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Here's the thing. I'm watching one of these shows on the Cooking Channel featuring food trucks. There's a Scottish expat making fish and chips; in a thick brogue he somewhat wearily explains his irritation with Americans who habitually order a side of tartar sauce: "tartar sauce is basically gherkins." That's this blog. I claim no particular insight, no revelation. If you enjoy the flavor, great, but this blog is basically gherkins.

A Hundred Games to Go.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My ballot at 40 games is here.

We're 60 games in, meaning the Giants have now played 60 games.  Here's the ballot.  I won't maneuver it to pick a rep for every team and I won't bother to look up how many roster spots each league is using this year (my guess, a million three) until the 80 game post.

C Alex Avila (Mike Napoli)
1B Miguel Cabrera (Adrian Gonzalez)
2B Ian Kinsler (Ben Zobrist)
SS Asdrubal Cabrera (Yunel Escobar)
3B Kevin Youkilis (Alex Rodriguez)
LF Alex Gordon (Josh Willingham)
CF Denard Span (Jacoby Ellsbury)
RF Jose Bautista (Matt Joyce)
P Jered Weaver
   Dan Haren
   David Price
   Felix Hernandez
   Edwin Jackson
   James Shields
   Josh Beckett
   CC Sabathia
   Justin Verlander
   David Robertson
   Jonathan Papelbon
   Jordan Walden

C Brian McCann (Chris Iannetta)
1B Joey Votto (Gaby Sanchez)
2B Rickie Weeks (Neil Walker)
SS Jose Reyes (Troy Tulowitzki)
3B Ryan Roberts (Placido Polanco)
LF Ryan Braun (Matt Holiday)
CF Matt Kemp (Andrew McCutcheon)
RF Lance Berkman (Jay Bruce)
P Roy Halladay
   Clayton Kershaw
   Matt Garza
   Madison Bumgarner
   Cole Hamels
   Tim Lincecum
   Kyle Lohse
   Jake Westbrook
   Tim Stauffer
   Jonny Venters
   Ryan Madson
   Fernando Salas

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