The Greatest MLB Tournament Ever Created (AL, Round One, Group 5)

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Last group was here

5. 2018 Astros (lost ALCS)
124. 1946 Yankees (finished 3rd)

-the '17 Astros have already advanced, a dozen Yankees squads are already in the Round of 64. Jose Altuve and George Springer are both 28, Alex Bregman's 24.  Justin Verlander leads the pitching staff for the Astros at 35.  It's a Yankees team with a half dozen Hall of Famers, a 31 year old Joe DiMaggio leading the way. 

C Yankees-Robinson
1B Astros-Gurriel
2B Astros-Altuve
SS Astros-Correa
3B Astros-Bregman
LF Yankees-Keller
CF Yankees-DiMaggio
RF Yankees-Henrich
DH Yankees-Johnson
SP1 Astros-Verlander
SP2 Yankees-Bevens
SP3 Astros-Cole
Cl Astros-Rondon
Double: Bat WAR Yankees

Double: Pit WAR Astros

Astros 9 Yankees 8 - Looked like Houston was going to run away with it after the IF matchups, but NYY swept the OF and was up 1 until Houston took the final 2 pitching matchups; the overall totals split and Houston escapes.  

60. 1972 A's (Won WS)
69. 1997 Yankees (lost ALDS)

-we know the Yankees story, they're sitting on 12 headed to the next round; the A's only have 2 and both of those are Philadelphia clubs.  Can Oakland make it to the Round of 64?  Reggie Jackson and Catfish Hunter are both 26.  For New York - Derek Jeter is also 26, Bernie Williams is 28, and Andy Pettitte's 25.

C A's-Duncan
1B Yankees-Martinez
2B Yankees-Sojo
SS A's-Campaneris
3B A's-Bando
LF A's-Rudi
CF Yankees-Williams
RF Yankees-O'Neill
SP1 Yankees-Pettitte
SP2 Yankees-Wells
SP3 Yankees-Cone
Cl Yankees-Rivera
Double: Bat WAR A's
Double: Pit WAR Yankees

Yankees 11 A's 6 - that New York run, swept the OF, won the DH, swept all 4 pitching matchups - just too much for the A's and the 13th NYY team has moved on.

28. 1995 Indians (Lost WC)
101. 2014 A's (lost WC)

2 A's teams and 1 Cleveland team has advanced - which of these modern clubs moves on?  Cleveland's got a 28 year old Albert Belle, a 24 year old Jim Thome, a 28 year old Kenny Lofton and a 23 year old Manny Ramirez.  Whew.  The A's counter with a 28 year old Josh Donaldson.

C A's-Norris
1B A's-Moss
2B Indians-Baerga
SS Push
3B A's-Donaldson
LF Indians-Belle
CF Indians-Lofton
RF Indians-Ramirez
SP1 Indians-Martinez
SP2 Indians-Nagy
SP3 Indians-Hershiser
Cl Indians-Mesa
Double: Bat WAR Indians
Double: Pit WAR Indians

Indians 13 A's 3 - Mercy.  After the IF matchups, Oakland led 3-1 and then they just got stampeded.  

37. 1938 Yankees (Won WS)
92. 1964 White Sox (2nd in AL)

-The Yankees have 13 teams in the Field of 64; the White Sox have 1 - the team from the season prior, 1963.  Six Hall of Famers for NYY - DiMaggio's 23, Dickey's 31, Gehrig's 35 in his last full season.  The White Sox have fewer of those guys. 

C Yankees-Dickey
1B Yankees-Gehrig
2B Yankees-Gordon
SS White Sox-Hansen
3B White Sox-Ward
LF Yankees-Selkirk
CF Yankees-DiMaggio
RF Yankees-Henrich
SP1 Yankees-Ruffing
SP2 Yankees-Gomez
SP3 White Sox-Horlen
Cl White Sox-Wilhelm
Double: Bat WAR Yankees
Double: Pit WAR White Sox

Yankees 10 White Sox 6 - NY threatened to pull away sweeping the OF and taking the first 2 pitching matchups, but the ChiSox were able to keep it competitive.  

12. 1912 Red Sox (won WS)
117. 1980 Orioles (2nd in AL East)

Boston's got 4 entrants in the next round; Baltimore's got 2, including the '79 club.  The Sox are led by a 24 year old Tris Speaker and a 22 year old Smokey Joe Wood. Baltimore's got a 24 year old Eddie Murray and a 34 year old Jim Palmer.

C Orioles-Dempsey
1B Orioles-Murray
2B Orioles-Dauer
SS Sox-Wagner
3B Sox-Gardner
LF Sox-Lewis
CF Sox-Speaker
RF Orioles-Singleton
SP1 Sox-Wood
SP2 Sox-O'Brien
SP3 Sox-Bedient
Cl Orioles-Stoddard
Double: Bat WAR Orioles
Double: Pit WAR Orioles

Orioles 10 Red Sox 7 - a pretty big upset, Baltimore lost the matchups, but narrowly took all the totals and they advance.  

53. 1921 Yankees (lost WS)
76. 1955 White Sox (3rd in AL)

-Yup, another Yankees/White Sox matchup.  This is a Babe Ruth club, he's 26.  Nellie Fox is 27, Minnie Minoso 29 for the Sox. 

C Yankees-Schang
1B Yankees-Pipp
2B White Sox-Fox
SS Yankees-Peckinpaugh
3B Push
LF Yankees-Ruth
CF Yankees-Miller
RF Yankees-Meusel
SP1 White Sox-Pierce
SP2 Yankees-Hoyt
SP3 Yankees-Shawkey
Cl Push
Double: Bat WAR Yankees
Double: Pit WAR White Sox

Yankees 10 White Sox 4 - The OF sweep just too much here, that's 15 Yankee teams moving on.

21. 1914 A's (lost WS)
108. 1964 Yankees (lost WS)

-the A's are scuffling in the bracket; the Yankees steamrolling.  Eddie Collins is 27, Home Run Baker 28 for the A's.  Mantle is 32, Maris 29 for the Yankees. 

C Yankees-Howard
1B A's-McInnis
2B A's-Collins
SS A's-Barry
3B A's-Baker
LF Yankees-Tresh
CF Yankees-Mantle
RF Yankees-Maris
SP1 Yankees-Bouton
SP2 Yankees-Downing
SP3 Yankees-Ford
Cl Yankees-Pennock
Double: Bat WAR A's
Double: Pit WAR Yankees

Yankees 10 A's 6 - The New York Yankees are laying waste to Group 5.  

44. 1934 Tigers (lost WS)
85. 1965 Twins (lost WS)

-3 Tigers teams have advanced, 1 Minnesota team. Gehringer and Cochrane are both 31, Greenberg's 33. For the Twins, Killebrew is 29 and Oliva is 26.

C Tigers-Cochrane
1B Tigers-Greenberg
2B Tigers-Gehringer
SS Twins-Versalles
3B Tigers-Owen
LF Twins-Allison
CF Twins-Hall
RF Twins-Oliva
SP1 Tigers-Bridges
SP2 Tigers-Rowe
SP3 Twins-Perry
Cl Tigers-Auker
Double: Bat WAR Tigers
Double: Pit WAR Tigers

Tigers 11 Twins 5 - tight until the totals, the totals were also tight, but the Tigers took them both and moved on.  

Here's the next round:

5. 2018 Astros
69. 1997 Yankees

28. 1995 Indians
37. 1938 Yankees

117. 1980 Orioles
53. 1921 Yankees

108. 1964 Yankees
44. 1934 Tigers

Back to the NL next time, led by the 1942 Cardinals.  

20 Games In - 2019 NBA All Stars

Monday, November 26, 2018

They're doing the draft again for this year's NBA All-Star game; at least for purposes of this post, I won't worry about that.  Here are the players currently having the best seasons in the NBA.  I'll do this again at the halfway mark.

C J.Embiid Phi
F G.Antetokounmpo Mil
F K.Middleton Mil
G K.Walker Charl
G K.Lowry Tor

C N.Vukevic Orl
F P.Siakam Tor
F K.Leonard Tor
G J.Butler Phi
G K.Irving Bos
G E.Bledsoe Mil
G B.Simmons Phi

C A.Davis NO
F L.James LAL  - MVP
F K.Durant GSW
G D.Lillard Por
G. J.Harden Hou

C R.Gobert Utah
C N.Jokic Den
C M.Gasol Mem
C S.Adams OKC
F P.George OKC
F M.Harrell LAC
G D.DeRozan SA

Athlete of the Month, November, 2018

October was here.

Drew Brees.  Runners-up: Patrick Mahomes, Jared Goff, Philip Rivers

We are right down to it, folks.  One month left.

     January: Nick Foles
     February: Yuzuru Hanyu
     March: Azura Stevens
     April: Arike Ogunbowale
     May: LeBron James
     June: Kevin Durant
     July: Kylian Mbappe
     August: Brooks Koepka
     September: Breanna Stewart
     October: Steve Pearce
     November: Drew Brees

The Greatest MLB Tournament Ever Created (NL, Round One, Group 4)

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Last group was here.

4. 1944 Cardinals (Won WS) 
125. 1898 Braves (Beaneaters) (1st)

-the '43 Cards have already advanced, none of the 19th century teams have made it to the next round. 23 year old Stan Musial leads St Louis; the future Braves have a 28 year old Kid Nichols.

C Cards-Cooper
1B Cards-Sanders
2B Braves-Lowe
SS Cards-Marion
3B Braves-Collins
LF Braves-Duffy
CF Cards-Hopp
RF Cards-Musial
SP1 Braves-Nichols
SP2 Braves-Lewis
SP3 Braves-Willis
Cl Push
Double: Bat WAR Cards
Double: Pit WAR Cards

Cards 9 Braves 6 -By virtue of that starting pitching sweep, the Braves won the matchups, but lost both of the overall totals and wound up getting knocked from the tournament.

61. 1929 Cubs (Lost WS)
68. 1903 Giants (2nd in NL)

-Two turn of the century Cubs teams have moved to the next round; two turn of the century Giants teams have joined them.  This should be competitive.  The Cubs team has a 33 year old Rogers Hornsby, a 29 year old Hack Wilson, a 28 year old Gabby Hartnett.  For the Giants, it's a 22 year old Mathewson and a 32 year old Joe McGinnity. 

C Giants-Warner
1B Giants-McGann
2B Cubs-Hornsby
SS Cubs-English
3B Cubs-McMillan
LF Cubs-Stephenson
CF Cubs-Wilson
RF Cubs-Cuyler
SP1 Giants-McGinnity
SP2 Giants-Mathewson
SP3 Cubs-Malone
Cl Giants-Miller
Double: Bat WAR Cubs
Double: Pit WAR Giants

Cubs 9 Giants 7 - That enormous Cubs run right through the heart of the lineup really put the game out of reach.  

29. 1993 Braves (lost NLCS)
100. 1908 Pirates (2nd in NL)

-two Braves teams from the 90s are already in the Field of 64; two of those 19-aughts Pirates teams have joined them - that makes for a nice matchup here.  You know the Braves - Maddux (27) Smoltz (26) Glavine (27).  The Pirates have a 34 year old Honus Wagner and a 35 year old Fred Clarke.

C Pirates-Gibson
1B Braves-Bream
2B Pirates-Abbaticchio
SS Pirates-Wagner
3B Pirates-Leach
LF Push
CF Push
RF Braves-Justice
SP1 Braves-Maddux
SP2 Braves-Smoltz
SP3 Braves-Glavine
Cl Pirates-Young
Double: Bat WAR Braves
Double: Pit WAR Braves

Braves 9 Pirates 5 - Dead even until we got the overall totals, despite Pittsburgh's position player advantage during the matchups, the Braves still added the overall hitting to their clear pitching win to advance. 

36. 1949 Dodgers (lost WS)
93. 1910 Giants (2nd in NL)

-5 Dodger squads have already advanced into the Field of 64, their longtime rivals haven't been as fortunate, only 2 Giants clubs have thusfar moved forward.  Jackie and Pee Wee are both 30, Duke Snider is 22, Campanella and Furillo are both 27.  For the Giants - it's Mathewson again, now at age 29. 

C Dodgers-Campanella
1B Dodgers-Hodges
2B Dodgers-Robinson
SS Dodgers-Reese
3B Giants-Devlin
LF Dodgers-Hermanski
CF Dodgers-Snider
RF Dodgers-Furillo
SP1 Giants-Mathewson
SP2 Dodgers-Roe
SP3 Giants-Drucke
Cl Giants-Crandall
Double: Bat WAR Dodgers
Double: Pit WAR Giants

Dodgers 10 Giants 6 - the bats were just too much, both in the position player matchups and then overall, and the Dodgers move on.  

13. 1942 Dodgers (2nd in NL)
116. 1888 Browns (Cardinals) (Lost WS)

-The Dodgers just pushed their 7th team through to the next round, zero 19th century teams have advanced - this sure looks like a mismatch.  Pee Wee is 23 and he's with the pre-Jackie Dodgers (Dolph Camilli's 35, Billy Herman's 32). The future Cardinals have a 28 year old Charlie Comiskey and a 20 year old Silver King.

C Dodgers-Owen
1B Dodgers-Camilli
2B Browns-Robinson
SS Dodgers-Reese
3B Browns-Latham
LF Browns-O'Neill
CF Dodgers-Reiser
RF Browns-McCarthy
SP1 Browns-King
SP2 Browns-Hudson
SP3 Dodgers-Davis
Cl Dodgers-Casey
Double: Bat WAR Dodgers
Double: Pit WAR Browns

Dodgers 9 Browns 8 - well, it took a tiebreak, but the Dodgers bat advantage was greater than their mound deficit and an 8th Dodgers squad makes the field of 64.

52. 1921 Giants (won WS)
77. 1999 Braves (lost WS)

-The '93, '97, '98 Braves have already advanced, can they make it a quartet against a Giants franchise really struggling to move teams into the next round. Frankie Frisch is 23, Dave Bancroft is 30 for the Giants. For the Braves - Andruw Jones is 22, Chipper 27, and then the arms - Smoltz 32, Glavine and Maddux 33.

C Giants-Snyder
1B Giants-Kelly
2B Braves-Boone
SS Giants-Bancroft
3B Giants-Frisch
LF Giants-Burns
CF Braves-Jones
RF Giants-Youngs
SP1 Braves-Glavine
SP2 Braves-Millwood
SP3 Braves-Maddux
Cl Braves-Rocker
Double: Bat WAR Giants
Double: Pit WAR Braves

Braves 9 Giants 8 - another tiebreak, the Braves substantial pitching edge was the slightest bit more substantial than the Giants substantial pitching edge.

20. 1953 Dodgers (lost WS)
109. 1882 Cubs (White Stockings) (1st)

The Dodgers have 8 teams in the field of 64; no 19th century teams have advanced.  This should follow suit.  Jackie and Pee Wee are 34, Campy 31 and the Duke is 26.  King Kelly (24) and Cap Anson (30) for the future Cubs.

C Dodgers-Campanella
1B Push
2B Dodgers-Gilliam
SS Dodgers-Reese
3B Cubs-Williamson
LF Dodgers-Robinson
CF Dodgers-Snider
RF Dodgers-Furillo
SP1 Push
SP2 Cubs-Corcoran
SP3 Cubs-Williamson
Cl Dodgers-Hughes
Double: Bat WAR Dodgers
Double: Pit WAR Dodgers

Dodgers 11 Cubs 3 - sure, had I to do it again, I'd leave the 19th century teams at home, live and learn.  

45. 1913 Giants (lost WS)
84. 1972 Reds (lost WS)

-the Giants have struggled to get through to the next round, two of the Reds teams from the 70s have already advanced.  It's Matthewson for the Giants, he's 32.  For the Reds - Morgan (28) Bench (24) Rose (31) Perez (30)

C Reds-Bench
1B Reds-Bench
2B Reds-Morgan
SS Giants-Fletcher
3B Reds-Menke
LF Reds-Rose
CF Reds-Tolan
RF Giants-Murray
SP1 Giants-Mathewson
SP2 Giants-Marquard
SP3 Giants-Tesreau
Cl Reds-Carroll
Double: Bat WAR Reds
Double: Pit WAR Giants

Reds 9 Giants 7 - if Clay Carroll doesn't win that closers matchup then it is deadlocked and, without fully doing the math, that tiebreak would have been very, very close - but we didn't get there, the Reds bats carry the day and they advance.

Here's the next round:

1944 Cards
1929 Cubs

1993 Braves
1949 Dodgers

1942 Dodgers
1999 Braves

1953 Dodgers
1972 Reds

That's half of the first round down.  When we come back it's with the AL, Group 5 - led by the 2018 Houston Astros.  

The Greatest MLB Tournament Ever Created (AL, Round One, Group 4)

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Last group is here.

4. 1910 A's (won WS)
125. 2003 Mariners (2nd in West)

-Something's got to give here, each of the top seeds in all groups, both leagues, have advanced so far - but modern teams have really had great success against 19th C/early 20th squads.  23 year old Eddie Collins, 24 year old Home Run Baker, 26 year old Chief Bender, 34 year old Eddie Plank - all Hall of Famers leading the A's.  The Mariners have a 29 year old Ichiro Suzuki, a 40 year old Edgar Martinez and a 34 year old John Olerud.  Let's see if we get the biggest upset in the tournament thusfar.

C A's-Lapp
1B Mariners-Olerud
2B A's-Collins
SS A's-Barry
3B A's-Baker
LF Mariners-Winn
CF Mariners-Cameron
RF Mariners-Suzuki
DH Mariners-Martinez
SP1 A's-Coombs
SP2 A's-Franklin
SP3 Mariners-Pineiro
Cl Mariners-Hasegawa
Double: Bat WAR A's
Double: Pit WAR Mariners

Mariners 9 A's 8 - and it happened; the Mariners pitching advantage is as slight as it could possibly have been to not be called a push - it is the thinnest possible margin of victory for the modern club.

61. 2002 Angels (Won WS)
68. 1952 Yankees (Won WS)

-10 Yankee teams are already in the Field of '64, but none from the 50s (the '54 and '55 teams got bounced)  I believe this is the only Angels representative in the tournament. The Angels have a 28 year old Darin Erstad and a 30 year old Garret Anderson. The Yankees have a 20 year old Mickey Mantle and a 27 year old Yogi Berra. 

C Yankees-Berra
1B Yankees-Collins
2B Angels-Kennedy
SS Angels-Eckstein
3B Angels-Glaus
LF Angels-Anderson
CF Yankees-Mantle
RF Yankees-Bauer
DH Angels-Fullmer
SP1 Yankees-Reynolds
SP2 Angels-Washburn
SP3 Push
Cl Angels-Percival
Double: Bat WAR Yankees
Double: Pit WAR Angels

Angels 9 Yankees 7 - the Angels really won with the pitching, they got the matchup win and the overall win, getting them the victory.

29. 1935 Tigers (Won WS)
100. 1905 A's (Lost WS)

-The '10 A's team just got knocked off in the biggest upset seed wise we're likely to see in the entire tournament; we've seen a couple of Tigers teams already make the Field of 64. The A's have 21 year old Chief Bender, 29 year old Eddie Plank and 28 year old Rube Waddell.  The Tigers have 24 year old Hank Greenberg, 32 year old Mickey Cochrane, 32 year old Charlie Gehringer.

C Tigers-Cochrane
1B Tigers-Greenberg
2B Tigers-Gehringer
SS Tigers-Rogell
3B A's-Cross
LF A's-Hartsel
CF A's-Hoffman
RF A's-Seybold
SP1 A's-Plank
SP2 A's-Waddell
SP3 A's-Coakley
Cl Tigers-Hogsett
Double: Bat WAR Tigers
Double: Pit WAR A's

A's 9 Tigers 7 - The A's ran swept the outfield and dominated the pitching to pull the big upset.  

36. 1956 Yankees (Won WS)
93. 2017 Astros (Won WS)

-The 50s Yankees still don't have a representative in the Field of 64 - and they take on a very recent Houston Astros club.  Mantle's 24, Yogi's 31, Whitey's 27.  For the Astros Jose Altuve is 27, Alex Bregman's 23, Carlos Correa is 22.

C Yankees-Berra
1B Yankees-Skowron
2B Astros-Altuve
SS Astros-Correa
3B Astros-Bregman
LF Astros-Aoki
CF Yankees-Mantle
RF Astros-Reddick
DH Yankees-Collins
SP1 Yankees-Ford
SP2 Astros-Morton
SP3 Astros-Keuchel
Cl Astros -Giles
Double: Bat WAR Astros
Double: Pit WAR Astros

Astros 10 Yankees 7 - Houston wins those infield matchups and then sweeps the overall categories

13. 1953 Yankees (Won WS)
116. 1963 White Sox (2nd in AL)

-The Yankees 50s clubs still can't find a spot in the next round; the White Sox don't have any representatives at all who have advanced.  Let's see what gives.  Mantle's 21, Yogi's 28, Whitey's 24. The Sox have a 40 year old Hoyt Wilhelm and a 26 year old Gary Peters. 

C Yankees-Berra
1B Yankees-Collins
2B Yankees-Martin
SS White Sox-Hansen
3B White Sox-Ward
LF Yankees-Woodling
CF Yankees-Mantle
RF Yankees-Bauer
SP1 White Sox-Peters
SP2 White Sox-Herbert
SP3 White Sox-Pizarro
Cl White Sox-Wilhelm
Double: Bat WAR Yankees
Double: Pit WAR White Sox

White Sox 9 Yankees 8 - the 50s Yankees teams continue to be snakebit, here, they had a heavy advantage with the bats and just got clean swept on the mound.  

52. 1913 A's (won WS)
77. 1949 Yankees (won WS)

-we just saw one of these A's teams advance, while the Yankees have struggled recently - let's see what happens here. We've seen this A's quartet of Hall of Famers multiple times - Baker is 27, Collins 26, Bender 29 and Plank is 37.  This Yankee team has a 34 year old DiMaggio and a 24 year old Yogi.

C Yankees-Berra
1B A's-McInnish
2B A's-Collins
SS A's-Barry
3B A's-Baker
LF A's-Oldring
CF Yankees-DiMaggio
RF Yankees-Henrich
SP1 Yankees-Raschi
SP2 Yankees-Lopat
SP3 Yankees-Reynolds
Cl Yankees-Page
Double: Bat WAR A's
Double: Pit WAR Yankees

Yankees 9 A's 7 - The A's dominated offensively, sweeping through the IF, but New York won every pitching matchup and then easily took the overall pitching.  The Yankees advance. 

20. 1917 White Sox (won WS)
109. 1951 Yankees (won WS)

We just had a White Sox/Yankees matchup; here, it's the ChiSox who are the solid favorites.  Shoeless Joe is 29 and Eddie Collins is 30. The two years prior Yankees just advanced in the previous game - it's a 26 year old Yogi and a 36 year old DiMaggio joined by a 19 year old Mickey Mantle

C Yankees-Berra
1B White Sox-Gandil
2B White Sox-Collins
SS Yankees-Rizutto
3B White Sox-Weaver
LF White Sox-Jackson
CF White Sox-Felsch
RF Push
SP1 White Sox-Cicotte
SP2 Yankees-Lopat
SP3 Yankees-Reynolds
Cl White Sox-Danforth
Double: Bat WAR Yankees
Double: Pit WAR White Sox

White Sox 9 Yankees 6 - the Yankees had better overall bats, but the White Sox won the lineup matchups and the total pitching to advance.  

45. 1909 Tigers (lost WS)
84. 1930 A's  (Won WS)

-we finish up the first half of Round 1 in the American League with Tigers/A's - we've seen one of these Ty Cobb Tigers teams advance already; and the 1929 A's, just a year before this club, have already moved forward.  Cobb is 22 here, Sam Crawford's 29. Mickey Cochrane isn't a Tiger - that doesn't happen until '34.  He's a 27 year old A - and so is a 43 year old Eddie Collins, a 22 year old Jimmie Foxx, a 30 year old Lefty Grove.

C A's-Cochrane
1B A's-Foxx
2B A's-Bishop
SS Tigers-Bush
3B Tigers-Moriarity
LF A's-Simmons
CF Tigers-Crawford
RF Tigers-Cobb
SP1 Tigers-Mullin
SP2 A's-Grove
SP3 Tigers-Summers
Cl Push
Double: Bat WAR Tigers
Double: Pit WAR A's

Tigers 8 A's 7 - Just super close a dead even matchup with Detroit's bats just...barely squeezing them by the A's to end Group 4.  The next time we see this group:

125. 2003 Mariners
61. 2002 Angels

100. 1905 A's
93. 2017 Astros

116. 1963 White Sox
77. 1949 Yankees

20. 1917 White Sox
45. 1909 Tigers

Half the bracket for the AL is done.  When we return to the NL for Group 4, it's with the 4th seed in the NL, the 1944 Cardinals.

My 2019 MLB Hall of Fame Ballot

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

You can select up to 10 and I'll be doing that.  Here's my 2019 Hall of Fame Ballot

1. Barry Bonds
2. Roger Clemens
3. Mariano Rivera
4. Manny Ramirez
5. Lance Berkman
6. Mike Mussina
7. Curt Schilling
8. Roy Halladay
9. Larry Walker
10. Edgar Martinez

Guys I'd Likely Vote For When/If the Ballot Permits:
11. Gary Sheffield
12. Jeff Kent
13. Todd Helton
14. Scott Rolen
15. Andruw Jones
16. Andy Pettitte
17. Billy Wagner

The Greatest MLB Tournament Ever Created (NL, Round One, Group 3)

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Last group is here.

National League Round One, Group 3

3. 1909 Cubs   (2nd in NL)
126. 1889 Dodgers (Bridegrooms) (Lost WS)

-The '06 Cubs are the top overall NL seed; they've already advanced, three years later they're back - Tinker is 28, Evers 27, Chance 32 and so is Three Finger Brown - all Hall of Famers.  This is our first look at the 19th century Dodgers, led by a 25 year old Bob Caruthers.  

C Dodgers-Clark
1B Dodgers-Foutz
2B Cubs-Evers
SS Cubs-Tinker
3B Cubs-Steinfeldt
LF Dodgers-O'Brien
CF Cubs-Hoffman
RF Dodgers-Burns
SP1 Cubs-Brown
SP2 Cubs-Overall
SP3 Cubs-Reulbach
Cl Cubs-Hagerman
Double: Bat WAR Dodgers

Double: Pit WAR Cubs

Cubs 10 Dodgers 6 - the pitching advantage for the Cubs was overwhelming and they advance.

62. 1903 Pirates (lost WS)
67. 1931 Giants (2nd in NL)

-The second overall seed in the NL was the '02 Pirates, they've already advanced as have the '06 Pirates.  A 29 year old Honus Wagner and 30 year old Fred Clarke look to get their third squad into the Round of 64.  The Giants have been less successful - three teams from the 20s are already knocked out.  This club has a 32 year old Bill Terry, a 22 year old Mel Ott, and a 28 year old Carl Hubbell.  

C Giants-Phelps
1B Giants-Terry
2B Pirates-Ritchey
SS Pirates-Wagner
3B Pirates-Leach
LF Pirates-Clarke
CF Pirates-Beaumont
RF Giants-Ott
SP1 Pirates-Phillippe
SP2 Pirates-Leever
SP3 Giants-Walker
Cl Push
Double: Bat WAR Push
Double: Pit WAR Pirates

Pirates 9 Giants 4 - The trends continue, player by player the Pirates had the advantage and kept that rolling through the entire pitching staff.  

30. 1918 Cubs (Lost WS)
99. 1920 Dodgers (Robins) (Lost WS)

We just saw the '09 Cubs; this is a different squad, 30 year old Hippo Vaughn and 28 year old Max Flack. We haven't seen a Dodgers team from this era, this is a 32 year old Zack Wheat and a 26 year old Burleigh Grimes. 

C Cubs-Killefer
1B Cubs-Merkle
2B Dodgers-Kilduff
SS Cubs-Hollocher
3B Dodgers-Johnston
LF Dodgers-Wheat
CF Dodgers-Myers
RF Cubs-Flack
SP1 Cubs-Vaughn
SP2 Cubs-Tyler
SP3 Push
Cl Dodgers-Mamaux
Double: Bat WAR Push
Double: Pit WAR Dodgers

Dodgers 7 Cubs 6 - The Cubs had the matchup pitching edge, but the Dodgers overall pitching staff win gets them the upset.

35. 2011 Phillies (lost NLDS)
94. 1877 Braves (Red Stockings) (1st in NL)

-It's the first 21st century NL team of the tournament, Utley and Rollins are both 32, so is Cliff Lee - Halladay is older, he's 34, and Cole Hamels is younger, he's 27.  They're playing a Reconstruction Era Braves team with 4 Hall of Famers - Deacon White (29) Jim O'Rourke (26) and George and Harry Wright (30 and 42). The Braves are going to lose, 1877 is too far back to make sense for the tournament.

C Phillies-Ruiz
1B Braves-White
2B Phillies-Utley
SS Phillies-Rollins
3B Phillies-Polanco
LF Braves-O'Rourke
CF Phillies-Victorino
RF Phillies-Pence
SP1 Phillies-Halladay
SP2 Phillies-Lee
SP3 Phillies-Hamels
Cl Phillies-Madson
Double: Bat WAR Phillies
Double: Pit WAR Phillies

Phillies 14 Braves 2 - as mentioned, the deck was stacked here and the Phillies cruise

14. 1919 Reds (Won WS)
115. 2013 Braves (Lost NLDS)
-The Reds have already placed 3 teams into the Round of 64, a 29 year old Heinie Groh and 26 year old Edd Roush try to make it a 4th. The Braves are the second 21st century NL team and try to duplicate the success of the first with three 23 year olds - Freddie Freeman, Jason Heyward, Andrelton Simmons.  

C Braves-McCann
1B Braves-Freeman
2B Reds-Rath
SS Braves-Simmons
3B Reds-Groh
LF Braves-Upton
CF Reds-Roush
RF Braves-Heyward
SP1 Push
SP2 Reds-Ruether
SP3 Reds-Sallee
Cl Braves-Kimbrel
Double: Bat WAR Reds
Double: Pit WAR Braves

Braves 8 Reds 7 - everything was razor thin, these teams really couldn't have been more evenly matched, but those modern teams who managed to make the field just have a little bit extra and that carried Atlanta to the Round of 64.

51. 2018 Dodgers (Lost WS)
78. 1993 Giants (2nd in West)

-It's my favorite all time team, the '93 Giants, Barry Bonds is 28, Will Clark's 29, Matt Williams is 27.  They face last year's Dodgers - Clayton Kershaw's 30, Manny Machado's 25, Justin Turner's 33.  The 21st NL teams are unbeaten - can my Giants knock them off.

C Dodgers-Grandal
1B Dodgers-Bellinger
2B Giants-Thompson
SS Dodgers-Taylor
3B Giants-Williams
LF Giants-Bonds
CF Dodgers-Hernandez
RF Dodgers-Puig
SP1 Giants-Swift
SP2 Giants-Burkett
SP3 Dodgers-Buehler
Cl Giants-Beck
Double: Bat WAR Giants
Double: Pit WAR Dodgers

Dodgers 9 Giants 8 - ah, come on.  The Dodgers pitching depth gets them a win in the tiebreaker.  Come on.  

19. 1998 Braves (Lost NLCS)
110. 1880 Cubs (White Stockings) (1st in NL)

The Cubs are going to lose, that hundred year difference is just too much as we've seen sufficiently, I think. You know the deal with the Braves - it's Maddux (32) Glavine (32) and Smoltz (31). The '97 Braves have already advanced.  The Cubs have a 22 year old King Kelly and a 28 year old Cap Anson.

C Braves-Lopez
1B Cubs-Anson
2B Push
SS Cubs-Burns
3B Braves-Jones
LF Cubs-Dalrymple
CF Braves-Jones
RF Cubs-Kelly
SP1 Braves-Maddux
SP2 Braves-Glavine
SP3 Braves-Neagle
Cl Braves-Ligtenberg
Double: Bat WAR Braves
Double: Pit WAR Braves

Braves 11 Cubs 4 - The Cubs actually had the advantage until we got to the pitching and from that point it was a rout.  

46. 1912 Pirates (2nd in NL)
83. 1977 Phillies (Lost NLCS)

-Three Honus Wagner teams have already advanced; in 1912 he was 38, can he make it a quartet?  The greatest shortstop ever faces off against the greatest third baseman ever, as 27 year old Mike Schmidt leads the Phillies. 

C Phillies-Boone
1B Phillies-Hebner
2B Phillies-Sizemore
SS Pirates-Wagner
3B Phillies-Schmidt
LF Phillies-Luzinski
CF Push
RF Phillies-Johnstone
SP1 Phillies-Carlton
SP2 Pirates-Camnitz
SP3 Pirates-O'Toole
Cl Pirates-Robinson
Double: Bat WAR Phillies
Double: Pit WAR Pirates

Phillies 9 Pirates 6 - the Bucs don't add that 4th squad as they fall to a more modern team who really dominates them offensively.  

That sets up this bracket for the Round of 64:

1909 Cubs
1903 Pirates

1920 Dodgers
2011 Phillies

2013 Braves
2018 Dodgers

1998 Braves
1977 Phillies

Back with AL Group 4 next - headed up by the 1910 A's

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