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Five Decades of San Francisco Giants - The Nineties

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

You get see '58-89 here.

All Time Bizarro SFG Team '58-89

C Barton '69
1B Cabell '81
2B Miller '75
SS Lemaster '82
3B Reitz '76
LF Gabrielson '66
CF Joshua '76
RF J. Alou '66
P Moffitt '79
Cl Johnson '72

1990 (Pythag 82-80)
C Kennedy WARP 1.2/WAR 1.4
1B Clark 3.5/3.3
2B Thompson 3.1/1.5
SS Uribe 1.4/-1.3
3B Williams 4.3/4.7
LF Mitchell 4.3/3.8
CF Butler 4.3/4.8
RF Bass -.2/-.5
P Burkett 2.5/1.4
Garrelts .8/-1
Robinson .8/.-1
Wilson 1.4/.5
Reuschel 1.1/.7
Cl Brantley 4.7/3.6

-After Maldonado's '87 we don't have another decent season out of RF for a dozen years; Uribe hit replacement level in '88 and never left - and we just scraped along with the starting rotation for a few years in this stretch.  Butler's season will hold up as our best CF year for the 90s. 

1991 (76-86)
C Decker -.2/-.5
1B Clark 6.9/4.9
2B Thompson 4.7/4.9
SS Uribe .4/.6
3B Williams 4.4/5.1
LF Mitchell 3/2.5
CF McGee 2.9/2.6
RF Bass .1/.2
P Black 1.8/1
Burkett 1.1/-.2
Wilson 3.4/2.2
McClellan -.3/-.4
Brantley 3/2.1
LaCoss -1.6/-1.5
Cl Righetti 1.4/.3

-Our first sub .500 pythag since '85; Will's season holds up as the best for any SFG 1B in the decade.

1992 (72-90)
C Manwaring 3.3/3
1B Clark 6/3.6
2B Thompson 4/3.8
SS Clayton .4/.9
3B Williams .5/1.6
LF James .4/-.2
Snyder 1.8/1
CF Lewis .3/-.7
Felder 1.2/1
RF McGee 1.9/1.7
Bass .6/.1
P Burkett -.4/-1
Black -.1/-.9
Swift 5.2/4.5
Wilson .8/-1.1
Cl Beck 3.7/2.9

-Righetti joined the 3 sub-replacement starters in having particularly bad seasons; when you take our 6 OF, their combined WAR/WARP3 was about ten - Bonds, by himself, will be over 2.5 times more valuable than all 6 combined in '93.  Hard not to just skip to '93 - but Manwaring's season and Swift's, will both hold up as tops for the decade.

1993 (98-64)
C Manwaring 3.3/2.5
1B Clark 2.1/1.4
2B Thompson 7.6/6.2
SS Clayton 4.5/2.2
3B Williams 5.9/5.6
LF Bonds 10.5/9.7
CF Lewis 2/2
RF McGee .7/1.9
P Swift 6/5.2
Burkett 3/2.3
Wilson 1.9/1.4
Black 1/.7
Jackson 1.8/1
Cl Beck 4/2.3

-Our second best team in history - I loved this team, probably my favorite SFG club ever - what can you say about a season where a borderline HOF'er like Clark is one of our worst position players.  Bonds/Williams/Thompson not only had years that positionally hold up as the best of the decade - but they sweep into the greatest SFG seasons of all time, '58-99.  This is Barry's best year in the 90s - and it passes Mays as the best season for any Giant from '58-99 - I'd argue his was the best first season for any free agent in sports history; given the distance between his year and Chris James, who he replaced in left.  To get career seasons from both Thompson and Williams in conjunction with that Bonds season - it's a club that by all rights could have won a title - you would have liked one of the other two OF to give us a little more, or a third starter to help us out a little bit, or Will to have a more representative season - but you really can't ask much more than a 98 win pythag.  The second best team in San Francisco history. 

1994 (58-57)
C Manwaring .9/.5
1B Benzinger -.9/-.8
2B Patterson .2/1.1
SS Clayton 2.4/2.6
3B Williams 6/4.5
LF Bonds 6.3/6
CF Lewis 1.1/1.1
RF McGee .1/.3
P Burkett 1.6/.8
Portugal 2.2/1.4
Swift 1.9/1.2
Vanlandingham 1/.6
Jackson 2/1.7
Cl Beck 1.8/.7

-I was less bothered by the work stoppage than one might think, even with Williams on pace to challenge Maris, I was burned out after '93 - and just couldn't muster up much energy for the chase - particularly with the Niners being on the wrong end of brutal NFC Championship game losses and about to load up for our fifth SB win.  That was a bad stretch - the disappointment of '93, the hard, hard ends to the football seasons - the breakup of my engagement, my inability to get a decent job after law school and passing the California Bar - I've said recently that this year is probably my least engaged SFG season of my life - that's untrue, it was '94.

1995 (61-83)
C Manwaring .1/.3
1B Carreon 2/2.8
2B Thompson -.6/1
SS Clayton 1.3/2.3
3B Williams 5.1/4.5
LF Bonds 9.3/7.3
CF Lewis 1.3/.6
Sanders 1.4/1.4
RF Hill .7/1.8
P Leiter 2.9/1.1
Mulholland -1.7/-2.9
Vanlandingham 1.6/.3
Portugal 1/-.4
Wilson 1/.3
Cl Beck 0/-.9

-Here's why I think I'm poison.  My first season back in San Francisco after 13 years away was '95 - in which I got to watch the 4th worst SFG club ever.  Bonds's season is the fifth best of the decade - but that's not what I want to talk about. 

The two worst seasons in San Francisco Giants history were in 1995.  Terry Mulholland and Jose Bautista are not only 1-2 in the worst SFG years of all time - they are easily 1-2; they are 1-2 with room to spare - when I get around to a separate post discussing the Bizarro Giants - it will be Mulholland and Bautista whose pictures get posted.  It was cataclysmic. 

1996 (71-91)
C Lampkin 1.5/1.2
Wilkins 1.5/1.3
1B Carreon -.4/-.2
2B Scarsone -.5/-.8
SS Aurilia -.4/.2
Dunston 1.6/1.2
3B Williams 3.3/2.7
Mueller 1.6/1.5
LF Bonds 10.9/9.4
CF Bernard 2.2/1.7
Javier 2/1.7
RF Hill 1.3/1.4
P Watson 1.9/.9
Vanlandingham -.4/-2
Gardner 1.2/-.2
Fernandez 1.2/-.2
Leiter -.3/-1.4
Cl Beck 2.8/1.1

-Barry's season was the 3rd best SFG year of the decade.  I attended more games in '96 than any year of my life, I probably saw two dozen, including my only ever home opener.  We won that one but lost most of the rest - this was tied for 5th for the worst team in SFG history - I was there 2 years, 2 of our worst ever seasons - and left again - shockingly, we started the turnaround in '97.  My eyes are poison.  Blame me. Vanlandingham's year was the tenth worst in SFG history.

1997 (80-82)
C Wilkins .6/.3
Johnson 1.6/1.1
1B Snow 1.8/2.7
2B Kent 4.5/3.9
SS Vizcaino 3.1/2.3
3B Mueller 2/2.4
LF Bonds 8.7/8
CF Hamilton .2/.3
Javier 2.5/3.4
RF Hill -.9/-.1
P Estes 5.3/4
Rueter 4/2.5
Gardner 2.3/.7
Vanlandingham .1/-.6
Alvarez .7/.2
Hernandez 2/1
Cl Beck 2.2/.4

-We outplayed our pythag, made the playoffs - and I watched us lose two crushing 1 run walk off playoff games in Miami.  I moved from San Francisco, which allowed us to begin winning just as my moving before the '82 season allowed us another exciting season in which we outplayed our pythag (I won't do this research at least not now - but it could be that the two seasons in which our record most exceeded our performance - meaning our two luckiest years - were in the two years right after I moved away.  I.  Am.  Poison.).  Barry's year was the 4th best of the decade for a Giant

1998 (91-72)
C Johnson 1.4/.8
1B Snow 1.1/.5
2B Kent 7.4/4.2
SS Aurilia 2.6/1.9
Sanchez 1.9/1.8
3B Mueller 4.3/2.8
LF Bonds 10.5/7.9
CF Hamilton .6/2.9
Bernard 1.1/1.8
RF Javier 1.1/1.7
Burks 1.1/.9
P Gardner 2.4/1.3
Hershiser 2.1/1.1
Rueter 1.7/.8
Estes -.3/-.3
Darwin -.9/-1.6
Cl Nen 6.7/3.3

-Bonds brings it in '98 - the second best SFG season of the decade; Nen's year is the best for any SFG closer in the 90s. 

1999 (85-77)
C Mayne 3.1/2
1B Snow 3.7/1.5
2B Kent 4.4/3.3
SS Aurilia 3.9/1.4
3B Mueller 2/1.6
Hayes -1.1/-.8
LF Bonds 4.8/3.6
CF Benard 2.2/1.2
RF Burks 4.1/2.6
P Ortiz 3.1/2.7
Estes 1.3/1
Rueter .5/.3
Gardner -.9/-1
Cl Nen 1.2/.4

-Burks and Aurilia's seasons take the positional titles for the decade - and Charlie Hayes slips into the worst ever SFG 3B position from '58-99. 

25 Man Roster - The 90s
C Manwaring '92
    Manwaring '93
1B Clark '91
      Clark '92
2B Thompson '93
      Kent '98
SS Clayton '93 
     Aurilia '99
3B Williams '93
      Williams '94
LF Bonds '96
     Bonds '93
CF Butler '90
      McGee '91
RF Burks '99
      McGee '92
P Swift '93
   Swift '92
   Estes '96
   Rueter '97
   Wilson '91
    Burkett '93
    Leiter '95
Cl Nen '98
     Brantley '90

Top 5 SFG seasons 1990s
1. Bonds '96
2. Bonds '93
3. Bonds '98
4. Bonds '97
5. Bonds '95

Worst Ever San Francisco Giants '58-99
C Barton '69
1B Cabell '81
2B Miller '75
SS Lemaster '82
3B Hayes '99
LF Gabrielson '66
CF Joshua '76
RF J Alou '66
P Mulholland '95
Cl Johnson '72

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