The Greatest MLB Tournament Ever Created (AL, Round One, Group 4)

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Last group is here.

4. 1910 A's (won WS)
125. 2003 Mariners (2nd in West)

-Something's got to give here, each of the top seeds in all groups, both leagues, have advanced so far - but modern teams have really had great success against 19th C/early 20th squads.  23 year old Eddie Collins, 24 year old Home Run Baker, 26 year old Chief Bender, 34 year old Eddie Plank - all Hall of Famers leading the A's.  The Mariners have a 29 year old Ichiro Suzuki, a 40 year old Edgar Martinez and a 34 year old John Olerud.  Let's see if we get the biggest upset in the tournament thusfar.

C A's-Lapp
1B Mariners-Olerud
2B A's-Collins
SS A's-Barry
3B A's-Baker
LF Mariners-Winn
CF Mariners-Cameron
RF Mariners-Suzuki
DH Mariners-Martinez
SP1 A's-Coombs
SP2 A's-Franklin
SP3 Mariners-Pineiro
Cl Mariners-Hasegawa
Double: Bat WAR A's
Double: Pit WAR Mariners

Mariners 9 A's 8 - and it happened; the Mariners pitching advantage is as slight as it could possibly have been to not be called a push - it is the thinnest possible margin of victory for the modern club.

61. 2002 Angels (Won WS)
68. 1952 Yankees (Won WS)

-10 Yankee teams are already in the Field of '64, but none from the 50s (the '54 and '55 teams got bounced)  I believe this is the only Angels representative in the tournament. The Angels have a 28 year old Darin Erstad and a 30 year old Garret Anderson. The Yankees have a 20 year old Mickey Mantle and a 27 year old Yogi Berra. 

C Yankees-Berra
1B Yankees-Collins
2B Angels-Kennedy
SS Angels-Eckstein
3B Angels-Glaus
LF Angels-Anderson
CF Yankees-Mantle
RF Yankees-Bauer
DH Angels-Fullmer
SP1 Yankees-Reynolds
SP2 Angels-Washburn
SP3 Push
Cl Angels-Percival
Double: Bat WAR Yankees
Double: Pit WAR Angels

Angels 9 Yankees 7 - the Angels really won with the pitching, they got the matchup win and the overall win, getting them the victory.

29. 1935 Tigers (Won WS)
100. 1905 A's (Lost WS)

-The '10 A's team just got knocked off in the biggest upset seed wise we're likely to see in the entire tournament; we've seen a couple of Tigers teams already make the Field of 64. The A's have 21 year old Chief Bender, 29 year old Eddie Plank and 28 year old Rube Waddell.  The Tigers have 24 year old Hank Greenberg, 32 year old Mickey Cochrane, 32 year old Charlie Gehringer.

C Tigers-Cochrane
1B Tigers-Greenberg
2B Tigers-Gehringer
SS Tigers-Rogell
3B A's-Cross
LF A's-Hartsel
CF A's-Hoffman
RF A's-Seybold
SP1 A's-Plank
SP2 A's-Waddell
SP3 A's-Coakley
Cl Tigers-Hogsett
Double: Bat WAR Tigers
Double: Pit WAR A's

A's 9 Tigers 7 - The A's ran swept the outfield and dominated the pitching to pull the big upset.  

36. 1956 Yankees (Won WS)
93. 2017 Astros (Won WS)

-The 50s Yankees still don't have a representative in the Field of 64 - and they take on a very recent Houston Astros club.  Mantle's 24, Yogi's 31, Whitey's 27.  For the Astros Jose Altuve is 27, Alex Bregman's 23, Carlos Correa is 22.

C Yankees-Berra
1B Yankees-Skowron
2B Astros-Altuve
SS Astros-Correa
3B Astros-Bregman
LF Astros-Aoki
CF Yankees-Mantle
RF Astros-Reddick
DH Yankees-Collins
SP1 Yankees-Ford
SP2 Astros-Morton
SP3 Astros-Keuchel
Cl Astros -Giles
Double: Bat WAR Astros
Double: Pit WAR Astros

Astros 10 Yankees 7 - Houston wins those infield matchups and then sweeps the overall categories

13. 1953 Yankees (Won WS)
116. 1963 White Sox (2nd in AL)

-The Yankees 50s clubs still can't find a spot in the next round; the White Sox don't have any representatives at all who have advanced.  Let's see what gives.  Mantle's 21, Yogi's 28, Whitey's 24. The Sox have a 40 year old Hoyt Wilhelm and a 26 year old Gary Peters. 

C Yankees-Berra
1B Yankees-Collins
2B Yankees-Martin
SS White Sox-Hansen
3B White Sox-Ward
LF Yankees-Woodling
CF Yankees-Mantle
RF Yankees-Bauer
SP1 White Sox-Peters
SP2 White Sox-Herbert
SP3 White Sox-Pizarro
Cl White Sox-Wilhelm
Double: Bat WAR Yankees
Double: Pit WAR White Sox

White Sox 9 Yankees 8 - the 50s Yankees teams continue to be snakebit, here, they had a heavy advantage with the bats and just got clean swept on the mound.  

52. 1913 A's (won WS)
77. 1949 Yankees (won WS)

-we just saw one of these A's teams advance, while the Yankees have struggled recently - let's see what happens here. We've seen this A's quartet of Hall of Famers multiple times - Baker is 27, Collins 26, Bender 29 and Plank is 37.  This Yankee team has a 34 year old DiMaggio and a 24 year old Yogi.

C Yankees-Berra
1B A's-McInnish
2B A's-Collins
SS A's-Barry
3B A's-Baker
LF A's-Oldring
CF Yankees-DiMaggio
RF Yankees-Henrich
SP1 Yankees-Raschi
SP2 Yankees-Lopat
SP3 Yankees-Reynolds
Cl Yankees-Page
Double: Bat WAR A's
Double: Pit WAR Yankees

Yankees 9 A's 7 - The A's dominated offensively, sweeping through the IF, but New York won every pitching matchup and then easily took the overall pitching.  The Yankees advance. 

20. 1917 White Sox (won WS)
109. 1951 Yankees (won WS)

We just had a White Sox/Yankees matchup; here, it's the ChiSox who are the solid favorites.  Shoeless Joe is 29 and Eddie Collins is 30. The two years prior Yankees just advanced in the previous game - it's a 26 year old Yogi and a 36 year old DiMaggio joined by a 19 year old Mickey Mantle

C Yankees-Berra
1B White Sox-Gandil
2B White Sox-Collins
SS Yankees-Rizutto
3B White Sox-Weaver
LF White Sox-Jackson
CF White Sox-Felsch
RF Push
SP1 White Sox-Cicotte
SP2 Yankees-Lopat
SP3 Yankees-Reynolds
Cl White Sox-Danforth
Double: Bat WAR Yankees
Double: Pit WAR White Sox

White Sox 9 Yankees 6 - the Yankees had better overall bats, but the White Sox won the lineup matchups and the total pitching to advance.  

45. 1909 Tigers (lost WS)
84. 1930 A's  (Won WS)

-we finish up the first half of Round 1 in the American League with Tigers/A's - we've seen one of these Ty Cobb Tigers teams advance already; and the 1929 A's, just a year before this club, have already moved forward.  Cobb is 22 here, Sam Crawford's 29. Mickey Cochrane isn't a Tiger - that doesn't happen until '34.  He's a 27 year old A - and so is a 43 year old Eddie Collins, a 22 year old Jimmie Foxx, a 30 year old Lefty Grove.

C A's-Cochrane
1B A's-Foxx
2B A's-Bishop
SS Tigers-Bush
3B Tigers-Moriarity
LF A's-Simmons
CF Tigers-Crawford
RF Tigers-Cobb
SP1 Tigers-Mullin
SP2 A's-Grove
SP3 Tigers-Summers
Cl Push
Double: Bat WAR Tigers
Double: Pit WAR A's

Tigers 8 A's 7 - Just super close a dead even matchup with Detroit's bats just...barely squeezing them by the A's to end Group 4.  The next time we see this group:

125. 2003 Mariners
61. 2002 Angels

100. 1905 A's
93. 2017 Astros

116. 1963 White Sox
77. 1949 Yankees

20. 1917 White Sox
45. 1909 Tigers

Half the bracket for the AL is done.  When we return to the NL for Group 4, it's with the 4th seed in the NL, the 1944 Cardinals.

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