2013 NFL Running Back Ratings

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Part I is here.  Scale is 0-5. Not fantasy.  

2013 Running Back Ratings

AFC East
NE Ridley 3.75, Vereen 3 Blount Bolden Devlin
Buff  Spiller 4 Jackson 2.75 Choice Summers
Mia Miller 2.75 Thomas Thigpen Gillislee 
NYJ Ivory 2.75 Powell Bohanon

AFC North
Balt Rice 4 Leach Pierce 
Cin Green-Ellis 1.5 Bernard Peerman Burkhead Charles
Pit Redman Jones Bell Stephens-Howling Johnson
Cle Richardson 3.25  Ogbonnaya

AFC South
Hou Foster 4.25 Tate Wood Jones
Ind Ballard 2 Havili Bradshaw 3 Brown 
Tenn Johnson 2.75 Greene Renaud Battle
Jax Jones-Drew 4 Forsett  Robinson Todman Ta'ufo'ou

AFC West
Den Hillman 2 MBall Moreno Anderson
KC Charles 4.5 Davis Gray Sherman
SD Mathews 3 McClain Woodhead 2.75 Brown
Oak McFadden 3 Reece Jennings Stewart

NFC East
Wash Morris 3.75 Helu Royster Young
NYG Wilson 2 Brown 2 Scott Hynoski
Phil McCoy 4 Brown Polk
Dall Murray 4 Dunbar Tanner Randle

NFC North
GB Lacy Kuhn 2 Franklin Starks
Chi Forte 3.25 Bush Ford Flammetta
Det Bush 2.75 Leshoure Bell
Minn Peterson 5 Gerhart Asiata Line

NFC South
Carol  Tolbert Williams 3 Barner Smith
NO Thomas 3.75 Sproles 3.25 Ingram Collins
Atl Jackson 3 Rodgers Snelling Ewing
TB Martin 4 Leonard James Hills Lorig

NFC West
Sea Lynch 4  Turbin Michael Coleman
SF Gore 3.75 Miller 2.75 Hunter James Dixon
Ari Mendenhall 2.25 Williams Taylor 
StL Richardson 2 Cunningham Stacy

2013 NFL Quarterback Ratings

This is not a fantasy list.

I've assigned a number, on a 0-5 scale, to every player in the National Football League.

Okay, I haven't, that's insane, but I've done it for most of the projected starters.  Not all.  Most  I'm adding in some additions from the depth charts that won't get ratings.  Just the one dude.

This is that. 

2013 Quarterback Ratings

AFC East
NE Brady 5 Mallett
Buff  Manuel Tuel
Mia Tannehill 2.75 Moore Devlin
NYJ Sanchez .75 Smith Simms

AFC North
Balt Flacco 3.75 Taylor
Cin Dalton 2.5 Johnson
Pit Roethlisberger 4.25 Gradkowski Jones
Cle Weeden 0 Campbell Hoyer

AFC South
Hou Schaub 3 Yates Keenum
Ind Luck 4 Hasselbeck
Tenn Locker 1 Fitzpatrick
Jax Gabbert 1 Henne Stanzi

AFC West
Den Manning 4.75 Osweiler Dysert
KC Smith 2.5 Daniel Bray
SD Rivers 2.75 Whitehurst Sorensen
Oak Pryor Flynn 2 McGloin Wilson

NFC East
Wash Griffin 4 Cousins Grossman White
NYG Manning 4 Nassib Painter
Phil Vick 2.25 Foles Barkley
Dall Romo 3.75 Orton

NFC North
GB Rodgers 5 Coleman
Chi Cutler 3.25 McCown
Det Stafford 3.5 Hill Moore
Minn Ponder 1.25 Cassel Bethel-Thompson

NFC South
Carol Newton 3.75 Anderson
NO Brees 4.75 McCown
Atl Ryan 4 Davis
TB Freeman 2.5 Glennon Orlovsky

NFC West
Sea Wilson 4 Jackson
SF Kaepernick 4 McCoy Daniels
Ari Palmer 2.5 Stanton Lindley
StL Bradford 2.5  Clemens

Preparing For Your Fantasy Draft

Preparing For Your Fantasy Draft

Where has the summer gone? As we enter the latter part of July, fantasy football fans are really starting to prepare for their drafts. Some might blow off preparing for something as trivial as fantasy football, but at the end of the day people want to win. So with 2013 right around the corner, how should you attack your draft?

The most important thing any fantasy football owner should do before each season is judge the depth at each position. This is the best way to get the players you want, because you can start to realize how long you can wait.

Every season running backs tend to be the biggest assets and fantasy football 2013 will be no different. Despite the temptation of taking a marquee quarterback such as Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees super early, the recommendation right now is that a person drafts a running back with their first two picks. Your league’s draft might even play out where you should take one in the third round as well. The thought process here is, there are about 15-20 major point producers who carry the ball this season, grab as many as you can and plug them into the lineup every week.

After the first two rounds, things are a little more up in the air. You can go with a third running back, but most will probably opt for a different approach. The biggest standout when compared to the rest of the players at his position is tight end Jimmy Graham. With Rob Gronkowski out for a while, Graham is the only true star at tight end. He’s worth a third round pick if you can nab him.

The third round is also a great place to get an elite wide receiver or quarterback. Most opt to go quarterback here, as chances are at least a few of the top five options will be available. If you are thinking wide receiver, only Calvin Johnson, AJ Green, Dez Bryant and Brandon Marshall really make sense here.

It is hard to predict how the rest of the draft will go, but for the most part, you want to pick up trusted talent early, and then swing for the fences a few times near the end of the draft with guys who could have breakout seasons. Wait until the final two picks to grab a defense and kicker, since so many of these options are interchangeable. Once the draft is complete, tinker with things a bit before setting your lineup for week one. Trust your instincts, and don’t begin dropping or trading players until they at least play one game.

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