April 5- Top Five Moments in San Francisco Giants History

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Yesterday is here.

What is this all about?

Here are the top 5 moments on April 5 in San Francisco Giants history.

1999 at Cincinnati, 8th inning, 8-8, 2 on 1 out, Charlie Hayes hits a 3 run homer off Gabe White; 11-8 winds up the final score for an Opening Day win.  Hayes was a good enough contributor in his first season with the Giants but pretty awful in '99.  He finished with a 58 OPS+, maybe the worst season of his career.

2000 at Miami, 5th inning, down 5-4, Jeff Kent, in his MVP Award winning career year, hits a 3 run homer off Vladimir Nunez. But that lead wouldn't hold up...

2000 at Miami, 9th inning, down 9-8, with 2 on and 1 out Rich Aurilia hit a 3 run homer off Antonio Alfonseca to give us the winning 11-9 margin.  Almost 5000 career Giants plate appearances for Aurilia, That puts him just behind Travis Jackson and Art Fletcher in the 134 year history of Giants shortstops.

2001 home vs Padres, 3rd inning, 1-1, a year after hitting a 3 run homer to give us a lead against the Marlins, Kent does it again, a 3 run homer off Bobby Jones to put us up 4-1 in a game we'd win 8-2.

2006 at San Diego, 9th inning, up 3-1 but the Padres had two on with 1 out; Tim Worrell (was it Tim or Todd?...Tim, right, it was Tim) got Eric Young (the father, not the son) to go 6-4-3 and end the ballgame.  Worrell had fewer than 20 innings left in his arm.

Thanks for reading.  Come back tomorrow.  Go Giants!

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