All Time San Francisco Giants Starting 9: 1958-69

Monday, September 30, 2013

Here would be the top lineup, position by position, year by year, for the San Francisco Giants from their first year, 1958, until the end of the 60s.  Note, I'm strictly adhering to the dominant position for each player in each season (you won't see Mays at each OF position; he played center).

The number is my WAR, made from combining baseball-reference and Davenport.  

C Tom Haller 1967 4.0
-Haller had 5 of the top 6 seasons.

1B Willie McCovey 1969 8.05
-McCovey had 5 of the top 6 seasons

2B Ron Hunt 1968 5.15
-Hunt was 1-2.

SS Daryl Spencer 1958 3.85
-The only representative from that first SFG team to hold his spot through a dozen years.

3B Jim Ray Hart 1966 5.85
-Hart had the top three seasons.

LF Willie McCovey 1963 6.05
-McCovey beats out Cepeda at both positions.

CF Willie Mays 1964 10.95
-The 8 best Giants position player seasons in this period were from Mays.  8.  The 60s Giants weren't Mays, McCovey, Cepeda, the 60s Giants were Mays.

RF Bobby Bonds 1969 5.95

P Juan Marichal 1965 10.75
-Marichal has 6 of the top 7 slots.

RP Frank Linzy 1965 4.25

And the worst Giant season....

RF Jesus Alou 1966 -2.45

The Top 22 San Francisco Giants of All Time

Updated through 2014.  This is career value as a San Francisco Giant only; the number is my WAR number (B-Ref+Davenport/2). It's every player with 20+ career WAR in San Francisco.

1.       Bonds 114
2.       Mays 106.25
3.       Marichal 68.6
4.       McCovey 63
5.       WClark 39.3
6.       Perry 38.55
7.       Kent 36.2
8.       Thompson 32.75
9.       Cepeda 32.35
11.   Cain 31
11.   Williams 30.8
12.   Bo Bonds 29.9
13.   J Clark 28.2
14.   Barr 26.85
15. Posey 24.85
16.   Speier 24.25
17. Sandoval 23.15
18.   Evans 23.05
19.   Lincecum 21.4
20.   Hart 21.8
21.   Lavelle 21.45
22.   Schmidt 20.05

   2013: Lincecum's second straight sub replacement season keeps him from advancing.  Cain wasn't much better in 2013, but his year was enough to move him into the top 10.  Posey is now at 18.75 and we'll see him crack the top 20 after 2013.  This is bad hoodoo, but if Posey doesn't finish his Giants career in the top 5 it would be an enormous surprise.  

   2014: Cain gave back a little bit but still held his spot.  Lincecum gave back a lot, for the third straight year, but still kep his spot.  The big news is Posey, now, for overall value, one of the top 15 San Francisco Giants ever and Sandoval, in what might be his last season as a Giant, cracking the top 20. At some point I'll consider more than overall value and compose a larger list also including New York Giants.  

Wrapping it Up - the 2013 San Francisco Giants

You can get to 2012 here.

The 2013 Giants were not good - with 74 pythagorean wins, this is the 12th worst San Francisco Giants club ever.  Each year, I break down the performance by WAR (B-Ref+Davenport) to put the season in perspective. The number next to each player represents his WAR.

C BPosey 5.35
-a more than 2.5 win drop from 2012; this now becomes the second greatest season ever for a SFG catcher

1B BBelt 4.85
-2 win gain for Belt in his best season yet.

2B MScutaro 2.4
-almost identical to his performance the season before

SS BCrawford 1.85
- a drop of over a win from '12.

3B PSandoval 2.15
-a drop of over a win from '12

LF GBlanco 1.95
- a 3 win drop from Melky Cabrera's 2012.

CF APagan 1.05
-a 3.5 win drop from '12.  You see why we only won 74 pythag?

RF HPence 5.7
-The Giants best player in 2013; and a nearly 6 win gain.

OF JPerez 1.05
-The only other position player worth noting; Perez was worth a win in under 100 PA, he should be a real contender for more playing time at least as a useful 4th OF next year.

P MBumgarner 4.6
-almost a 2.5 win gain for Bumgarner, he was not quite as good as Cain, last year's ace.
    Things are about to get ugly.

    MCain .95
-As in less than one WAR. Cain lost 4 wins.

    YPetit .55
-Petit, at half a win, was our third best starting pitcher (4th, really, Gaudin was a swingman and will appear in a second)

    TLincecum -.3
-Lincecum's a sub replacement level pitcher, two straight seasons.  You should not be rooting for his return.

    R.Vogelsong -2.05
    B. Zito -2.85

The previous worst season for any San Francisco Giants player was Terry Mulholland's -2.35 in 1995.

This is half a win worse.  Barry Zito's 2013 is the worst season for any San Francisco Giant ever. A fitting end to his Giants career (Vogelsong is bottom ten ever)

Notable Rest:

P CGaudin 1.6
   S Romo 1.95
   S.Casilla 1.65
   J.Lopez 1.35
   J. Machie 1.15

2013 MLB Awards

Final results are in for the 2013 season.  Here is my ballot for MVP/Cy followed by the best player at each position in both leagues.

1. Paul Goldschmidt
2. Clayton Kershaw
3. Carlos Gomez

1. Clayton Kershaw
2. Cliff Lee
3. Jose Fernandez

1. Mike Trout
2. Miguel Cabrera
3. Chris Davis

1. Hisashi Iwakuma
2. Max Scherzer
3. Anibal Sanchez

NL All Stars
C Yadier Molina
1B Paul Goldschmidt
2B Matt Carpenter
SS Andrelton Simmons
3B David Wright
LF Carlos Gonzalez
CF Carlos Gomez
RF Hunter Pence
P Clayton Kershaw

AL All Stars
C Joe Mauer
1B Chris Davis
2B Robinson Cano
SS Jhonny Peralta
3B Miguel Cabrera
LF Alex Gordon
CF Mike Trout
RF Shane Victorino
DH David Ortiz
P Hisashi Iwakuma


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