Mark Jackson

Monday, May 12, 2014

I'm a lifelong Golden St. Warriors fan; Steph Curry was born two months before I graduated from high school, so I've invested a healthy amount of emotional equity in the franchise.

I wrote a piece about Mark Jackson; it's at the other place.

2014 Top 100 NFL Players 100-91

My 125-101 is here.

The players list via NFL Network is first, mine is second.

100. Matt Stafford QB Det (101 on my list)
99. Cameron Jordan DE NO (he's in this section)
98. Jason Witten TE Dall (he's in this section)
97. Louis Vasquez G SD (105 on my list)
96. Daryl Washington ILB Ariz (he ain't playing this year)
95. Brent Grimes CB Mia (he'd be between 126-150)
94. Sheldon Richardson DE NYJ (higher for me)
93. Ryan Kalil C Carolina (not on my list)
92. Eric Weddle S San Diego (this is goofy, he's in my top 30)
91. Matt Forte RB Chi (not on my list)

Jividen List
100. CJ Spiller RB Buffalo
99. Jason Witten TE Dallas
98. Alfred Morris RB Washington
97. Keenan Allen WR San Diego
96. Reggie Wayne WR Indianapolis
95. Cam Newton QB Carolina
94. Cameron Jordan DE New Orleans
93. Robert Griffin III QB Washington
92. Fletcher Cox DT Philadelphia
91. Eli Manning QB NYGiants

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