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I Pick Every NFL Game in 2010 - Week 12

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Last week is here.

ATS: 69-70-7
SU:   89-57

NE -7 Det win/win
Dall +4 NO (Saints win game) win/win
NYJ -9 Cincy win/win
GB +2 Atl loss/loss
Pitt -6.5 Buff loss/win
Panthers +10 Browns (Cle wins game) win/win
NYG -7 Jax loss/win
Wash -1 Minn loss/loss
Tenn +6.5 Hou (Houston wins game) loss/win
KC -2 Sea win/win
Miami +3.5 Oak win/win
StL +4 Den (Broncos win game) win/loss
Philly -3 Chi loss/loss
Balt -7.5 TB win/win
SD +3 Indy win/win
Niners -1 Ariz win/win

ATS: 10-6  79-76-7
SU: 12-4  101-61

The 200 Greatest Major League Baseball Players Ever 2011 Ed. #190-181

#200-191 is here.

190. Bobby Doerr  2B WARP+WAR 113.6
1937-51 Red Sox
Translated Line BA/OBP/SLG  .280/.345./485
OPS+ 115
MVPQ = none, Best season 1944 (13.3)

-The first middle infielder on the list; Doerr missed '45, his age 27 season.

189. Buddy Bell 3B 114.1
1972-89 Indians/Rangers
OPS+ 109
MVPQ – none, Best Season 1984 (13.4)

-Comparable to Nettles/Cey from the first ten - Bell's the 4th third baseman out of the 12 players on the list thusfar (5 if you count Killebrew.)

188. Roy Halladay RHP 114.1
1998 –            Blue Jays
ERA+ 136
MVPQ – none, Best season 2010 (Phillies, 15.5)

-Halladay turns 34 in 2011, his 14th year in MLB.  It's a safe bet that he cracks the top 150 by the end of the season, were you betting, he probably cracks the top 140.  Were he to match his 2010, unlikely, as it was his best ever season, but were he to match his 2010, he'd be #122 overall at the end of 2011.

187. Tony Mullane   RHP 114.2
1881-94 Reds
ERA+ 118
MVPQ – 1884 (18.9, Toledo Blue Stockings)

-I have eaten Tony Paco's Famous Hungarian Hot Dogs, as per the recommendation of Toledo's own Max Klinger, mother dying, father pregnant.  

186. Ducky Medwick LF 114.5
1932-48 Cardinals
OPS+ 134
MVPQ -  1937 (17.2)

Medwick's translated .559 SLG is the highest so far on the list; it's about to get equaled (and by an active player, meaning that there's nowhere for it to go but down, so Ducky's going to take him out too; no one will pass that SLG until the guy at #172.

185. Clark Griffith RHP 114.6
1891-1914 Cubs/Yankees
ERA+ 122
MVPQ – 1898 (17.1)

184. Carlos Beltran CF 114.7
1998 -           Royals/Mets
OPS+ 119
MVPQ – 2006 (17.5)

-Beltran and Halladay are the same age, but it would appear far apart in their remaining value.  After two down years due to injury and now turning 34, hard to project how much Beltran has left.

183. Bret Saberhagen RHP 114.8
1984-01         Royals/Mets/Red Sox
ERA+ 126
MVPQ – 1989 (18)

Sabes has a better ERA+ than any arm on the list thusfar besides Halladay.  

182. Vladimir Guerrero RF 114.8
1996-             Expos/Angels
OPS+ 146
MVPQ – none (Best season 2004 17.4)

-Big section for active players; Vlad turns 36 in 2011 and obviously he should never put on a glove again.  There's probably room for his bat on an AL roster for the next couple of seasons.

181. Enos Slaughter RF 115
1938-59 Cardinals
OPS+ 124
MVPQ 1942 (16.8)

-I'm not of the mind that time lost because of military service is somehow worthy of more historic credit than time lost due to injury; but not only did Slaughter lose 3 years - Slaughter lost his prime; his MVPQ season was when he was 26 - he didn't play again until he was 30.

20 down.  180 left.  See you in a week.

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