Top 10 Television Shows October-December 2016

Thursday, December 15, 2016

July-September is here.

I do this quarterly, top ten tv shows.  Giving me a yearly list of 40 I'll pair to 20 for the year end rankings.

1. Please Like Me (AU)
2. High Maintenance (HBO)
3. Billy on the Street (Tru)
4. Last Man on Earth (Fox)
5. Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Fox)
6. Transparent (Amazon)
7. Better Things (FX)
8. Black Mirror (Netflix)
9. Survivor (CBS)
10. Superstore (NBC)

With Pivot's going under, Please Like Me no longer has American distribution for its current season; that doesn't pose as much of a problem to access as one might think.  Spoiler alert - it's crushing. High Maintenance is delightful in every incarnation. some level of the hosannas thrown at Atlanta for its level of diversity should be kicked toward High Maintenance.  Billy on the Street is the funniest half hour on television virtually every episiode.  Last Man on Earth, generally uneven in season one, has really found its groove as the body count has started to rise.  Nine-Nine is a solidly crafted low stakes network sitcom with a letter perfect performance by Andre Braugher. Transparent had its softest season to date and maybe is overly ranked here - Better Things fits comfortably in that FX roster with Baskets and (well, maybe no longer) Louie.  Survivor Millennials v. Gen X was an upper tier season of what is still the best reality competition show on television.  Superstore's politics may become even more important under a Trump Administration.

2016 NFL Supercontest Week 15

I'm 33-35-2

Den +3.5 loss
Cin +3 loss
LA +16 loss
Jax +6 win
Carol +6.5 win


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