Top 10 Television Shows 2017 (July-September)

Thursday, September 28, 2017

April-June is here.

I'm behind, obviously, but in my own defense, I'm behind.

I've yet to see, but will see:

I Love Dick (have yet to start)
Transparent (am underway)
Casual (have yet to start)
Wet Hot American Summer (yet to start)
Difficult People (yet to start)

I noted in the April-June list that I might readjust Veep/Fargo at year's end, upon finishing each it's clear that both shows had their softest seasons to date (as did The Americans, recall)

1. Top of the Lake (Sundance)
2. I'm Sorry (Tru)
3. Halt and Catch Fire (AMC)
4. Catastrophe (Amazon)
5. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix)
6. Orange is the New Black (Netflix)
7. Master of None (Netflix)
8. Better Things (FX)
9. You're the Worst (FXX)
10. Broad City (Comedy Central)

For me, Top of the Lake season two is rare peak TV better in 2017 than in its previous season; it's my Peggy Olsen viewing of choice this year.  I'm Sorry was just funny and very true to itself, had a very consistent comedic voice in every episode.  I don't know that Halt and Catch Fire (or Catastrophe) needed another season, it's well done and a pleasant visit, but it feels like the story could have stopped a year ago.  Kimmy Schmidt is entirely Titus's show now, he scores in every scene and the further the story gets away from him the less interesting the show becomes.  Maybe the softest year yet for OITB in a season of largely soft campaigns for premium shows. I haven't quite finished Master of None yet, it seems to have given a little back this year.  The last three shows are all about 1/4 through their seasons, there's a practical element to their inclusion here, given the backlog of shows I haven't seen and the entire fall still to come, I wanted to slip them in here.

September 28 - Top 5 Moments in San Francisco Giants History

What is this all about?


Here's every September 28 game that mattered in San Francisco Giants history (and one that didn't)

1962 off day, but LA loses, so we're only 1.5 out with 3 to play.

1964 off day, we stay 4.5 out with 6 left

1965 tied with LA with 5 games left, we lose to St Louis 9-1 and drop a game out, 4 to go.

1966 at Atlanta no margin for error, we come in 4 out with 5 to play, and we live to see tomorrow by sweeping the Braves. Gaylord throws a complete game, we were down 2-1 in the 5th when Tito Fuentes hit a 2 run homer to flip us ahead 3-2.  We won 5-2, the Dodgers lost, so with 4 remaining, we're now 3 out.

1969 at Los Angeles, we're 2.5 out with 4 left, we're chasing the Braves, Juan Marichal throws a complete game, because of course he does, 5 hits, 0 earned, we were 1-1 in the 6th, Bobby Bonds singled home the go ahead run off of Bill Singer and we go on to win 8-1. Unfortunately, the Braves win, so now it's 2.5 down with 3 to play.

1971 at San Diego, we're 1 up on the Dodgers with 3 to go, Gaylord throws a complete game against the Padres, we put it away in the 6th, we had a 3-1 lead and Chris Speier hit a 3 run homer off Ed Acosta. We won 7-1, the Dodgers also win, our lead remains 1 with 2 to play.

1982 - we lose again to the Braves, they move into first, LA is 1 back, we're 2 back, 5 games to play, Bill Laskey didn't get out of the third, they beat us 8-3.

1986 home vs. Dodgers here's the meaningless game, it goes 16 innings, the Giants play 25 guys, Will Clark goes 0-8, we were down 3-1 in the bottom of the 9th and a Maldonado homer and Youngblood run scoring double tied it.  Then we were down 5-3 in the bottom of the 14th when Harry Spilman tied it with a 2 run scoring single.  Finally, we won it in the 16th, Bob Brenly singles off of Balvino Galvez to end the nearly 6 hour game.

1987 at San Diego, 7 back, 7 left - we just need one more to get our first playoff spot in 16 years - and we get it.  Don Robinson goes 5 in relief and wins the game with a tiebreaking 8th inning homer off of Lance McCullers, we win 5-4.

1989 NL West Champs (clinched 9-27)

1993 home vs. Colorado - here's the thing you need to know, the Braves lost, so we entered the day down a game and the Braves lost, meaning - if we can beat the Rockies we will have regained a share of the lead we had virtually the entire season and then lost in this death match of a pennant race.  We win. We only get 4 hits, but we win.  Up 2-0 in the 5th Steve Scarsone hit a 3 run homer off David Nied and we held on for the 6-4 win.  5 games left and we are tied for first in the West.

1997 NL West Champs (clinched 9-27)

1998 it's Game 163, we're in Wrigley for a one game winner take all game to earn the Wild Card spot, we lose 5-3.  We trailed 5-0 through 8 and then gave it everything we had in the 9th, Mayne and Mueller opened with singles off Kevin Tapani, Terry Mulholland entered and gave up a run scoring single to Javier, Ellis Burks walked to load the bases with nobody out for Bonds - but he flied to right, that scored the second run but was obviously a blow.  Rod Beck came out and got Kent to ground out - that scored the third run but left us still down 5-3 with only one on and Beck got Joe Carter to pop up to end our season.

2000 NL West Champs (clinched 9-21)

2001 home vs Padres, we come in 2 out with 9 left, chasing the Diamondbacks and starting a series against San Diego.  We get the opener. Shawn Estes goes 7, gives up 2 earned and strikes out 8, we win 10-5 a Marvin Benard first inning homer got it going. Barry hit #68, bringing him two of the record.  Arizona also won - with 8 to play, we stay 2 out.

2002 home vs. Astros, we need a win or a Dodger loss to clinch the WC - and we get it.  It takes 8 Giant pitchers but we beat the Astros 5-2 and make the postseason. The big moment is Barry's a 5th inning tiebreaking splash homer off Jeriome Robertson. It was Barry's 613th career homer.

2003 NL West Champs (clinched 9-17)

2004 at San Diego, one out in the WC, 3 out in the West - we get 17 hits and win the opener in San Diego, Ray Durham goes 5 for 6, Dustin Hermanson came on to close for us, up 7-5 in the bottom of the 9th and put the first two men on - then got Nevin to pop up, struck out Klesko - and then Rich Aurilia ground to third to end the game.  We move into a WC tie with 5 to go

2005 - the Padres end our season.

2009 - off day, 5 out of WC with 6 to go

2010 - home vs. Diamondbacks, we're 1 up with 6 left, 2-2 in the 6th, Nate Schierholtz pinch singles home the go ahead run.  We win 4-2.  The Padres lose, we're now 2 up with 5 to play.

2012 NL West Champs (clinched 9-22)

2014 NL Wild Card (clinched 9-25)

Walk off 2015 home vs. Dodgers we open up a series with the first place Dodgers 6 out with 7 left - we leave 5 out with 6 left.  2-2 in the 12th, Alejandro De Aza hits a pinch sac fly to drive home the winning run. We live another day.

2016 - we lose to the Rockies but remain 1 up for the last WC, now with 4 left.

See you tomorrow.  Go Giants!

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