Will Brady Actually Serve A Full Four Game Suspension?

Friday, July 24, 2015

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Will Brady Actually Serve A Full Four Game Suspension?

The NFL seems to be in no hurry when it comes to coming to a conclusion on Deflate Gate. They originally handed
out a bunch of fines and suspensions, and that included a four game suspension 
for Tom Brady for his part. He decided to go through an appeal process, which has been now dragging on for a 
while. As we wait, what suspension will Brady actually be facing?

Missing four games in a 16 game season is obviously a pretty big deal. People in fantasy football 
are very hesitant to invest into him, and New England could possibly lose some games during that stretch. It would be 
frustrating to say the least, but they are feeling confident that it will be reduced at least a little bit.

It has been extremely frustrating to follow this drawn out process, as the NFLPA officially
 appealed the suspension in the middle of May. We are now more than two months after that 
appeal process started, and the preseason is right around the corner as well. New England should
be informed whether or not they will have their starting quarterback available to play.

The most common thought right now seems to be that the suspension will be cut in half, and 
Brady will only serve two games. He is obviously fighting to have the entire suspension
 removed, but they might not be able to pull that off. Keeping it at four games seems a little bit absurd, especially 
when you look at some of the suspensions handed out for other more serious and severe issues. It is always going
to be somewhat of a judgment call, but the vast majority feel like four games is overkill.

For now, New England is preparing Jimmy Garoppolo to start the season. The second year player out of Eastern
Illinois obviously lacks experience, but New England has been teaching him the system for over a year now. As long
as he can act as a game manager, the team should still do  well with their schedule.

Look for a definite answer sooner rather than later from the NFL. It seems unlikely that they 
would be able to drag this into the month of August. In a way, it pretty much feels like last 
season is still not over until this is all settled. Considering New England is trying to defend their title, 
it is a pretty big decision.

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