Top 200 Baseball Players Ever - #183,182 JACK CLARK and JOHN CLARKSON

Friday, June 13, 2008

edit - you can find the updated rankings under the label best baseball players ever
#183 JACK CLARK RF Giants
OPS+ 137
BFW 29.6
WARP3 91.9

Not on the list - Ralph Kiner, Jason Giambi, Duke Snider, Lance Berkman
#182 JOHN CLARKSON RHP Cubs/Braves
ERA+ 134
PW 42.5
WARP3 87.3

If there are two modifications in the recent equivalency calculations, they've been an increase in the value of defense and a decrease in the value of pre 20th century ballplayers. Clarkson and Kid Nichols, who will appear later, take some hits, for example.

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