987 Game 6 NLCS. Cardinals

The Giants had not played in a World Series in my lifetime, but led the Cards in the NLCS 3 Games to 2 - and then lost here 1-0 when Candy Maldonado misplayed a fly ball in the second inning.  The Cards beat us in Game 7.  I was barely 17 here, more a boy than not, and losses resonated deeply.

6. February 3, 2013 Super Bowl 47. Ravens

If I didn't have 5 Super Bowls in the bank, this game would be higher on the list, we were 22 down in the second half but climbed all the way back, failing to score four times from inside the 7 to lose the game.  The Niners had been down for several years, emerging the season previous to lose the NFC Championship in overtime (if this were a 15 most painful losses, that would be there) so this season was part of what seemed to be a resurgence in 49er football.

5. January 19, 2014 NFC Championship. Seahawks

Accompanying the Niners early 2010s return to prominence came a hot feud with Seattle, unlike the Cowboys/Packers feuds of the 90s, this one ended quickly and ended here. The 49ers best player, NaVorro Bowman, had his leg half torn off just prior to what looked to be a game winning drive stopped by an interception in the end zone by Niners chief nemesis Richard Sherman.  Why worse than the Super Bowl loss --both because it was a blood feud and because it felt like a tipping point, that after three straight soulcrushing ends of seasons there might be no way back up the mountain.

4. June 19, 2016 NBA Finals Game 7. Cavs

The impetus for the list; the Warriors, as much of a longtime doormat as Cleveland, surged to prominence in the 2010s, winning the NBA Title the year before and then breaking the longtime record for regular season wins with 73.  We had a 3-1 series lead which seemed pretty clearly insurmountable (as no one has ever surmounted a 3-1 deficit) but lost games 5 and 6 and then a back and forth nailbiting game 7.  

3. October 3, 1993. Last day of regular season.  Dodgers. 

The Giants, who were as close to leaving town as any team which stayed put ever got, signed Barry Bonds in the offseason and were 59-30 as of July 10, solidly the best team in baseball and staring at the first World Series championship since the move west.

And then the Braves got Fred McGriff - in a Wild Card free world, the Giants and Braves went toe to toe during the entire second half of the season, a real pennant race, one team advances, the other stays home.  We won 103 games but lost to - of all teams - the Tommy Lasorda Dodgers on the last day of the season to finish second and miss the playoffs.  It remains the second best regular season team in SFG history.

2. January 20, 1991 NFC Championship. Giants

Back to back Super Bowl wins and a clear path ahead to winning the NFC Championship turned into the virtual end of Joe Montana's 49er career in a matter of moments.  This is the game most similar to Warriors/Cavs - the Niners were riding high and looking to make history and got caught short in shocking fashion.

1. October 26, 2002 Game 6 World Series. Angels

The Giants, who had never won a World Series since moving to San Francisco, were 8 outs away with a 4 run lead and lost.  You know the thing in the movies where someone's trapped underneath a car and they're still conscious but there's no way to help and you just watch them die?  That would rank 7th on this list.


Top 10 Television Shows April-June 2016

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Here's January-March

1. The Americans (FX)
2. Horace and Pete (
3. Veep (HBO)
4. OJ: Made in America (ESPN)
5. Friday Night Tykes:Steel Country (Esquire)
6. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix)
7. Silicon Valley (HBO)
8. The Girlfriend Experience (Starz)
9. Catastrophe (Amazon)
10. The People v. OJ Simpson (FX)

Halfway through 2016, typically eclectic list.  The two shows from which you couldn't turn away were The Americans and Louis CK's Horace and Pete. Veep maybe...maybe gave some ground this season, too often the punchlines settled for name calling; I get it, Jonah's a shitstain or some variation thereof.  The Simpson documentary didn't quite live up to expectations for those who were already familiar with the narrative. I've written about a conceptual difficulty I had with its POV.  Tykes moved to Pennsylvania for its best season since its first.  Schmidt, like Veep, retained its status as in the inner circle for TV comedy while being maybe a tick disappointing this season. Silicon is a steady performer - Girlfriend Experience moved to the top of the list for Starz original programming as a real triumph of mood and tone.  Catastrophe's six epside second season was stronger on dialogue than storyline.  The Ryan Murphy take on the Simpson Trial had good performances (if a little campy) but didn't illuminate.

Two Netflix series, Orange is the New Black and Maria Bamford's sitcom will be considered for the next quarter.

June, 2016 Athlete of the Month

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

May is here.

LeBron James. Runners-up: Novak Djokovic, Sidney Crosby, Kyrie Irving

Halfway home. Who will be the 2016 Athlete of the Year?

January-Von Miller
February-Lionel Messi
March - Buddy Hield
April-Breanna Stewart
May - Klay Thompson
June - LeBron James

This Is Not the 2016 NBA Mock Draft

Monday, June 20, 2016

Not a prediction.  I'm the GM for each team in Round One.

1. Philadelphia - Ben Simmons PF LSU
-I don't know if it's Ingram or Simmons who winds up as the better player, Sixers choose upside.

2. LA Lakers - Brandon Ingram SF Duke
-Assuming it's Simmons who goes first, Ingram is also maybe a better fit for the Lakers and they can't be upset

3. Boston - Dragan Bender PF Croatia
-Top player remaining on the board, he doesn't give them much this year making a deal out appealing.

4. Phoenix - Jakob Poetl C Utah
-They need to go big, the choice here is between Poetl and say Hernangomez. Criss might actually be the pick but it's a little early.  To me, there's not a 4th overall pick in this draft worthy of the slot.

5. Minnesota -  Jamal Murray SG UK
-Dunn and Murray are still on the board, Murray's a better fit.

6. New Orleans -  Kris Dunn PG Prov
-Wolves need the better scorer, NO needs the better defender.

7. Denver - Juan Hernangomez PF Spain
-Good young core, a power forward makes the most sense, Criss could go as early as here and not be too much of a reach.

8. Sacramento - Buddy Hield SG Okla
-It's not a good guard draft, top end and depth is with bigs, there's some potential for disappointment with Hield/Valentine, but you could go Hield here and not hate yourself.

9. Toronto - Marquesse Criss PF Wash
-Raptors need size, there's a lot of it at the top of the board right now.

10. Milwaukee -Ante Zizic C Croatia
-A couple international centers are due to come off the board, let's give one out now.

11. Orlando -Ivica Zubac C Bosnia
-and here's another one.

12. Atlanta - Wade Baldwin PG Vandy
Baldwin's my draft crush and after the Teague trade this would be terrific.

13. Phoenix - Domantas Sabonis PF Gonzaga
-Suns, looking front court, took a center at 4, take the power forward here.

14. Chicago - Jaylon Brown SF Cal
-The Bulls are a full teardown, Brown's got a lot of bust potential, but this is a good spot.

15. Denver -  Furkan Kormaz SG Turkey
-Inside/outside on Denver's first two picks, both international guys.

16. Boston - Denzel Valentine SF Mich St.
-If Kormaz is here he makes the most sense given Boston took Bender third, this earliest it makes sense for Valentine.

17. Memphis - Tyler Ulis PG UK
-Is Conley leaving?

18. Detroit - Patrick McCaw SG UNLV
-Van Gundy gets a wing defender

19. Denver - Skal Labissiere C UK
-PF, SG, and now a center

20. Indiana - Malik Beasley SG Florida St.
-Ellis replacement

21. Atlanta - Henry Ellenson PF Marquette
-Frontcourt help

22. Charlotte - Gary Payton II PG Ore St
-Hornets could use a defensive minded backup PG and that's young GP.

23. Boston - Deyonta Davis PF/C Mich St
-Celtics go for both Spartans.

24. Philadelphia - Fred Van Vleet PG Wichita St.
-This might just be another not good enough to start guard, but he's best small on the board.

25. LA Clippers - Dejounte Murray PG Wash
-Real need for a backup PG.

26. Philadelphia - Malachi Richardson SG Syr
-Sixers take a shot a possible scorer here.

27. Toronto - Zhou Qi C China
-Size again for the Raptors

28. Phoenix - Jarrod Uthoff SF Iowa
-The value here is size, but the Suns have gone size and take a guy who can take it outside a little bit

29. San Antontio - Chinanu Onuaku C Louisville
-Interior defense, exactly what they want

30. Golden St. - Diamond Stone C Maryland
-Makes a ton of sense with possible losses of Bogut and Ezeli

Tendown, June 19 2016

Sunday, June 19, 2016

230 is here. This is Tendown 231.

1. I've been writing about the Simpson Trial since he played for the Bills.  Here's this week's piece.

2. Yes, it's about ideas.

3. Every Week.                     

4. “You gotta get over there and start making them pay where they live,” he said. “It’s an ugly and difficult thing but if we don’t get over there, they’re coming here, and they showed it again this weekend.”

I live about 10 miles from the shooter. I should run.

5. Gawker.

6. Wrong About the Dodgers, Wrong About Government.

7. Yeah, maybe don't go to law school and other things I should have more strongly considered in 1992.

8. Quick - the Orlando shooter targeted what type of people?

Probably, you are now one question ahead of Scott Brown.

9. Dave Eggers at a Trump Rally.

10. If you're on my side, just hang on tonight.  We'll be okay.

And one more...

So, congrats, Democrats.

That's all for this time.  I'll be back next time...if there is a next time...

Your pal,


All Time Indians 25 Man Roster

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Last team here.

Through 2016.

New project, all time rosters for each team. WAR is B-Ref+Davenport. Other numbers are OPS+/ERA+.

The structure of all of these teams will be the same, 7 bench players (well, 6 for AL teams since they have a DH) with someone able to backup every position. 10 pitchers, a legitimate bullpen arm as closer.  

C Carlos Santana (2010-                    25.25        122
1B Jim Thome (1991-02, 11)                51.85      152
2B Nap Lajoie (1902-14)                      77.7         155
SS Lou Boudreau (1938-50)                 62.25       122
3B Joe Sewell (1920-29)                       47.6         111
LF Joe Jackson (1910-15)                     32.25       182
CF Tris Speaker (1916-26)                    66.4         158
RF Albert Belle (1989-96)                    32.9         150
DH Earl Averill (1929-39)                    40.1         136

CF Kenny Lofton (1992-01, 07)          44            109
CF Larry Doby (1947-55, 58)              36.55       140
LF/RF Manny Ramirez (1993-00)      32.7          152
3B/1B Al Rosen (1947-56)                  31.5          137
2B/SS Terry Turner (1904-18)             29.25        91
C Victor Martinez (2002-09)                22.05      120

P Bob Feller (1936-56)                          67.4         122
P Stan Coveleski (1916-24)                50.25        129
P Addie Joss (1902-10)                        45.5           142
P Mel Harder (1928-47)                       45.45        113
P Bob Lemon (1946-58)                       42.45        119

Cl Doug Jones (1986-91, 98)              16.25       137       
P Sam McDowell (1961-71)                38.05       119 
P Early Wynn (1949-57, 63)                37.05       119
P CC Sabathia (2001-08)                      34.1         115
P Willis Hudlin (1926-40)                   32.8          104

OJ: Made in America

Thursday, June 16, 2016

I've been having the same argument since 1994.

I've had it with classmates, with law professors, at California Bar Association meetings, at job interviews, with colleagues, with bosses - if you had a JD in the 90s, probably we went a couple of rounds.

Neither the full Ryan Murphy OJ Simpson mini-series nor the first three episodes of the documentary OJ-Made in America have addressed it.

So, I'll have the argument one more time with you people.

The OJ Simpson Trial was about the 4th Amendment.

The night of the murders, LAPD conducted a warrantless search of Simpson's property, one of the items discovered during which was a bloody glove.

Why were they able to make a warrantless search?

The same justification offered at the time is offered by Tom Lange and Mark Fuhrman 22 years later in Part 3 of OJ: Made in America.

Why did LAPD go to OJ Simpson's house at 4:30 in the morning after discovering the bodies of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman?  From the documentary:

"Someone's got to make a death notification to next of kin - which is Simpson" - Tom Lange.

I have for you two thoughts:

1. OJ and Nicole were divorced in 1992.
2. LAPD did not go to notify the Goldmans at 4:30 in the morning after discovering the bodies.

LAPD arrived at OJ's house, no one buzzed them inside, LAPD jumped the gate.  The argument for lack of warrant is one of exigent circumstances, that there was an emergency situation on the Simpson property that required immediate attention. Here is Mark Fuhrman, again from the documentary, discussing what he found on the outside of Simpson's car.

"On the driver's side doorhandle, blood - there was enough evidence outside, we gotta make sure everybody's okay in here.."

I have for you two thoughts.

1. The amount of blood seen on Simpson's car was a "a small spot, an eighth or a quarter of an inch."
2. LAPD did not call for backup nor put on protective vests.

Those thoughts could have been voiced in the documentary.  Perhaps they will be in parts 4 or 5, but in part 3, Lange and Furhman went uncontradicted.  Note the distinction in the filmmaking between that segment and the lengthy discussion of the way in which Simpson's home was dressed for the jury visit, with Marcia Clark and Carl Douglas providing opposite views on the "critical" issue of what photographs appeared on the walls.  When it came to the search - Lange and Fuhrman told the same story LAPD told in 1994 and did so in a way seemingly accepted by the film.

I'd submit to you the far more plausible explanation for why LAPD went to OJ Simpson's house at 430 in the morning is they believed him to be a suspect; he was the ex-husband with multiple domestic abuse calls on his record.  They jumped the gate without warrant to look for evidence.

Note, I didn't say "plant" evidence.  Although, were you to ask me "do you think LAPD helped frame a guilty man" that's a position I'd be likely to hold, and at worst, one which I think is reasonable to hold. That position doesn't need to be reached here to reach the conclusion of my argument.

At the time of the Simpson Trial, the predominant media narrative was the Simpson defense team played the "race card" - a devious, sinister strategy which should be condemned.  The 1990s were a time when Hillary Clinton could get away with using terms like "superpredator" and "bring them to heel" with reference to African-American crime, so this was a narrative that white America was eager to accept.

Two decades later (when challenging Hillary Clinton from the left is said to be motivated by racial animus) the theses of the two OJ Simpson films is different than that - LAPD had a history of discriminatory practices which, when coupled with a cunning defense strategy and Mark Fuhrman, led to the Simpson acquittal.

I'd suggest to you LAPD was not just historically discriminatory.  The best reading of the evidence is they lied in this case.  The story told (and accepted at the time) was not plausible.  It wasn't just Mark Fuhrman perjuring himself over use of the "n" word - LAPD perjured themselves regarding the warrantless search of the Simpson property.  I'd suggest the better reading of this case is that LAPD lied then and the officers discussed herein are still lying now.

The kicker, of course, is that were the evidence found during that search properly excluded from evidence there are no bloody gloves, which means there is no "if the glove doesn't fit, you must acquit".  And there may be no Mark Fuhrman.  If that was the result - it means no Furhman tapes where he confessed to manufacturing evidence against African-Americans out of racial animus and no Mark Furhman taking the 5th Amendment when asked if he manufactured evidence against OJ Simpson.

I've always been of a mind that the Simpson verdict was a reasonable one.  Not only because of the history between LAPD and the African-American community, but because of LAPD deception central to the case.  My hope was, given all the hours devoted to re-examination of the Simpson Trial two decades later, I'd finally find an ally in this view.  I've got a lot of 20 year old arguments I'd still like to win.  Thusfar - not so much.

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