10 Best Television Shows of 2015 (October-December)

Saturday, December 12, 2015

July-September is here.

1. Fargo (FX)
2. Please Like Me (Pivot)
3. Casual (Hulu)
4. Master of None (Netflix)
5. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (CW)
6. Billy on the Street (Tru)
7. You're the Worst (FXX)
8. Survivor (CBS)
9. Project Greenlight (HBO)
10. The Soup (E!)

The show mising here is Transparent, which I haven't gotten to yet, as it came out in the middle of December.  That's going to mean it's missing from the year end list.

Fargo is an easy first place for the quarter; its second season was even better than its first.  Please Like Me is an Australian sitcom; the Adele episode is maybe the best single sitcom episode of the season.  Casual picked up a surprising, but deserved Golden Globe nom. Master of None is part of that group, you could order 2-4 really in any way.  The combination of the musical element and the show being sneaky super dark makes Crazy Ex-Girlfriend a solid 5. No show makes me laugh harder than Billy on the Street.  You're the Worst made a bold choice to take out some jokes in the second season; for me, it didn't achieve that serious/not serious balance as well as does Please Like Me, for example.   Survivor's the best reality competition show ever and remains so today; the current season is in its all time top 10.  The identity politics surrounding Greenlight was as insteresting as the show, those who would otherwise not be so disposed found themselves on the side of the suit looking to constrain the creative type. E! put a bullet in The Soup after 11 years in this incarnation and over 20 since Kinnear's version began.

That's it.  40 shows.  Year end rankings to come.

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